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Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomizer Bottle

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5 Reviews
  • Can be taken on an aeroplane
  • Variety of colours for both men and women
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    5 Reviews
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      27.04.2015 18:09
      Very helpful


      • "Variety of colours for both men and women"
      • "Pocket size"
      • "Can be taken on an aeroplane"


      Great for holidays

      I have recently purchased a second travalo atomiser, due to misplacing my initial one. I think they are great and innovative invention.
      Travalo are perfect for a handbag, when you want to refresh your perfume during the day. However, the real benefits with the travel atomiser lie in the fact that they can be taken into your hand luggage on an aeroplane flight with all you.
      All you are required to do, is fill it up with your favourite/chosen perfume and away you go. The way in which you do this is by contenting your Travalo atomiser to said perfume bottle and pumping. This causes the perfume to be sucked up into the capsule of the Travalo. Simple!
      The travel atomisers come in a wide variety of different colours, appealing to both female and male potential customers.
      The Travalo which I have recently purchased, came in a pretty, delicately design outer case. The Travalo itself had a clear section on it, which gave an indication of how much perfume was still inside the capsule of the Travalo.
      The Travalo comes in a couple of different sizes, 5ml and 10ml are ones I have definitely seen.
      The Travalo atomiser are a handy, budget-friendly way to transport your favourite perfume around, without having to carry out the full bottle. Full bottles, which are usually sold in a glass bottle - which is breakable, are often quite large and cumbersome and may not fit in a handbag. The actual bottle of perfume also will not be allowed in hand luggage, when travelling by aeroplane.


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      04.04.2012 17:10
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Very handy product

      I received a pink Travalo as a present from my sister in law last Christmas. Travalo is a small (8 cm tall, 13g) fragrance atomiser which holds around 50 sprays of perfume. It is bullet shaped and made from aluminium, with a long clear window in the middle. It looks very cute and as it comes in 10 different colours there will be something to suit everyone, or you can get a few in different colours so you can easily recognise which perfume is inside each Travalo atomiser.

      === Filling the Travalo ===

      One of the big selling points of Travalo is that it is easy to refill quickly without making any mess and waste, as you don't need to pour the perfume out of the full sized bottle. You just need to take the cap off the perfume spray and that will leave a tiny nozzle on top which fits inside the hole in the bottom of the Travalo. You push the Travalo up and down, and the perfume pumps out into it. The window on the side of the Travalo enables you to see when the atomiser is full. There are some simple instructions on the back of the packet and there is also a Youtube video with reviews on the Travalo website and this shows people filling their Travalos.

      === Using Travalo on the go ===

      The Travalo is so small that it easily fits in any handbag or makeup bag. You can even take it in your pocket. It is easily within airline liquid allowances so you can take it with you on a plane. The aluminium is apparently airline grade, so it should be tough and not likely to break. I have carried mine in my bag and on planes etc quite a few times and the casing still looks as good as new, with no scuffs or marks, scratches or anything so I agree it is definitely tough. The see-through window is apparently shatterproof too, which is reassuring to know.

      The only thing which I was slightly disappointed with was the claim that it is completely leak proof. My Travalo did seem to leak slightly after I had taken it on a long haul flight. When I took off the lid, the pump at the top was a bit wet and the level of fragrance shown in the window had reduced. I am not sure how this happened. Other than that I have not had any problems with it in normal use, so maybe it was due to pressure on the plane which you wouldn't experience in normal day to day life. It has not really put me off the Travalo as it works so well the rest of the time.

      So far I have always refilled my Travalo with the same fragrance. I am not sure how it would work if you wanted to change the perfume you put inside, as remains of the previous perfume might change the smell. If you have one or two signature scents which you use all the time this obviously isn't really a problem.

      === Over all ===

      This is a really cute atomiser which is so simple to refill and is mostly very reliable, just with possible issues when flying. You can get it for £7.99 on Amazon and in my opinion it is definitely worth it at that price.


