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iOSSS Adult Snugglewrap

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Brand: iOSSS / Product Type: Blanket

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    1 Review
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      04.12.2009 10:08
      Very helpful



      I absolutely love my one of these

      "*"*"* How I Got My SnuggleWrap "*"*"*"

      Ok, so its time to review my beloved SnuggleWrap. I got my Snugglewrap a while ago thanks to my wonderful mum. She bought both me and my sister one. On a day when she and my dad had been out shopping. She told me that she thought it would be a good idea for both of us to have one and that she was sure they would come in handy. I remember looking inside the bag that it was in and being delighted to see what it was. It could not have came at a better time either because I had been moaning about how cold it had gotten recently and how walking into the sitting room was like walking into a igloo. Although that was a slight exaggeration.... ok, well maybe a big one lol! But it is still freezing at this time of year and the perfect reason to have one of these.

      "*"*"*" My First Impressions And Details About The Box etc "*"*"*"

      When my mum gave me the bag with the SnuggleWrap inside it. I lifted the box out and I noticed that it was a bit heavy to lift. The box required me to use scissors to open it. Partially from my own impatience and not being bothered trying to open it myself. Also partially because it was slightly hard to open. The box is mainly blue but I do not know if the colours vary depending on which colour of snugglewrap you choose. I doubt it though because mine is black and the box is blue. On the box there is lots of different pictures. These show people wearing SnuggleWraps in all different places. One of which is on a aeroplane and it is suggested that it can be used for all type of travel be it air, train, coach travel etc. The information on the back of the box also suggests that you can use it outside to keep warm at sporting events or even barbecues. Obviously that applies to a lot more than just sporting events and barbecues though because it really can be used basically anywhere.

      It says "as seen on TV" (in some countries) on the box as well. I have not seen it on TV in this country but you may have seen it. Another thing that I maybe should mention is that when I lifted the SnuggleWrap out of the box, it was in a protective transparent bag. I still have the box as you can probably tell by some of the things that I have mentioned in this review. I keep it and sometimes store the SnuggleWrap in it or some other things. I found it quite useful to keep it for that reason and the easily resealable lid makes it even better. You may want to keep yours as well if you decide to buy this. The box is nicely designed and I particularly like the way "SnuggleWrap" is written at the top because it is written in fancy bubble writing and the colours used for it are yellow and white.

      It starts out yellow at the top of each letter and sort of fades into the colour white towards the bottom and I think it looks cool. A tip might be that if you have a dog to avoid it getting near your SnuggleWrap altogether lol! But who wants to shun their pets every time they decide to relax? No one! So if you have a white dog that jumps up a lot. Then, you may want to avoid getting a black one of these because it gets annoying having to get rid of their hairs lol! I have not used my SnuggleWrap outdoors or for travel yet but I definitely would. I think if you bought this with you on a long journey it would be very relaxing and a lot more pleasant as well.

      "*"*"*" Using My SnuggleWrap "*"*"*"

      I have used it lots since I first got it and using it is easy. Although, saying that I took ages to find both places to put my arms in because there is so much of the SnuggleWrap. This means that the sleeves sort of get lost in it but you will find them eventually. Maybe even a lot quicker than I did lol! Well, once I got over the initial struggle with locating the sleeves everything was easy after that. I just wrapped it around myself and sat down to watch tv rather cosy and happy. And then I used it again when I was writing reviews and basically almost anytime that I have been sitting down and relaxing I use it. It more or less is a blanket with sleeves but it is a special one because you can bring it with you outdoors and not look out of place doing so.

      I cant imagine walking outside with my own blanket. I think people would think I had gone mad but this would be ok because it looks sort of like a dressing gown. The SnuggleWrap is made with machine washable fleece. So, that makes it very easy when it comes to washing it. I find sometimes it is too warm to sit with it on fully. So, I just sit with it half on and half off. I found our three dogs Snuggles (the irony lol!) Amy and Rudy were very intrigued by it and that became a bit of a problem. Because they started chewing on it. Rudy in particular kept on chewing and he managed to bite a hole in it lol! So, that could be a problem for anyone who decides to buy one if they have dogs.

