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In The Night Garden Fleece Blanket

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Type: Blanket

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    5 Reviews
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      14.10.2013 11:43



      Cheap nasty product for extortionate price

      It's labelled as a fleece blanket but it is the thinnest possibly material it could be, it's too large for a small snuggle blanket and too small for a sleeping blanket so really what is the point?

      This is a total rip of product that you'll get little to no use out of, I purchased it very very begrudgingly after we decorated one of my sons bedrooms in In The Night Garden theme and thought for the price if it would be very versatile as well as matching then I could reason the cost, I was mighty disappointed with it and as protest have never and will never purchase anything from In The Night Garden again, total rip off company out to target you by alluring your tots with cheap bad tv and making cheap bad products.
      Needless to say my son now has a Thomas the Tank room :)


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      07.10.2013 10:30
      Very helpful



      Soft and high quality fleece blanket

      Every parent that has pre-school children will know of In the Night Garden, but for those who don't it is a hugely popular show that is aired on the Cbeebies channel every day. Since the launch of the show in 2007 it has become a big success and has spawned all manner of merchandise from books, toys, clothes and pretty much everything you can think of to kit out a little ones bedroom.

      Although my son and I prefer to play and read books we do sometimes put the Cbeebies channel on. On the first occasion that the theme tune to In the Night Garden came on my son stopped what he was doing and he was mesmerized by the soft music. He was fixated on the programme from the start and I don't think he blinked for the entire duration. My then 20 month old son became a huge fan of the show and has great delight in watching it from time to time.

      'In the Night Garden is a magical place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child's imagination.'

      The 25 minute show is packed with stories and rhymes and at the end of the show it tells us that each of the characters is going to bed, which makes it a perfect way to settle your own little one off to sleep.

      Igglepiggle is a large blue character and is the star of the show that carries a red blanket everywhere with him.

      I try not to get sucked into buying all the merchandise that comes with these shows, as not only can it be expensive and not always as well made as their counterparts, but the chances are my toddler will probably outgrow the show before he outgrows the toy, or vice versa. Also I think it is nice to have a variety of different themed toys to capture a child's imagination.

      Whilst browsing around on Amazon I noticed that a large range of Night Garden products were heavily discounted. The fleece blanket manufactured by Zap had an RRP of £15 which I would never pay; however, it was marked down to under £5.00. Seeing as it seemed like a bargain and that most of our blankets were quite old I thought my son would like it.

      The blanket arrived in a large clear bag with a carry handle and a zip top lid which is great to reuse for other purposes. Taking it from out of the bag I noticed how soft the blanket was, much softer than the plain fleece blankets that I have bought in the past. The soft fleece will be gentle against a child's delicate skin so that's a good start.

      I opened the fleece blanket out on the floor and was quite surprised at the generous size (130 x 180cm) which will comfortably fit on a child's bed. I stood my son onto the middle of the blanket and his face lit up as he stared down at the huge picture of Igglepiggle that he was standing on. He bent down and pointed at the picture with excitement, so I think I can say he was more than happy with his new blanket.

      I'm not quite sure if toddler really needs a fleece blanket, as my son is only 20 months old I feel he is a bit young to have something like this on his bed for sleeping purposes, as it is safer to have something that is lightweight and breathable for babies. So I'm not sure what my reason for purchasing such an item was when I did some time ago. Although I don't use it as a cover for his bed it has still had plenty of use and is hardly ever put away.

      I often used it to lay my son on during the day for naps and he was quite content to roll about on it, and once asleep I would wrap it around him, as I can keep my eye on him during the day. It also got 'played' with as he liked to jump and roll around on it and scrunch it up and drag it about with him and chew on it, even though it is huge it didn't stop him! It also used to lay him on to get him washed, and when he wasn't using it then someone else in the family was probably snuggled under it, as it is so soft and cosy!

      I imagine this blanket is going to get another good couple of years use out of it and as my son gets older and possibly calms down a bit he may lay on it to look at his books on the floor, and it will be nice to have on his bed once the cot bars are taken off (Not brave enough to do this yet - we probably wouldn't get any sleep!) It would be ideal to use instead of a quilt when it is a bit warmer and would be good to put over a duvet in the colder months.

