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The Vintage Cosmetics Co Eyelash Curlers

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2 Reviews
  • They make my eyelashes curl up
  • They are easy to use
  • There are no disadvantages
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    2 Reviews
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      07.12.2014 16:40
      Very helpful


      • "They make my eyelashes curl up"
      • "They are easy to use "


      • "There are no disadvantages "

      The Vintage Cosmetics Company eyelash curler

      WHAT IS IT?

      These are eyelash curlers that are made by The Vintage Cosmetics Company.


      I did not buy these eyelash curlers and they were in a beauty box that I received last year.


      You capture your eyelashes in the curler and press the ends together so that pressure is applied to the eyelashes. You lift the curler slightly to increase volume in the roots and the shape of the curler will make the lashes curl up.


      I like to use these eyelash curlers because they feel gentle and do not ever pull out my eyelashes. They do not create a big curl but I do not care about that because they are basic eyelash curlers only and I would not think they would be so effective as my eyelash curlers that cost alot more money.

      They are very smooth and feel nice when I use them. They feel like they are comfortable in my fingers and even if I have got to hold the curlers closed for a full minute or longer they do not hurt the side of my fingers.

      I would like to buy these eyelash curlers again because I think they are very effective and pleasung to use. My eyelashes look very good after I have used them and they are ready for me to apply mascara so that my eyelashes keep the curled look and the colour makes them look dramatic.

      To clean them I wipe them with a face wipe and I do not share any product that is in contact with my eyes to keep them healthy.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      13.02.2013 09:37
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Nice little accessory, painful if used wrong.

      This is a review of the Vintage Cosmetic Company Eyelash Curler, an item which was included in my amazing beauty advent calendar during the month of December. This is an item that I know mystifies men as they look like an instrument of torture! Women, however know the magical effects you can achieve using these on your eyelashes, with or without mascara.

      The claim
      Easily add extra WOW to your lashes with these fantastic Eyelash Curlers from The Vintage Cosmetic Company.

      How to use

      Step 1: Ensure curlers are clean and dry.

      Step 2: Hold the eyelash curler in your hand like a pair of scissors and open fully.

      Step 3: Position the eyelash curler midway along your lashes.

      Step 4: Ensure that all your lovely lashes are between the clamps.

      Step 5: Close and hold curlers clamped on lashes for a few seconds while you dream about something gorgeous...

      Step 6: open the curlers to reveal gorgeous, glamorous and curly lashes.

      In use
      I have owned an unbranded version of these in the past so knew how to use them and know to be careful to avoid pain or loss of eyelashes through use. I found them easy to use and agree that you do get an upturned lash effect from using these.

      My thoughts
      These eyelash curlers are great and a very natural way to open up the eye area, whether you have sparse or lush lashes naturally they will work for anyone, although they are easier to use on long lashes than short ones. I find them a good alternative to false lashes which can be a bit fussy and irritate the eye area and these are great for both day time and evening use. I especially liked that they include a separate set of lash plates (the spongy rubber bit that sits in the clamp part of the appliance) so you can replace them when the original set become tired. They will last ages so you will be able to use this set for quite a long time.

      Normally, these retail at £7 but there is an offer at the feel unique website at the moment for £5.60

      Final word
      I am finding the time available for my beauty regime is limited now I am a proud mother of two, but in the scrabble to make my ghostly visage appear somewhat human I find these are a good quick fix to the eye area even when there is no time for mascara and eye shadow. The key to these working is definitely in following the above steps, particularly the one about dry lashes and having a steady hand, believe me, jerking or shaking is a big no-no when your lashes are clamped in these! I can recommend these eyelash curlers from the Vintage Cosmetic Company as a great buy and they are really prettily packaged if you want to buy them as a gift for a friend.


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