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Fogarty Extra Warm All Year Round Duvet

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Brand: Fogarty

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2012 17:47
      Very helpful



      A brilliant duvet

      Dave (hubby) and I have been doing lots of surveys on the Toluna website over a long period of time and between us we had enough points to get 5 x £30 Debenhams vouchers. Dave desperately needed a couple of new jackets and some slippers so we started by getting those.

      Then we decided that we would treat ourselves to a new duvet for our bed. The one we had been using had seen better days a long while ago but we had never got round to replacing it but now we had the chance of getting the one that we wanted for free.

      We had a good look at all the duvets and decided that we wanted a hollow fibre one which would be appropriate for any season - warm or cold.

      The one that we finally chose was the Fogarty 15tog Extra Warm All Year Round Duvet which had been reduced in the sale from £110 to £55 for the double bed version. We had a five pound voucher to use in Debenhams so we just needed to use a further £50 from our Toluna vouchers and we had our 'free' duvet! Now that is the sort of price I like! Anyone who knows me will know how much I love a bargain and this was the ultimate!

      Incidentally the duvet comes in a nice sturdy box so it would make a lovely present for a wedding or engagement.

      On the outside of the box you will find all the information that you need to make your purchase. We are told that the duvet has a hollow fibre filling and a micro fibre cover. It is non allergenic and machine washable. There is also a list of the various tog classifications so that you can be sure that you have chosen a duvet that will be warm / cool enough for you.

      I have been referring to 'a duvet' but this item is actually a set of two separate duvets one of which is 4.5tog and the other is 10.5tog. When I opened the box the two duvets were folded and rolled and were inside a plastic bag. How they managed to get them into the bag and then into the box heaven alone knows! They will never be going back in there again - I could never condense them back down to that size.

      The duvet covers are pure white and look lovely even though they are plain. The first thing that I noticed about the duvets was how soft and fluffy they were. Our old one had gone very flat and looked so sorry for itself. Obviously the 10.5tog one is thicker than the 4.5tog one.

      The idea is that you use the 4.5tog one in the summer when it is hot (we hope!), the 10.5tog one in the spring and autumn and both of them together making a 15tog duvet in the winter when you need the most warmth.

      In order to use the two duvets together there are a set of white plastic press studs around the edge of each duvet. There is one set at each of the four corners and two further sets one halfway along each side. Once you have the two duvets the right way up and the right way round so that the holes and studs are facing each other it is easy enough to popper the two together. It took me a couple of minutes to get them both the right way round and I kept laughing at myself as I kept getting two holes or two studs facing one another! That is probably just me though!

      Once attached to one another I just had to put the duvet cover on in exactly the same way as I would have done with a single duvet. It is a job I dislike and it usually takes me a while to get the duvet nice and straight in the cover but I always get there in the end.

      Once in the cover and shaken out onto the bed the duvet looked brilliant! It is so soft and thick it looks really luxurious. Once we got into bed to sleep under it we realised that it not only looked good it felt good too!

      The duvet settles around us keeping us toasty warm with its soft, fluffy hollow fibre and I have no doubt that it will be just as good in its cooler forms as the seasons change. It definitely does feel luxurious!

      To be honest I don't think I would have paid £110 for it but that is only because there are better deals out there, not because I don't think that this set of duvets is worth it. The price of £55 in the Debenhams sale was a great deal and, obviously, having the vouchers and getting it for free made it even better!

      In conclusion I would definitely recommend this duvet as it looks good, it feels lovely, it does the job perfectly and can be purchased at a good price. It would make an excellent gift or a great treat for yourself especially if you can get a few vouchers too!

      As a final comment I must also add that Mew, our cat, thinks it is wonderful to curl up on for a nap too!


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