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Cosy Rug Blanket

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2011 08:00
      Very helpful



      Another brand of blanket-with-sleeves that's just as good as the more expensive versions

      My mother received a Cosy Rug for Christmas, but I've been pinching it of late. It's only fair: I'm the one still trying to cope with a 35 C drop in temperature since returning to the UK from months in Africa, and I'm the one lounging around the house all day planning my next trip while she's out at work.

      The Cosy Rug is a blanket with arms, solving the problem of how to pick things up when you're cuddled up under a traditional covering. It's not the only product of its type on the market, but this is the brand we have at home. Unlike, say, the Snug Rug which comes in a mind-boggling array of fleece types (coral fleece, polar fleece and brushed fleece for outdoor and travel use - or not) there appears to be only one option for Cosy- Rugs which helps keep things simple. Not being a fleece connoisseur the options don't mean much to me anyway, and you can't miss what you don't know about.

      We have a Cosy Rug in a chocolate brown colour. It is super soft though we've not washed it yet. The label says it is suitable for machine washing and tumble drying, so I expect it to stand up well to both, while at the same time guess it will lose a little 'fluff' in the process. The colour is nice because it's plain and therefore doesn't clash with furnishings, but equally is a little impractical. Because it's a solid block colour you can see the dust or hair it has the habit of picking up, especially if you walk around in it. We're a family that moults at the best of times, but after a few months on a very low protein / low calcium diet there's now as much of my hair on the brush or floor as there is on my head, or that's what it feels like.

      I am not tall or large, but these are unisex and one-sized. As such this Cosy Rug does trail a little on the floor if I walk around in it, unless I decide to pick up the train like a Disney princess. I will keep it on and walk carefully to the kitchen, but I tend to take it off before going up or down stairs as I think it's a tripping liability, though I suppose no more so than wrapping a normal (non-sleeved) blanket round you.

      Even though there is LOADS of material, I still find that it gapes open at the back like a hospital gown, simply because of the way it falls. Since the main idea is to keep you snug while you're lying or lounging on the sofa, this probably doesn't count as a design flaw, and I'm not sure how they could really fix it either except for adding a belt or fasteners, which would essentially make it a backwards dressing gown... Because there are no poppers or tie belt the blanket is comfy no matter how it lies because the whole thing is fleece with no adornments or annoyingly painful fastenings.

      The fleece is thin but surprisingly warm - our heating goes off during the day when the non-slacker is at work, and though I could switch it on manually, I haven't needed to since stealing this as it keeps me lovely and toasty, whatever I'm doing. It does keep your hands free but the sleeves are wide and attract jigsaw pieces like honey does flies, so it's not that practical for doing puzzles. For other activities that you need to have your hands free - reading, enjoying a hot drink, typing, knitting or even just switching channels on the TV - it is ideal, and you do end up with more of you covered than you would with a normal blanket.

      They are like over-sized dressing gowns, in that they wrap round and cover more of your body (and all your legs unless you're a giant) and are also neater to store over the back of a sofa than said nightwear. While I wouldn't go out in it (it's too long and too weird looking), I will open the door to the postman while wearing this, but since I'll also open the door in a dressing gown, PJs, or, in summer, in hot pants and a crop top that's not saying much.

      The sleeves have a wide opening so that they fit arms of all sizes, but that does mean if you have skinny little wrists there's loads of room to spare. I don't find that my wrists or hands feel colder because of this, though, perhaps because the rest of my body is so well insulated.

      This is an entry-level blanket with arms, but I really don't see what you would gain from spending double the amount which is the price of some other brands e.g. Slanket. It's a bit of a gimmick, and a bit of a fad (we coped with normal blankets for centuries, whereas I doubt these will stand the test of time in the same way) but they are surprisingly useful and I'm developing quite a thing for it.

      Buy them on Amazon for about £10 at the moment. Not bad. Not bad at all.


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    • Product Details

      Get into an invitingly warm bed with the Lloytron F903 Double Heated Electric Under Blanket / Its fast to heat up and suitable for all night use / Its also got the BEAB seal of approval so you know it's passed the most stringent safety tests / This blanket is suitable for standard double beds / BEAB Approved 2x 60w Polyester Non-Woven Cloth Fast Pre-Heat 3 Heat Settings Automatic Overheat Protection 2x Detacheable Controllers Bed Ties All Night Use Machine Washable 30C.

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