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The Sanctuary Cellulite Massager

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Type: Massager / Brand: The Sanctuary / Subcategory: Treatment / Sub-type: Anti Cellulite / Subcategory: Massager / What it does: Rejuvenates,

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    1 Review
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      03.05.2009 11:36
      Very helpful



      A fantastic (if slightly torture looking) device

      I have this contraption in the colours in the pic above, The Sanctuary have now released the Spring/Summer 09 version which is black where this is fawn. Because of this monumental(!!) change the old colour ones were all reduced from around £10 to £1.93 in my Boots store, all have sold out now but if you have a store near you its worth a look.

      I wouldn't have paid £10 but at this bargainous price I thought I'd give it a go, for the last 2 weeks I have been blitzing my imperfect parts (mainly trying to tone up my thighs and bum) as on Tuesday I'm going to Alton Towers and the Splash Landings waterpark so I will be wearing a bikini in front of other pool-goers, therefore I must look perfect!

      I have been using my favourite Garnier Body Tonic which firms my skin gorgeously but thought this gadget would just add to the finished result!

      So in my basket one of these went.

      The Sanctuary
      The Sanctuary is a lovely spa in Covent Garden, they have developed a range of products and accesories which they say they use in the spa on the posh clients and now we can use too (for a fraction of the price) in the comfort of our own home.

      The cellulite massager
      "Perfect for daily detoxing in the bath or shower, the specially designed nodules assist the lymphatic drainage system, boost circulation and help to improve the appearance of cellulite"

      The contraption itself is round, about 4 inch across and has a handle (the fawn coloured bit in the pic) which fits oves your hand. The white bit (where the stimulating nodule thingeys are) is then in the palm of your hand so you have full control over it.

      These nodules are of different kinds, there are smaller ones which are just like tiny curved spikes and there are the larger ones which are the same shape but half is partially cut away so one side is a smooth curve and the other is a straight diagonal line, you can kind of see the big ones and what I mean in the picture above if you look carefully.

      "Use on damp skin, massage in firm circular motions towards the heart, concentrating on targetted areas of the body"

      So the first time I used this I was in the shower and decided to try without using any shower gel on my legs and bum first....big mistake, as the thing is rubbery it kept almost sticking to my skin and me trying to rub in circular motions was giving me friction burns!lol

      So I tried with a bit of shower gel and the result was much better, the gadget slid around in nice circles on my skin. My skin went a bit pink from the pressure of the little spiky bits but it was not uncomfortable. Its more comfortable than body brushing and I never minded doing that either.

      You can also buy a toning body oil from The Sanctuary range to use in conjuction with this massager for even better and faster results but that will probably cost you in the region of £10.

      Its quite a hard rubber material but when pressed on your body it squashes into your shape so each nodule is touching your skin even on your curvy bits!

      It says on the little label attached that the firmer you massage and the longer you do it for at a time, the better the results.
      It also says for bets results use 3-4 times a week.

      I do about 3 minutes on each leg and have been doing this every night for a fortnight now and the results are obvious. My skin feels firmer on my thighs and my bum and my cellulite has all but gone, good job really as its only 2 days till my bikini body baring time!

      If you manage to find a reduced one, grab it. If not think carefully about paying £10 but rest assured it does work.


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