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Asda Pink Spot Twin Set Double Duvet Cover

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Brand: Asda / Product Type: Duvet Cover

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2011 21:29
      Very helpful



      The pink set that is the 2nd set is very bright. I like it but it might not suit everyone.

      Money has been fairly tight in recent years after leaving work and having kids. We decorated our bedroom when we first moved into this house about 6 years ago, and I went for a bright barbie pink. It was the spare room at first but then we claimed it as our bedroom, and I have been sad ever since about our yellow and purple bedding sets. Even when one got a hole in, I sewed it up as I could not justify splashing out a fortune on new matching bedding, as you don't look at it when you are asleep do you.

      However, something snapped, and I bought not one, but two sets of new bedding to match in with our pink bedroom. I only went with the intention of getting one, but the set that I liked most was only available as a double pack.

      For £22 I bought 2 duvet covers, and 4 pillow cases. I then had to buy seperately two fitted bottom sheets, and an extra 4 pillow cases to make it a nice matching set. Asda had a great range of mix and match sets, so you could go along the aisle and hold up different pillow cases next to your duvet and see which one matched best.

      Getting it all home I was eager to try it out as soon as possible as there is nothing nicer than new vibrant bedding and a freshly made bed. On opening the plastic outer packaging, I found the easy care cotton was quite hard and starchy to the touch, and had quite a lot of creases in it where it had been folded around a piece of hard cardboard.

      It all had to be washed before it could go near my bed. Washing quickly softened the set. I dried it all in the tumble dryer so I could get the bed made up for that night, and it was fairly crease free and soft so I didn't feel any need to iron it.

      The duvet cover must be slightly bigger than our last one as the cover does seem a little loose around the duvet so you can feel it moving around a little inside. I don't know what a standard double size is, but this set is 200cm x 200cm.

      I love the bright colours in this particular set and it makes me smile a lot knowing that it matches well and it has brightened my room no end. The only thing I dislike is that when I put the duvet on, most duvet covers have an opening that goes across the whole of the bottom of the duvet. This one only goes about 1/3 across. This is the middle 1/3. It makes the task of changing the bed a little more tricky than it need to be in my opinion, although as bed changing is only a 10 minute job at most, then it is a minor annoyance.


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