      The fleece blanket looks nice over a child's bed even if it's not used for sleeping with - this will also save you from having to store it too. It can also be used outside for sitting on. For younger baby's that are not mobile this blanket would be good to use as a play mat for them to lie on, as it is incredibly soft. If your toddler is a big Night Garden fan then this will probably go everywhere with them for car journeys and for visiting the family.

      The blanket is of a high quality and is 100% polyester fleece. The bright red blanket has a large picture of Igglepiggle in the centre holding his red blanket and his name in blue underneath, it has a stitched effect around the edge which is part of the blanket. It washes well and dries quickly being polyester and even though it has been through the machine on a 60C wash with things it shouldn't (I'm not responsible for this) I can happily report it is still in perfect condition and looks and feels as soft and new as the day we got it. None of the colour has ran when it has been on a high wash and it hasn't faded in the slightest, there is no bobbling like other fleece blankets that soon after become bobbled and tired looking.

      I am delighted with this blanket as it has been great value and it has had lots of use and it is still in perfect condition so it will get plenty more use yet. I think the RRP of £15 seems a lot but considering the quality it is worth it. I haven't seen this in any shops but it can be found on Amazon and the price will vary, if bought directly from Amazon you will find this cheaper than most other places and you get free delivery too.

      Any Night Garden fans will love this blanket and it may even help get your little one into bed at night.

      Here you can find all the Night Garden merchandise making it possible to kit out your entire nursery/child's bedroom with all things Night Garden.



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        02.07.2013 14:40
        Very helpful



        Great buy for the little ones

        Gone are the days where I can spend hours looking on line for handbags, boots, beauty products. Still do that from time to time, but the hours have been swapped for minutes! Now the buzz and time is spent on looking for stuff for the kids ( boo hoo! )-toys , clothes, accessories etc. My kids like particular characters, and with my daughters birthday in mind, I bought this item from Amazon for £10.99 ( p and p not included ).

        Why did I buy it?

        Firstly, my daughter adores the show Iggle Piggle is in, which is In The Night Garden. Anything, any item that features any of the characters I knew would be an instant hit. For my sons birthday, I bought him a Spiderman fleece which as per usual they fought over time and time again. To try and play mediator, I thought buying her a blanket of her own would help that situation.

        How does it look?

        The blanket size is 125cms by 150cms. 100% Polyester fleece. The blanket is in two colours, bright red and bright blue. In the middle of the blanket is a picture of Iggle Piggle sat down covering half of his face and some of his body with his beloved red blanket. Just underneath him is his name in blue ' Igglepiggle '. Around the edge is an almost piping effect in blue ( made out of fleece ), which finishes the edges off nicely. Above the edging there are blue verticle lines, each 3 inches high ( from the edge of the blanket ) and 0.5 inches wide. Although very simple, this adds a bit of interest to the blanket as the main feature is Iggle piggle in the middle.

        The design on the blanket can also be seen through the back of the blanket not just the front but is reversed e.g Iggles name is backwards. So at least you know the design runs through it completely and not just one sided.

        How to wash

        Can be placed in a 40 degree wash. Doesn't require ironing.

        What do I think?

        Firstly, this is a great looking childrens fleece blanket. Any child who love the show would love this, as it depicts the character Iggle piggle down to the ground. The look is simple but eye catching, thanks to the colouring and larger than life picture in the middle and the red and blue colour combination is perfect for both boys and girls so unisex.

        Its incredibly soft and tactile to feel. Its very good quality and the thickness is just right. I can see this being something that can be used during the weird and wonderful muggy warmth we have been experiencing, right up to winter time when the kids want to snuggle up in something.

        The size is fantastic! I didn't get a chance to read the measurements and to be honest I expected something smaller. This was a pleasant surprise, and felt I got a lot of blanket for my money.
        Despite the fact I bought this for my little girl, brother and sister were fighting over this blanket and poor Spiderman fleece was thrown in the corner!

        It does say on the slip of paper wrapped around this fleece that its not suitable for children under 3, I think you have to see common sense with that one. My daughter isn't 3 but I have no issues with the age side of things.

        I haven't been allowed to wash this yet and neither of my children will let it go! Thankfully it hasn't been dirty as they've used it to lie on, wrap themselves up in it etc, so cant comment on that side of things as yet but I don't think there will be an issue because its obvious this blanket is well made and cant see that changing.

        What do my kids think?

