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Tweezerman Deluxe Nail Clipper Set

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2016 21:43


      • "Does the job"


      • Cheap

      Nailed on!

      As all the boys know, girls like to pamper themselves to look pretty for the boys, and to lift their self-esteem and confidence. But when it comes to nails they really push the boat out. If they are down to their last thirty quid and it’s the end of the world in two hours it’s off to the nail bar they go! The nail bar, of course, is full of Vietnamese illegal immigrants choking on toxic fumes all day and the last thing they would want to do at the end of the world hours if to paint Chantelles chubby digits. To boys this nail thing is all very weird why they spend more on their nails than their hair but that’s chicks for you, the finger nails the new stiletto! But guys have pedicure needs to, although less about the metrosexual look and more about the fact men use their hands more at work and smash their hands and nails to bits.

      As all men also know a manicure kit is not something you ever buy but something given to you, be it a Christmas present from mom or pieced together with a nail file from a Christmas cracker and a clipper from the long haul flight goody bag and some scissors from Netto, ideal for the old ball bag trim. Well, the girls don’t like jungles either so fair is fair. Not ever buying these kits is a bit like not ever buying playing cards. You don’t lob this stuff as you know it will come in handy one day, if you excuse the pun’. I once got a protractor from a Christmas cracker.

      Now, I split my finger nail down the middle. That was three years ago and it’s still split. For some reason they don’t grow over diagonally so I have to keep clipping and filing to stop the edges catching a cardy or an object and tipping it off. This means I get that icky feeling when you rub your finger tip on something when you have no nail edge. I hate that! The nail has improved and just half the nail split so my manicure technique working.

      I nip the edges with the clipper thing first. Its one where you have to turn the presser thing around to get it to clip, clever design. I file the edges down to stop them snaring on anything. They will snarl on anything. After the essential stuff is done I cut all my nails with my little scissors. Job done. The toenail, of course, is more neglected and women know that all too well, waking up with a griffin or two in their time. There is no real excuse not to cut your toe nails guys as they catch them on your socks in your shoes when you should know its time to clip them. Don’t wait for them to fall off so you have to take your sock off in the street. Whether the clippings end up in the bin at home is another story. Men are pretty disgusting. Aren’t they girls? They are also good for pulling the nose hairs, the clippers, not the girls. They are great for catapulting ants at the insect circuit.

      I have the Tweezermam set with all the bits in but ciao wouldn’t let me post up the product so will have to stick with the clipper/file combo. It is exactly that and designed well. I have no idea how much it was bought for as it was from my mum and you never ask mom how much your presents cost. It retails around £9.99. It looks nice and silvery and sturdy and not too heavy. Most of the sets are light as they are essentially travel kits. The edge to the clipper is sharp enough and the file just right for a fine file. Again, you don’t want too much vibration on your digits as you get that icky feeling again. You can fit them in your travel wash bag or pop them in your top drawer in the bathroom. I will leave it to the girls to tell me what they do with their manicure sets as I bet it’s not what we do.


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  • Product Details

    Extra durable, heavy duty clippers specially designed for men / Fingernail and toenail clippers are packed together for added convenience / Both clippers feature sharp, strong cutting edges for precise, straight cuts and long lasting use / Stainless steel /

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