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Viva AquaSpring Foot Spa

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  • whhhiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    1 Review
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      14.06.2001 02:38
      Very helpful



      • whhhiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      Viva aqua spring! (ahhhh... Sounds so refreshingly zesty and energizing doesn't it?) Okay, let's look at it first (Don't wanna sink our lil feet into something sinister-looking now, do we?) The contraption itself isn't huge, but more of a clumsy kind of size (Could be built for Big-foot himself!), which could leave it lacking in the storage stakes. It looks amazingly scary inside as you've got a million nobbly bits to tantalize your tootsies after a hard day, ummmmmm, maybe... Then again, if you've been blessed with ticklish feet you could be in for some serious torture... Hmmmmmm - I think I'll let you decide what's best! The settings on this lil' baby let you choose from: o A triangle (heat) o A set of wiggly lines (massage) o A funny radioactive waste type symbol (bubbles apparently) There are various combinations so you can choose if you want your feet to be heatedly massaged in a radioactive manner! Basically this is how it feels *dips her feet into the whirring footspa* : The squiggly line setting: Well it kinda vibrates a bit. The noise is more noticeable than the massage - Think along the lines of those huge lawnmowers that the council worker guy drives around all summer while you're trying to relax in the sun........... Then let yourself tap into that anger that consequently arises to understand me. :) The radioactive bubbling: One word - Bubbles! Unless you make the effort to hover your feet about two cm above the holes they come from, this is completely pointless as your feet tend to have a natural hatred for these cute air sachets!!! All three settings in one: The lawnmower's back, but with added bubbly noises this time (engine must be flooded!) - If you plan to relax while this thing plays with your feet you better go put in some of those ear plugs - I think
      that should work, although I guess the huge ear protectors that road workers often grace our eyes with... I have to admit that the price isn't that bad for a foot spa, but if you're looking for a quiet and effective treatment don't expect this to do much for you. Don't get me wrong your feet feel a bit better after a while, but you may end up trading your aching feet with a headache. It has a very well-meant bit of plastic covering at the toes end of the spa, but unfortunately this doesn't stop the splashes as much as it should (as I nearly found out when it splashed over the wires of my stereo... Happy bubbling guys (Sorry for moaning on) Pooky


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