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        03.04.2012 13:09
        Very helpful



        a great travel companion

        I am always buying perfumes, I used to have one or two favourites which were pretty expensive, but now days I prefer to have a wide variety and not spend as much on them, especially if they are for work I tend to keep the more expensive ones for those special occasions.

        A few months ago I had a wedding to attend and obviously as I was there all day and all evening I needed to have a bag that I could fit everything that I needed into it, without it actually looking like a tardis and being a large inconvenience. Whist still having all the items that I needed to freshen up as the day progressed.

        I was shopping around online and this is where I came across the Travalo rapid pump fill perfume atomizer bottle which I thought would be a great help as I could pour some of my fragrance into the atomizer without having to carry around a large bottle of perfume that would take up valuable bag space, but also as it was glass I could risk breaking the bottle and damaging all of the other items in my bag at the same time.

        When reading about this item before I purchased it, it attracted me to it as it was supposed to be quick and easy to fill up, my sister had an atomizer and she was always moaning that she spilt her fragrance everywhere when trying to fill it up.

        I ordered the silver version, but it also comes in pink, red, black and gold as well. The Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomizer Bottle comes with a window so that you can see the amount of fragrance left in the bottle and it is 8cm high and weighs only 13 grams, it boasts that it gives you 50 sprays per refill, but I cannot say that I have ever tried to count . It is manufactured from aluminium, so it is also strong and reliable and all for the cost of £6.50.

        I cannot believe how quick and simple it is to fill up all with a quick pump action, although you need to have a fragrance bottle that has a removable spray head, you then pump away without having to disconnect or make any spillages of your expensive favourite fragrances.

        Not only is this ideal to throw into your handbag, if you are going away on holiday this will also fit into your suitcase taking up minimal space, but because of it aluminium design you do not have to worry about it being damaged or breaking whilst in your suitcase and it also allows you to have enough perfume for the whole holiday.

        My only issue is that my Calvin Klein Escape and Contradiction do not have removable spray heads so I cannot use them in this atomizer which I find a great shame , fortunately all of my other fragrances work with it and when I now purchase fragrances I do bear this in mind. I can also purchase cheaper refill bottles to put into my atomizer which is even more cost effective in the long term.

        This is overall a great purchase and I regularly use this now and keep it in my handbag so I have access to my fragrance, this is definitely a great idea and is a great gift for anyone that likes to wear fragrances as long as you have bottles with removable spray heads.


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        25.03.2012 20:28
        Very helpful



        A nice product to have around - great for carrying!

        Last Christmas I was struggling to find presents for the parents of my other half!! I really didn't know what to get his mother, but around the same time there were lots of lists 'for her' and 'for him' popping up around the internet that thankfully offered me some suggestions. One of them was a pretty new product called the Travalo. The design is patented and allows you to pump your favourite perfume into this small capsule making it perfect for short breaks for example.

        The advertising and hype created were relatively convincing, but I was still not positive whether she would like this or not. Around this time I'd been given an Amazon voucher to spend and I decided that I would purchase one for myself just to test before buying (a new one!) for her. I had enough time in the run up towards Christmas, and, who was I kidding? I was also quite interested in the product myself since it seemed like it could be a pretty useful thing to have.

        ~~Product Description~~
        (Amazon.co.uk) Have you ever wished you could have a quick freshen up when you're out and about?
        Carrying a big glass perfume or aftershave bottle is inconvenient, cumbersome and can be dangerous if it takes a knock and shatters.
        Travalo is a refillable atomizer bottle with a difference. Its patented easy fill system allows you to refill in seconds with a simple repeat pump action. Travalo makes it easy and convenient to have a fresh confidence boost any time, anywhere.

        ~~Current Price & Additional Information~~
        I purchased this product towards the end of last year for £6.70 in the colour 'sleek silver'. This same colour is sold for £6.50 right now. The gold and the pink are also priced at £6.50 with the red and the black versions being more expensive.

        It comes in a plastic box with a nice swirly silver design. The packaging, in my opinion, is actually pretty good for gifting. There aren't any instruction leaflets with this product, but there is an illustration at the back which is self explanatory and pretty clear. The actual capsule that holds the perfumes measures 8cm and features a clear window that tells you how much you have left. Taking off the lid reveals the standard spray dispenser.

