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Tweezerman Skin Care Tool

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Brand: Tweezerman / Type: Tweezer

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    2 Reviews
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      17.08.2010 15:58
      Very helpful



      Pure brilliance of an invention!

      When it comes to blocked and congested pores I really do suffer with them. For as far back as I can remember I have always had loads of blackheads and try as I may at squashing them and using special face masks and beaded scrubs and things like that I just can't get rid of them.

      Browsing on here a while ago I read the other review on here about this tool and was a wee bit intrigued by it really. I really though it may work for me so a few weeks ago I purchased one off Amazon and costing around £10.00 for it right up until the last minute I thought should I or sharnt I?! In the end I placed the order and haven't actually looked back since and actually I bought myself another one of these since that first purchase to put away in case I lose my usual one.....it's that important to me!

      The Packaging:

      The tool comes on a light lilac and purple card with a see-through plastic hard covering on the front of it so you can see the tool through it. On the front of the card I am told that it is Tweezerman Professional, No-slip Skin Care Tool and that it is made of stainless steel and has a lifetime guarantee with it. On the back of the card I am told a bit about the product (and in lots of different languages too) and contact details for Tweezerman are given. Simple packaging that is as informative really as it needs to be.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Card:

      Thin angled loop to gently roll out mature whiteheads and a flat side to press out blackheads. Textured body for added control. cleanse skin and disinfect tool after use. Stainless steel.

      The Tool Itself:

      Ok I feel this is one of the best beauty products I have ever purchased and I can't believe how often I use this! Be warned though using it can be highly addictive!

      All it is, is a longish thin piece of silver coloured of a heavy(ish) weight thin thing with one angled small loop to one end and a larger loop to the other. The middle of the tool is gently textured for easy grip and on one end the words stainless steel is written and on the other end the word Tweezerman is.

      All you do with this is gently press a loop onto a black or white head and watch the crap pop out and get lodged into the loop. Press too hard and you do get loop mark indentations on the skin but I have found although I have done that a couple of times the marks and pink colour have vanished in a few minutes though I think this is best done on a freshly washed face and not too close to when you want to leave your home!

      I wipe my tool after using it on every white/black head with a little tissue which is pre moistened with a little tea tree oil and then when I've completely finished with the tool I wash my face and again use a little tea tree oil on where I have pulled a dirty load of gunk from just to clean it all up!

      This to me is just pure brilliance. With really prominent white/black heads it sometimes feels that they only have to see the tool coming towards them and they almost pop out on their own.

      I can't praise this bit of kit enough. It isn't too big to store, is easy to handle and it seriously does work. Ok its not cheap this but it does have a lifetime guarantee and doesn't rust up over time!

      I wouldn't be without mine now thats for sure!

      Available online and in some good chemists (I.E boots) expect to pay around £10.00 for one.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        13.04.2010 20:51
        Very helpful



        £7 for clean pores forever? It's a no-brainer!

        I'm sure I've read somewhere that dermatologists don't approve of those pore strips which glue themselves to your gunky bits and pull them out. Which probably means they hate these extractors even more. I remember seeing them in the Body shop years ago, wondering how on earth a piece of metal with a little loop on the end could clean out your pores. So like a fool, I dismissed it because I didn't understand it.

        Anyway, after reading about its miraculous abilities on Makeupalley.com (which is a fab website for comparing beauty tips) I gave it a go. I chose the Tweezerman brand because it came out best review-wise, but to be honest I can't see how there would be much difference in the quality of a simple piece of metal, so I guess any old brand will do pretty much the same job. The Tweezerman cost me about £7 from Amazon.

        If you enjoy examining the pore strip after it's cleaned out your nose / chin / wherever (and let's face it, EVERYONE enjoys it) you will love this. Once you get the hang of it, it's delightful. The satisfaction is doubled... no, tripled, by the knowledge that this extractor is all you will ever need. No more spending pounds and pounds on little glue strips which never seem to get everything out. Just the cost of a little tea tree oil or alcohol for cleansing purposes, and you're set for life.

        Incidentally, I'm sure a beauty expert will tell you not to do this - they always advise leaving it to the professionals. But why should they have all the fun? The last time I went for a facial I left with the uncomfortable feeling that I was better informed than my therapist - and it was at Saks, not a grubby backstreet. I suspect they are afraid we will a) damage our skin by being over-zealous with tools, or b) realise there is nothing to it, leaving them unemployed and penniless.

        So, here are my instructions on how to use this tool safely, and hopefully in a way that will not leave you permanently scarred.

        Start by having a warm bath / shower - this seems to leave pores more amenable to being poked about. I spent my early teens steaming my face, only to discover that many beauty experts advise against this, as it can cause broken capillaries. So if in doubt, don't. A warm flannel and a gentle exfoliation should be enough to prime your skin.

        I dab a bit of lemon juice on - it seems to raise up the pores somehow. (Another tip from makeup alley.) You will probably be able to see the blockage in the pore practically reaching out and begging to be extracted at this stage. If you don't, it may be that your skin is not yet sufficiently prepped (back to the hot flannels ) or maybe (lucky you!) there is really nothing to come out.

        Here's the fun part. If you gently press the metal loop against your skin, the nasty sebum / dirt combo from your pore will jump up... You might even enjoy scraping down your skin to see just how much will come out at once. Ah, the fun to be had!

        Please do give the extractor a good clean out after every "go" so as not to spread infections (eek!) You can never sterilise it too many times!

        The process might hurt a little - which made me nervous until I remembered the time I had the famous "Karin Herzog extraction facial" which was basically a therapist doing exactly this procedure to me, and it was excruciating.

        There will come a time when your pores look fairly clear, or you get bored / numb with pain, whichever comes first. Now, this is the most important part! You MUST use a clay mask afterwards. This seems to suck up any little bits of leftover sebum (yuck) and close the pores. (I realise I sound like an idiot talking about "opening" and "closing" pores as if they were doors - but I can't help it, I've read too many beauty magazines to stop now.

        When the clay mask has dried, you can rinse it off (or claw it off, as they seem quite reluctant to release their grip sometimes) and finish with perhaps a little tea tree toner, or any pore reducing serums you have hanging around. And voila! If you do this at night (best to avoid just before a hot date, unless enlarged pores and red skin is your thing) you will wake up the next day with... invisible pores!

        Lke any method of skincare, you have to keep it up. Your skin is constantly renewing itself so if you are prone to blocked pores, they will keep filling up (eeew!)

        The fact that my skin is much better after using this tool in the manner described above makes me confident that I'm not damaging it. Any time you talk about extraction, there will be naysayers who whisper fearfully "stretched pores!" But actually, my pores are clearly much smaller and healthier when they don't have grime blocking them up. Pores are like dogs, you see. They're much happier when they know who's in charge.


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      • Product Details

        For the DIY at-home-facial fan.  Get beautifully healthy and glowing skin.  Specialized skin care tools feature a thin angled loop to gently roll out white heads and a flat side to press out blackheads.  Tips & Tricks;   Take a hot, steamy shower or use a hot wash cloth to open pores.  For white heads, wait until the blemish has broken open then gently glide the angled wire over it to release debris from the pore.  The opposite side's long, flat loop is designed to gently press out blackheads without damaging skin.

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