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Disney Club Penguin Arctic Reversable Duvet Set

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Brand: Disney / Product Type: Duvet

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    1 Review
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      23.03.2011 22:47
      Very helpful



      Half Heartedly Recommended

      The Disney Club Penguin Arctic Reversable Duvet Set retails for around £14 - £22 depending on where you buy it from. Despite being a Disney product, I didn't actually find this in the official Disney store or see it on the official Disney website! Nope, I found it on Play.com while looking for a related product. This is definitely one to check a couple of sites for before you purchase it as both prices and availability vary.

      On receiving the item through the post, the Mrs got it out of the outer packaging as you would expect to get out any new duvet set from it's shrinkwrap. It wasn't until she unfolded it right out that she realised it wasn't quite like any duvet set she'd seen before!

      On one side, this duvet is blue and covered in bright, colourful, happy penguins. The graphics are great, the material is soft (after being washed with fabric softener on receipt) and it looks great on a child's bed. On the other side, the material is, well, strange. It's a sheer white thin polyester kind of material that is so thin you can see through it! The colourful puffle design looks great when the duvet is laying still on a bed, but go up close, or lift the duvet up and move it around, and you can easily see how thin and see-through this material is. It feels beautifully soft, but it really is so thin it looks like more of a sheet than a duvet cover.

      The big disadvantage to the duvet being so thin on one side is that when it's on the duvet, it moves around much more than a duvet cover normally would. The duvet cover and duvet have to be pulled off the bed every day and shaken back into position in order to make the bed. You wouldn't have to do this every single day with a normal duvet cover that's adequately thick on both sides.

      The pillowcase is made entirely from this thin sheet-like material, and it too is see through. That's a bit of a pain for children with any stains on their pillows (time to buy yet another one for Jonny Nose-Picker then). It feels beautifully soft but it's so unusual compared to 'normal' pillowcase materials that it took our grandson a bit of getting used to. Also, while the puffle pattern is lovely, considering the duvet cover is reversible, it's a bit strange that the pillowcase isn't! The pillow case is totally white with puffles on both sides, while the duvet cover is white with puffles on one side, and blue with penguins on the other.

      This item may have used the Disney name and be paying royalties to Disney themselves, but it's not up to the usual standards you'd expect from a Disney product. It's no surprise that it's not available in the Disney store with that in mind I guess. For the avid Club Penguin fan I guess there's no real reason not to buy this, it is very colourful, bright and fun. Just be aware that it's a poor fit, it tends to move around, the pillow is not reversible as you'd expect it to be, and the material on one side is very soft - but very strange!


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