        ~~My Thoughts~~
        At the start when I filled my Travalo up it was a bit messy for me. The reason being that you have to twist it over the perfume dispenser and then pump. Once you get a hang of this action it's pretty simple and even a little satisfying! Apparently the Travalo has a "unique pressure regulating system that makes sure the bottle adjusts to changing air pressure during flights, preventing any leaks, and enabling you to be fully prepared for landing!" I have yet to test this fact out but if it does leak in this scenario I'll try and update this review!

        I like to keep my Travalo in my purse occasionally or near my bedroom door so that I can just grab it if I'm in a huge hurry. It's meant to last 50 sprays - on the side of the box it says it holds 4.0ml which is about right. The Travalo is pretty durable and doesn't contain any glass parts, so I feel pretty good about keeping it in my purse with hard objects. It's also really light weight at 13g so it's super easy to carry around. The company actually sells leather cases which fit in a few Travalo sprays that can be useful for travelling.

        The capsule is very sleek and presentable so it's pretty perfect for all occasions and doesn't look awkward to use in public. The casing is made from aluminium and 98% of the components used are recyclable.

        The major disadvantage is that basically this product only works if your perfume bottle is in a spray bottle form with a removable head. This makes it useless for perfume in other packaging for example poured bottles. There are brands that make atomisers that are suitable for all perfume bottles though so that might be worth looking into.

        I am pretty satisfied with this product and thankfully so is the lady I gave it to for Christmas! I have to admit that when mine arrived in the post, it looked a little unimpressive, but after using it I really do like it! I think it's a really nice gift that is both practical and chique. Something that I've not done with my Travalo is mixing different perfumes together to create a new one which might appeal a lot to some ladies :) ! The Travalo has received 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.co.uk from 401 ratings.


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        10.05.2011 17:21
        Very helpful



        An atomiser with a difference

        I came across this product quite by accident. I was browsing the Amazon website as I do, and randomly clicked on the 'Fragrance' section. Among all the perfumes, one of the top results was this product. The description of the product and the overwhelmingly positive reviews convinced me to make a purchase.

        Basically this product is a perfume atomiser with a difference. It loads through the bottom so that you don't waste any perfume, and is designed to be light, compact, and safe to take everywhere owing to the lack of glass used in its construction. I've owned atomisers in the past which I've given up on as they leak and are difficult to fill, and I end up wasting too much of my valuable perfume.

        My favourite fragrance is Valentino Rock n' Rose, and I have a large 90ml bottle. Unfortunately I can only use it when I am going out straight from home, as it's too big and bulky to carry around in my bag or in a suitcase. As I go away for the weekend quite a lot, this isn't ideal, as it means I have to take a mini fragrance from my collection instead, which isn't always the one I would prefer to wear. I hoped that this atomiser would enable me to take my favourite perfume with me wherever I go.

        ***The Company and the Product***

        As far as I can work out, Travalo only make and sell this one product along with associated accessories. The Travalo atomiser is designed to be tough, light and safe. It has an aircraft-grade aluminium body and contains no glass at all, meaning it will not break if dropped. Weighing 13g when empty and holding up to 4ml of product, it is aircraft approved for use in hand luggage. Each full atomiser will produce up to 50 sprays. The product comes with a No-Quibble performance guarantee for the operational lifetime of the product, which is apparently about 10 years, or 10, 000 operations. Travalo atomisers are made with the 'Geni-S Refill System' which is unique and unusual. The atomiser is filled from the bottom rather than the top.

        A plus point is that 98% of the Travalo is completely recyclable.

        The Travalo is available in several colours, including Sleek Silver, Perfect Pink, Simply Red, Bold Gold, and black. You can also buy leather cases which hold two or three atomisers, should you want to carry a few perfumes around with you. The atomiser itself has a RRP of £9.99 but on Amazon they seem to have an average of 25% off. Leather cases are around £10-£15.

