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Homescapes Luxury Goose Feather Duvet

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Brand: Homescapes / Type: Duvet

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2013 10:31
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      Get one, now!

      When we first moved into our house, and were in the process of renovating, we just couldn't get warm. It was the end of winter, and despite having new windows and heating installed, there were so many draughts and leaks, we seemed to lose heat straight out of the roof and walls. We decided to use some Amazon vouchers I had at the time, to invest in this goose feather duvet from Homescapes, so at least we would be warm when trying to get to sleep. That was a couple of years ago, and I have to say it's one of the best purchases we made in our new home.

      The duvet is made by Homescapes, and is currently available on Amazon for around £67. They were a bit cheaper when we bought ours, around £55, so it's worth keeping an eye on them in case they get reduced again. When I say "duvet", I am only telling half a story, as this is in fact two duvets, which can double up to make one big super duvet. The duvets have the tog ratings 4.5 and 9, and obviously when these are used together, they have a rating of 13.5. Toasty!

      The duvets are "100% cotton anti dust mite fabric" and the filling is allergen free and hypoallergenic. This gives peace of mind to anyone with sensitive skin or allergy issues. The filling is 15% white goose down, and 85% white goose feather. The filling is high density which gives it a superior feel, but also prevents any feathers escaping. In two years, we have never had any filling escaping from the duvets. They are also machine washable, so you can wash them at home, although they will need to be separated and I'm not sure they'd fit in a "normal" sized drum as our washing machine has a larger drum.

      So, how do they work in reality? The duvets have poppers around the top and bottom, which allows you to pin them together. When using both duvets together, in the midst of winter, this does make the duvet very thick, so it'll more than likely take two people to make the bed. I really struggle to do this by myself, and if I don't ask my husband for help I tend to end up fighting with it and getting in a bit of a mood. Once the bed cover is on, the duvet sits proud on the bed, looking a little like a puffy cloud which sinks down if you sit on it. It's very enticing, and to be honest it's so comfy it makes getting out of bed a little bit more difficult.

      Sleeping with the double duvet is fairly problem free, apart from the odd occasion I'm having a restless night and end up tugging the duvet all over the place. This can cause the poppers to come undone, and then the duvets start separating inside the cover. This only tends to happen if I've had a particularly restless night, or just before the sheets are due to be changed anyway. It can also be quite heavy to pull up high enough to cover you fully, which isn't an issue for my husband or myself, but I can see how it could cause issues for weaker people, and again sometimes pulling it around the bed can lead to poppers becoming undone.

      From a comfort point of view, I just have to comment that my previous (limited) experience of goose feather duvets was that they feel quite cold due to the external material. Although I must admit this feels a little cooler initially on entering the bed, as soon as you start to warm up, it is warmer than any duvet I've known. We use the two duvets together when the weather is at its coldest, and then we downgrade to the 4.5 tog in summer. I don't think we've ever used the 9 tog on its own, because I'm such a big fan of being warm, as soon as the weather threatens to get cold I insist on having both duvets on the bed! The summer one is warm enough to stop any chills, but also doesn't make me overly hot as I at first feared.

      One downside with these duvets is that if you're only using one at a time, you have to store the other one somewhere, and with them being quite bulky this can be a bit tricky. They arrived in a zip up bag, however, so we just cram ours into there when not in use, and they do fold down a fair bit when you squeeze the air out of them.

      These duvets are absolutely amazing, and I would definitely recommend the investment as a good night's sleep is such a luxury in these busy modern times. Ours are still in good condition after two years continual use, with the filling still having a good "oomph" to it, and those nights you get into bed with clean sheets after having a soak in the bath are a truly pampering experience.

      (Review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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