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Dr Who Strategist Bed Set

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Brand: Dr Who / Product Type: Bed Set

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2012 08:16
      Very helpful



      One that is going to go in the bin because it is too much like hard work

      My son loves Doctor Who and so this Christmas I decided to purchase a Doctor Who bed set for him as an extra present. The bed set I chose was by Zap and is called the Doctor Who strategist bed set and I purchased it from amazon where it cost me around £13.00 which I though was a good price really.

      Firstly I have to say that my son really loved the design of this bed set which is all blue but features some yellow and blue large Daleks on as well as the Doctor who name as well. The underside of the duvet is filled with the Doctor Who logo which is also featured on the pillow case and so I would say that you could have this set either way on the bed and both would look fine. The bed set also matches the Doctor Who curtains my son has and so he was delighted with the purchase.

      When we got the bed set out to put on to my son's bed I have to say I immediately felt disappointed with the quality of the bedding as it felt very thin and slippery. It was then I noticed that it was 100% polyester which obviously isn't ideal as I do like a bed set to have some cotton in. I carried on thinking that perhaps when the duvet was inside the cover it would make a difference but it seemed like the cover was too big for the duvet despite my son having a standard sized single duvet and so it just didn't fill the corners properly leaving areas of just thin material with no duvet. What I also noticed was that down to the slippery material used the duvet once in the cover simply slid to the bottom over night which meant that each night I was going in to my son's room and trying to readjust it to ensure that he would stay warm over night and then in the morning it was almost like making the bed fresh each day which I could obviously do without as changing the beds is one of my most hated jobs!

      I did contact zap regarding this purchase and my issues and whilst their response was it is a standard sized duvet and that the polyester is not brushed in the middle and so apparently this is why it moves around in there and so they were not willing to offer a refund they did offer to send my son a fleece blanket as a good will gesture which I thought was decent of them even if the duvet set will end up in the bin regardless.

      The cover washes well on a normal 40 degree wash and keeps its colour well too. Sadly I washed this in the hope that perhaps it would help it to stay fitted around the duvet better and this hasn't helped there at all. I suppose if I had the time I could sew some ties in the cover to hold the duvet in place but this isn't really something that you should have to do with a product such as this and I haven't had this issue before when I have bought other duvet sets.

      Sadly I cannot give this product a recommendation regardless of the fact that my son loves the design as it is seriously flawed and more hassle than it is worth.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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