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Donna Salyers' Fabulous-Furs Faux Mink Pillow

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Brand: Donna Salyers' / Product Type: Pillow

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    1 Review
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      10.01.2011 18:29
      Very helpful



      A well made soft furnishing product

      ~A Mink free faux mink wonder~

      Once winter time sets in out go our pretty summer cushions and throws and in come the lovely soft and fluffy winter warmer type soft furnishings instead. I like that fact that these kinds of products encourage us to snuggle up and enjoy the beauty of being able to ring the changes to suit the seasons, with a variety of soft furnishing products such as the yummy Fabulous Furs Faux White Mink Cushions we have. When wanting to review them on Dooyoo they were not listed here, so a product suggestion was made to enable me to share my thoughts about them. As they have been added to the database I am now able to tell you all about these faux fur mink wonders.

      ~No mink were harmed in the making of this cushion!~

      The Fabulous Furs Faux White Mink Cushions that we have may look like a lovely set of Mink stylee cushions, although I am pleased to say that no real mink were harmed in the making of them, as they are made from materials that mimic the way real mink fur looks without being the real thing. I feel that the look and texture of the faux fur used is rather nice and although you can tell its not real fur, I feel it does a reasonably decent job of pretending to be and it certainly is super soft and fluffy.

      The beauty of these cushions is not only that no animals were harmed in the production of them which of course will be a concern to many buyers. As they are made from modern materials their synthetic make up means they are easier to care for and can even be washed with care if they become a little care worn which is a bonus. Our set of two cushions sit on a small sofa bed type settee that is often used for sleep overs etc and as such these Fabulous Furs Faux White Mink Cushions have taken a battering and yet they still remain looking fantastic.

      The panelled and textured look that the Fabulous Furs Faux White Mink Cushions give is very nice and it adds some depth to both the look and feel of them which I like. So far the fur on the cushions is still as fluffy and soft as it was when new which I feel shows how good the quality and durability is. Even though the cushions are in a white colour way, they really do look as fresh and white as when we first got them which is very pleasing, as we have had them in use for some time now.

      ~A few more details about our furry friends~

      The outer part of our Fabulous Furs Faux White Mink Cushions, or should I say the soft and fluffy furry parts that are the actual cushion covers, can be machine washed if needed and although the makers say they can be line dried, ours have had a quick roll around in the tumble dryer and suffered no ill effects. The cushion cases unzip easily and they don't seem to shrink after washing and drying at all which is good. After washing and drying the fur on the two cushions came out super fluffy after being given a short tumble on a low heat, which I feel means they are very easy to take care of.

      The outer casing of the Fabulous Furs Faux White Mink Cushions is 18 x 18 inches square, which is a nice size for a comfy sofa cushion. These come with a really nice poly loft premium pillow that sits inside the outer case and gives the cushions a nice plumped feel when in use. I find they are easy to reshape and plump back up after use if needed and I am pleased to say that they have managed to remain nice and full looking so far. The stitching on the cushions and the outer furry casings has remained in good condition and the panelled effect looks as good as it did when new. The zips work well and there have been no problems with the cushions so far at all.

      ~Price and rating~

      Whilst you can buy cheaper alternatives I feel that the fur effect used in the make up of these cushions is really good and as such I do feel it is worth spending a little extra to buy them. The cushions sell for around £20 to £30 each depending on where they are purchased and if you want to view the range of products produced by Donna Salyers there is a website that shows everything else that the brand has on sale. Over all I feel that the luxurious feel of the Fabulous Furs Faux White Mink Cushions is very nice and well worth the extra few pennies needed to purchase them and as such I feel they ought to get a 4 star product rating.


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      The non-stop lead is advanced and retracted by a simple twist action.

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