        A great deal of information can be found on the website, www.travalo.com, including a link to a YouTube video illustrating how to fill up the product if you are having trouble.


        I received my package from Amazon a few days after ordering. The atomiser is attractively packaged in a small plastic box from which the item is easily removable. As I chose the 'Sleek Silver' colour, there was a silver wavy leafy design covering the plastic packaging and the cardboard inside, mixed with black. I removed the atomiser through the bottom of the box and found that the claim that it was 'finger sized' to be true - I have quite small fingers and the atomiser was slightly bigger than my index finger. It felt very light, both before and after filling it with perfume.

        The atomiser has a clear plastic window so you can tell how much you have left. The Travalo logo is embossed onto the back, and the silver lid fits securely but comes off easily when you need it to, to reveal a black plastic nozzle.

        ***Filling up***

        I decided to fill up the atomiser straight away. I took my bottle of Rock n' Rose and removed the lid. I had some slight difficulty in the beginning as I tried to remove the entire pump nozzle. This was impossible as the nozzle seemed to be glued on! Annoyed, and with rather sore fingers by this time, I looked at the Travalo package again and realised that in fact you are only meant to remove the top part of the nozzle. Going back to the perfume bottle, I managed to remove this part without much difficulty, revealing the thin tube. Cursing myself for being an idiot, I positioned the Travalo atomiser on top of the bottle. There's a small hole on the bottom which fits exactly on to this tube. To fill up the atomiser, all you need to do is press it onto the tube repeatedly - keep an eye on the clear window to see how full it's getting. Once it's full, simply remove it and there you have your perfume atomiser ready to transport!


        The atomiser performs well for such a small little gadget. The spray isn't quite as powerful as a proper perfume spray, but it holds up well and delivers a nice mist onto the skin. The perfume itself doesn't seem to suffer any ill effects from being transferred into this little gadget. The quality is just the same and I find it very handy to be able to spray my favourite perfume whenever I want.

        Despite being shaken about at the bottom of my bag for a long time, the atomiser doesn't seem to have been scratched or damaged in any way. Indeed, the metal it is made of doesn't seem the kind that will scratch easily. I wondered if the lid would become loose and fall off, but although it is very easy to remove when you need to, it fits very securely when you need it to stay on. The hole in the bottom, which is how you fill up the atomiser, doesn't leak at all despite my fears - I've no idea how it doesn't, as it seems impossible, but it certainly stays secure! The top doesn't leak at all either.

        It's impossible for me to state whether the atomiser does indeed produce 50 sprays - I don't count them! I suspect it would be difficult to fill up the atomiser to its entire capacity. I prefer to err on the side of caution to avoid overfilling and damaging the atomiser. However I feel the contents of the atomiser would be entirely adequate for a one or even two week holiday which I suspect is the longest most people would want to make it last for.

        One possible issue with the device is that it may not fit on all perfume nozzles. I suspect that most perfume nozzles are a uniform size, and the atomiser certainly fits on my Rock n' Rose perfume without issue. According to reviews on Amazon, the atomiser fits Chanel perfumes but for others you may want to check the reviews to see what experiences others have had, or examine your perfume bottle.

        It is apparently possible to clean the device by filling a perfume bottle with water, pumping the water through the atomiser, and leaving it to dry. I haven't tried to clean mine and I probably won't, as I plan to keep this atomiser for this perfume and buy another, probably in a different colour, should I want one for another perfume in the future.

        If you check on Amazon there are a couple of hundred reviews of this product, the majority of which are overwhelmingly positive. The few negative reviews are generally from people who haven't worked out how to load it properly and try and tip their perfume into it, or else from people who have obtained a faulty device (which could have happened to any product), and there's nothing stopping them from returning it for a refund.

        My overall impression is that this is a fantastic little product, easy to use so long as you read the instructions properly, and very useful to have around. It's so simple yet so convenient and not at all expensive. A full five stars from me - highly recommended.

        You can find out more about this Travalo product at http://www.travalo.com/extended-info.html.


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