      The wrap in no way restricts your movement thanks to the sleeves. On the box it tells you that you can use it when sewing, reading, talking on the phone etc. I find that to be a really good thing because I think if there was no sleeves, it would not be quite so good. Imagine trying to change the tv channel and being stuck behind a SnuggleWrap with no sleeves. Argh! I have come to prefer using this as opposed to my fluffy dressing gown and that is saying something! I never thought that anything would ever beat it in terms of comfort but this wins by far. Although, I love my black SnuggleWrap, I think that I will get a pink one soon as well because I like that colour in it too.

      I would not say that it is the most fashionable thing in the world lol! You probably wont be sitting thinking ooh look at me in my fancy SnuggleWrap. Well, you might everyone is different but I certainly was not. It has not really got any shape to it and I will admit I felt rather goofy sitting wearing it for a while. But at the end of the day it does not really need to look wonderful because that is not its purpose anyway. Its purpose is to keep you warm and cosy and it does that perfectly.

      In fact in my opinion it does it like no other and better than any fashionable pyjamas or dressing gown will ever do. I love that even when I feel really cold and I put this on I instantly feel a lot warmer. Because the sleeves are so long and the SnuggleWrap reaches up to your neck it keeps you entirely warm and if your hands get cold there is even pockets that you can put them in. Or you can just move your hands up a bit into the sleeves. With this you can get completely warmed up with very little effort.

      "*"*"*" What Should You Know? "*"*"*"

      The SnuggleWrap is "one size fits all" and it comes in three different colours. Those colours are pink, black and blue and even though it is quite big and long. It is easy to store it anywhere that you choose. When folded up it takes up very little space. The SnuggleWraps measurements are 71" x 54" (approx.) Because of how long the SnuggleWrap is walking about can be a bit awkward with it and I have closed the door on it a few times. Only realizing of course when I tried to walk and was pulled back again. The biggest problem is that you may get as attached to your one as I have mine. I always want to use mine and would rather relax and sit wrapped in it watching tv. Sometimes as a result of that I make excuses just so that I can.

      "*"*"*" Overall Opinion "*"*"*"

      Overall, I would say that this is a very convenient and useful thing for anyone to have. The pockets are great for keeping things in. There is also SnuggleWraps available of the same type for kids. This is the sort of thing you might look at and think that it is not really required but it really could come in handy in so many different situations. If you are going outside when it is cold for example and well..... it is that little extra comfort, that I am sure is great to have when travelling anywhere, regardless of how long or short the journey will be. Looking at the box and the photos of numerous people using it and based on my own opinion also.

      The impression that I have gotten of it is that it is a luxury and something to treat yourself to. Or even to buy as a gift for someone like my mum did for me and my sister. With this you can not be cold lol! Like previously mentioned I use it half on and half off sometimes because it can get too warm. I can certainly highly recommend this! The fleece is so soft and feels really lovely on. It was a bit confusing finding out what way to put it on sometimes but I am more used to it now, than when I first got it. It is definitely one of my favourite things that I have at the minute and I prefer it to heating because I can choose when I am warm enough and take it off, leaving me nice and cool again.

      Whereas when the heating is on in the house and it does get really warm it is too warm for me and I have to wait for it to get cooler. I do not like that lol! A good thing about the SnuggleWrap is that because it is so big there is plenty of room to move about while wearing it and the only problem I find is when I try to walk in it. I have to sort of shuffle about and being clumsy me I have almost fallen over a few times but that is my own fault lol! I am giving it five well deserved stars because it really is great and I absolutely love mine!

      "*"*"* Price "*"*"*"

      These can be gotten on Amazon for £!5.99 + £4.95 shipping. They can also be gotten in a wide variety of other places and the prices vary depending on where you decide to buy your SnuggleWrap from.


      As someone was kind enough to point out to me the price of these has now creeped up quite significantly to £59. 97 since I first did this review.
      If you have a "glovers" shop near you keep an eye out for them there. The price is much, much more reasonable!


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    • Product Details

      The Morphy Richards Single 75169 Under blanket Fleece gives you the warmth you need for a good sleep / It is made from fleece including ultra thin nano wires for optimal comfort.Single Luxury Fleece Material (152 x 72cm)Contains UK produced ultra thin energy efficient wires to ensure ultimate comfortRelax safe in the knowledge that it conforms to the highest European safety standardsMachine washable and tumble dry safeSuitable for all night use

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