        They love it! They find the colours and design bright, fun and the texture very soft and comfortable. Obviously this isn't a toy as theres only so much a blanket can do, but they enjoy using it and they find because its such a big size, that they can both wrap themselves up in it at the same time.

        Would I buy this again? Yes I would. Its good quality, brightly coloured, simple yet effective design that portrays this character perfectly. Any fan of the show would fall in love with this.


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          18.05.2013 21:54
          Very helpful



          Lovely big, soft fleece blanket, perfect for a duvet day or two.

          My little boy came to own this Iggle Piggle Fleece Blanket a couple of years ago in his Christmas Stocking.

          Iggle Piggle is a character from the much loved children's television show 'In the Night Garden'. He's a big fan and shrieked with delight when he received the blanket and I held it up to show him the massive Iggle Piggle and started dancing around the living room singing the Iggle Piggle song. He's loved it ever since (I don't think his blanket love was related to my Iggle Piggle dance though).

          **The Blanket**

          The blanket is a sofa feeling fleece, it's bright red with a printed blanket stitch pattern around the edge. Iggle Piggle is printed in the middle cuddling his own famous red blanket (he carries around a red blanket in the program).

          It's a lovely big size at 125 x 150cm perfect for snuggling on the sofa or an extra layer in bed. In our house it's also been a super big superhero cape, put over chairs to make a den, hung over the side of the bed to make that into a den, used to make a nest when little one was pretending to be a chicken...the list is pretty endless. Needless to say this blanket is well loved.

          **Keeping it Clean**

          The blanket is 100% polyester fleece, thankfully it's machine washable, the label indicates at 40 degrees. It can also be tumble dried on a cool setting, although I've always hung it up to dry, being fleece it tend to try within a few hours which is a bonus.

          It's now a couple of years old and is starting to bobble a little, it's still nice and soft though and the colours haven't faded at all - which is amazing for the amount of times it's been through the washing machine.


          The Iggle Piggle blanket is widely available on-line on E-Bay and Amazon. Prices range from £7.00 - £12.00.


          Highly recommend this blanket for fans of In the Night Garden. Perfect for cooler days snuggling on the sofa. It washes fairly well with no colour loss and has bobbled a little which is actually quite impressive for the amount of use it's had.


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            25.04.2012 23:11
            Very helpful



            Shall we take this in the ninky nonk or pinky ponk?

            When my son was 18 months old, he developed a love affair with In the Night Garden, which is a children's television series shown on the cbeebies channel. This love co-incided with watching a bit more telly because I had just had my 2nd baby, and the love affair lasted for quite a while, so for the Christmas of that year, he got quite a few items of memorabilia for the show.

            I picked him up a couple of sets of bedding and this fleece blanket from ebay, and it was about £5 at the time.

            The blanket is quite large for a small toddler, and looks really good with the bright red design with blue crochet edge pattern which is identical to the blanket the character Iggle Piggle has on the show. It then also features a picture of the character so it was very popular with both of my boys when they liked this show.

            I didn't buy this with the intention of using this on their beds, but they did use it while in the pushchair, snuggling up on the settee when it was cold out, and also we found these were really good to take in the car with us when we make the long journey down to visit my husbands family, as the kids sometimes felt sleepy or cold in the car and they could grab the blanket and cover themselves up.

            I still keep blankets of this size in current favourite characters on the back of the settee so they can get them if they feel chilly while watching telly, and when they were little and fell asleep in an afternoon, they were great to cover them up and stop them feeling chilly.

            The blanket would be big enough to go on a child's bed at 130x170cm, and it is not that thick so it would just provide a bit extra warmth in winter without being too hot for them in bed.

            This blanket is now 3 years old for us, and still looks like new. Because the boys have now grown out of liking this character they don't want to use it, but I have given it to the dog as one of his blankets to sleep on, and it is just as nice and snuggly for him.

            This has been washed many times, and the colours have stayed true to how they were originally. I find this dries really quickly if pegged out, and will dry overnight hung up inside. It has always stayed soft and not gone bobbly or twisted at all. I think these are excellent little blankets, and unless the dog chews at the edging, it is not likely to wear out any time soon.

            Perfect for fans of the In the night Garden show, and available either second hand or new on ebay for between £2 and £8, this blanket is pretty much perfect.


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