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Ikea Emelina Ros Bedding

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Brand: Ikea / Product Type: Bedding Set

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2011 18:58
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      High quality bed set from IKEA which proves you get what you pay for

      I recently bought a new single bed for my daughter and as she had been using the spare bed before - which is a king size - I had to get completely new bedding for her. I had been hoping to find some nice Cath Kidston stuff in TK Maxx but was out of luck and couldn't justify full price in the Cath Kidston store. This was a pity as my daughter loves floral prints on her bed linen so I decided to instead try IKEA, as they have some pretty floral print bed linen - with one of their range rumoured to have been designed by Kidston - although I believe this is an urban myth.

      When we got to the store my daughter turned her nose up at the design purported to be by Kidston, focusing instead on a pink floral print set which cost £40 - over double the price of the faux Kidston set. At first I said no - but when I went to inspect the bed linen more closely the reason for the high price became obvious so I decided to buy it. And that's how I came to be in possession of the Emelina Ros bed set.

      Emelina Ros is a decidedly feminine print, featuring delicate pink roses. The single bedset comes with duvet cover and two pillowcases which softened the blow of the price tag somewhat. The duvet cover fastens at the bottom just with two self tie fasteners - there are no buttons or press studs. The pillowcases fasten this way too.

      IKEA claim the cotton used is combed and this supposedly gives the fabric an "extra smooth and even surface" - and the fabric is also satin-woven to provide lustre and softness.

      The set is made from 100% cotton with a thread count of 308.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      I was originally cursing my daughter for falling in love with this set but when I went to look at the samples IKEA always have on display, I could see why she preferred it because the Emelina Ros set was quite obviously made of a higher quality fabric.

      I have bought my daughter bedsets in IKEA before and been a bit disappointed by the cotton used, leading to products which are thin and loosely woven and as a result not particularly strong. I also found these cheaper duvet covers something of a pain to iron. There's no such issues with Emelina Ros however - this set is beautifully soft and the satin weave gives it a genuinely luxurious feel, along with the dense weave and decent thread count of 308.

      I must admit my one concern was the tie fasteners for the pillowcases and duvet cover, fearing they would work their way loose leaving my daughter's duvet or pillow on the floor. At this juncture I would have to state this set isn't suitable for smaller children because of the ties - they aren't particularly long but I would keep any child under the age of three well away from this set and think long and hard before giving it to a child under five.

      Putting the set on the duvet and pillows was surprisingly easy - mind you making up a single bed always seems easy if you are used to doing king beds all the time - and I was delighted at how the ties are located in such a way to be both effective yet also pretty. They are easy to tie in a bow and have yet to work themselves loose in the period of time we have had the set.

      My daughter, who can be very fussy about what I put on her bed (I suppose her expensive tastes are proof of that!) has been delighted with this set - she loves how it feels next to her skin, pronouncing it soft and smooth. I haven't slept under this set but cannot disagree with how soft and smooth the cotton is, with that satin weave just adding to the lustre and sense of luxury the set exudes.

      The duvet cover and pillowcases are machine washable at up to 60 degrees but I wash them at 50 degrees. I have been delighted at how well they wash, with the print showing no sign of fading and no noticeable shrinkage either. I always iron pillowcases and have ironed this duvet cover too and been impressed at how well the creases come out with a hot iron - and how easy it is to get smooth ties by just running the iron over them too.

      I have since picked up a Cath Kidston set for my daughter in the John Lewis sale but have to say I think the actual quality of the cotton used in the Emelina Ros set pips Cath Kidston at the post, and the Emelina Ros set washes better than the Cath Kidston set too.

      I think the Emelina Ros set must have been on offer when I purchased it as the IKEA website states it currently costs £45.99 for the single bed set, with a double set costing £55.99 and the king size set costing £70.99. It is worth noting that these sets do include pillowcases and I do like how the single set contains two pillowcases and the double and king size sets contain four.

      I have to say considering the quality of the cotton used I find this to have been an excellent buy, especially in light of how well it washes and how happy my increasingly fussy daughter is with it. The only disadvantage I can find with the print is the fact it is so obviously feminine and as such might not be suitable for a couple's bed but certainly the single set is perfect for a young girl. I also think the tie fastening whilst very effective does rule this set out for younger children.

      I know it's frequently said that you get what you pay for but when I compared the fabric used in the Emelina Ros set with other sets IKEA sold the difference was so obvious I realised it was worth the high price - and thinking back to cheaper IKEA sets I have bought in the past Emelina Ros washes so much better too.
      So if Cath Kidston is just a little too expensive for you and you like floral prints and good quality, high thread count cotton, I can highly recommend Emelina Ros.


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