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Une Kabuki Brush

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    2 Reviews
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      21.09.2014 01:35
      Very helpful


      • "feels nice"
      • "looks nice"
      • "good size"
      • "washes well"
      • "no shedding"
      • "high quality"


      • "none at all"

      Fabulous kabuki brush

      The Une Kabuki Brush is a soft kabuki brush with a short grip handle to fit perfectly in your bag, idea for full coverage over large areas. It's priced at £14.

      My thoughts
      I really like the look of the Une brush range, to me they look very clean and professional in their design, and give of a feeling of quality. The bristles are made from goats hair,k a fact I wasn't aware of when I purchased my Une brushes. If I'd known I wouldn't have bought them as I reacted really badly to the goats hair of the Bare Escentuals brushes, but I have not had a reaction to any of the Une ones thankfully!

      The bristles feel very soft and I do enjoy the feel of them against my skin. They pick up powder well and hold it tightly in the bristles so it doesn't drop all over the place before you can apply it to your face. The powder is applied very smoothly with this brush and it gives a nice flawless looking application.
      I use this brush to apply my mineral foundation and find it perfect for that use. The short handle means you can really buff the skin with it, which is how to get the best finish from a mineral powder foundation, and longer handled brushes are really not ideal for this purpose as they don't allow you to apply the proper pressure required. The length of the bristles is perfect, and allow me to easily apply my foundation even in hard to reach areas like around the crevices of my nose.

      The quality of the brush is fantastic, it doesn't shed even slightly, and it washes well, retaining its shape perfectly. It comes up looking just as good as new just washing with water and touch of mild soap.


      Yes, I would definitely recommend this brush for applying mineral powder foundations. It's excellent quality, doesn't shed, and is the perfect size. A great buy!


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      28.10.2011 18:06
      Very helpful



      A Kabuki brush made from goat-hair bristles

      One of my new foundations that I've been really pleased to find this year is Lily Lolo's mineral foundation, which I bought after reading an excellent review by Machair1. After first experimenting with three little sample pots to make sure that I bought the right shade, I decided to invest in this product. I'd read on Lily Lolo's website about using a Kabuki brush to apply this foundation, but decided that their own brush, at £14.29, was a bit too expensive for me. So at first I applied the mineral foundation using my large powder brush. Then, after reasoning that I use the correct brushes to apply other items of make-up, and after doing a bit more research, I decided to purchase one of these little brushes. In the end I bought Une's Kabuki Brush, which was available at my local Boots store for £8.49.

      So, why did I need a Kabuki brush? Well, because it's designed to take up just a small amount of the loose powder, and is then used to apply the foundation to the face using a certain technique. Although mineral powder appears soft and light, it is heavily pigmented, and so you only need a little. Kabuki brushes have a short flat head, and a short handle that is designed to be easy to hold. The brush head is usually rounded, and the tightly-packed bristles can either be natural or synthetic. Although I only have experience of Une's brush, which uses goat-hair bristles, I understand that the synthetic bristles can be softer. These brushes are used to apply dry, powder-based mineral make-up such as foundation, powders and blush, but can also be used with 'ordinary' make-up such as loose or compact powder and blusher.

      Une is a fairly new French beauty brand, which launched in 2010 and which is allied to the Bourjois cosmetic range. To my surprise, I read that their make-up brushes (there are three) were designed by HTC, a company I usually associate with mobile phones. HTC worked with Une to develop the brushes for their organic Ecocert range. HTC's Project Manager commented that the brushes were developed 'with practicality and space in mind whilst still ensuring that the finished product was as natural as possible'. Une's philosophy is that their products are natural and organic, and that they are made with care for our planet.

      The bristles on this Kabuki brush are made from goats hair. The brush is lightweight, small and compact, and fits easily into my make-up bag. Because it's so small, it's ideal for travelling too. The brush has a simple, attractive base - white, with the words 'UNE, natural beauty' written in greeny-gold letters on the front. When I first tried my brush I was really pleased with the way it applied the foundation to my face, although I was surprised that it wasn't as soft as I had expected. However, that's my only quibble, and it is nonetheless very comfortable on my face. I've been using the brush for some time now, and haven't noticed any shredding of the bristles.

      Because this type of foundation was so new to me, I also read some tips on how it should be applied. You should dip your brush into the mineral powder, then tap off the excess. I tap this first onto the side of the container, and then again onto the back of my hand so that I can re-apply from there and thus avoid any waste. I apply the powder first to my T-zone area, and then work the foundation out across my cheeks. The powder should be applied in circular motions - buffing the skin like this will ensure that the brush gives an even coverage. To finish, I use some downward strokes to finish blending the powder into my skin.

      This is the first Kabuki brush I've ever used, so I don't have anything to compare it with. However, I am very pleased with my choice. If I were to buy another one, I might treat myself to the Lily Lolo brush, because I have since read several very positive reviews and it sounds beautifully soft.

      The Une Kabuki brush is currently available at Boots for £8.49. It's also at LoveLula.com, who offer free shipping. I have not used this website myself, however, so I can't give a personal recommendation. I'm very happy with my purchase, and therefore give the Une Kabuki Brush five stars.

      (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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