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Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set

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Brand: Homemaker / Product Type: Duvet Cover

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2011 18:50
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      Worth buying for the throw alone!

      ~Making a house a home with this Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set~

      There are some things in life that you can skimp on and some things that are worth spending a little extra money on to get a better quality, more durable and well made product that will last and last. When I was looking to replace a number of bedding sets last year I searched high and low for the just right sets that would suit my requirements and thought I had found one that would suit in the Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set that I found on Amazon UK. Having recently noticed that the set was still available to buy, I felt it was a perfect product suggestion for Dooyoo, as with spring on its way many people will be thinking of updating their homes look and feel with new soft furnishings including lovely new and fresh bedding items.

      The Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set seemed to be the best option when I was looking into buying a new bedding set as I wanted a duck egg/ teal and light creamy beige themed set that would sit perfectly in the scheme I had in mind. The look of the set online seemed to be almost what I wanted, although it states on Amazon this is a 'blue and gold' coloured bedding set it looked to be between the duck egg and teal shades I was aiming to buy. When the set arrived it seemed to come as a compacted cube packed into a well made clear plastic storage bag complete with zip. Not only did it arrive promptly from the seller it was also in perfect condition once it had been unpacked and although it was very attractive it was not exactly what I had in mind. However in the sets favour I will say that certain of the items that came in the set were much better than others so I decided to keep it as it came as a bulk buy set at a very good price.

      ~What was in the bedding cube?~

      Once out of the storage bag the Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set was a mix of super stunning and rather disappointing all in one. I feel that the best item in the set has to be the beautiful quilted bed throw/ bedspread that came with it, as it has a fantastic luxury look to it that makes it look far more expensive than it was. When it is in use it looks truly stunning when placed folded across the bed, as not only is it nice and full looking with plenty of quilted and puffy loveliness about it, the colours in the throw look amazingly pretty as they catch the light. There is a satiny jacquard effect to the material that looks really nice even and this helps to bring out the look of the bold pattern used within the material. I was very pleased with the throw/ bedspread as the lovely light teal and soft gold tones look very luxurious and although it was slightly brighter than the pale duck egg and soft beige gold colours I had hoped for, I must say that the colours used do look really good.

      The rest of the Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set was rather a let down in terms of the thickness of the jacquard material and the quality of the trims and details that the duvet cover, pillow cases and cushion covers seemed to lack. I tend to go for heavier weight jacquard fabrics with cotton mix backings to them when picking out new bed sets, as I find these wash and wear really well and also look and feel luxurious when in use. The duvet cover in this instance is in the same pretty material as the throw yet it feels so much thinner when not being used with the quilted effect that the throw has. The pillow cases and the cushion covers were the same and had such a lightness to them that was rather disappointing. I suppose that being used to heavier fabrics I have become accustomed to the way they feel when in use and I like the luxurious feel they have, so in this case apart from the actual throw I feel the set was lighter and not as textured or heavy as I wanted it to be.

      ~Product performance, rating and price~

      As stated I decided to keep the set as it did offer good value for money based on the fact that the throw/ bedspread was really nice, stunning in fact and that has been the part of the Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set that I have used most of all. I wouldn't say that the set has been a bad buy at all as the throw on its own being large and well made would have cost a considerable amount to buy as a stand alone item. At the time of writing this you can purchase a Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set from Amazon for £47.99 which will fit a standard double bed. When I bought my own set there was also the option of buying a larger set to fit a king size bed and that was priced at £55 which once again is very good value for a 6 piece set.

      The whole set can be washed in a normal home washing machine and can either be line dried or tumbled on a low heat setting for a short while. As far as I know the directions didn't say it could be tumbled although I have done so with no ill effects. There has been no shrinking to the materials used and so far all stitching and fastenings have remained intact. As the set is very light it can be washed and dried in next to no time which is a bonus of sorts although I would have liked the set more had the jacquard material been a little heavier. I feel that as the throw/ bedspread that comes with this set looks so very good it was worth buying for that alone and I do admit that although I found the rest of the set overly light, I am very fussy when it comes to having a nice heavy quality material on bedding items. The items in the set are easy to iron and care for and come up looking good each and every time they are washed and cleaned, so over all I feel that the Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set ought to get a 4 star product rating as it is a good value buy.

      ~ The Homemaker Bedding Jacquard 6 Piece Bedding Set comprises of ;~

      1 full sized duvet cover, which is quite light and sized at 198 x 198cm
      2 matching pillow cases, again these are light with a plain reverse and sized at 48 x 74cm
      2 square shaped cushion covers with easy to use zips 45 x 45cm
      1 full sized quilted bedspread/ throw which is sumptuously good and is sized at a generous 200 x 220cm

      ~ Materials used are as follows:~

      The reverse or under side of the duvet cover, pillow cases and cushion covers 50/50 cotton/polyester
      The face or front side of the duvet cover, throw, cushion covers, pillow cases 100% polyester
      The set is machine washable and I have tumble dried my set on a light setting with no adverse effects


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