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Kensington Microfibre Duvet

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Brand: Raymat Quilts and Textiles Ltd / Type: Duvet

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2013 18:16
      Very helpful



      A pretty good imitation of a feather and down duvet.

      It didn't seem appropriate to write a review of an autumn/winter weight duvet during the recent heatwave but now temperatures are back to normal and autumn is just around the corner, I think the time has come.

      Until the end of last year, I'd used a goose feather and down duvet for several years and found it to be wonderful. OK, it needed shaking up every morning and the odd feather quill has been known to poke through the lining and prick me but apart from that I was pretty pleased with an item which kept me cool in summer and snug in winter. However, the geese began to get their revenge and I developed an annoying little cough and stuffiness which only ever hit at bedtime. A trip to the doctor ruled out anything life threatening and he didn't think I was asthmatic but he suggested that it may be an allergy and when I told him I had a feather duvet, he was pretty certain that could be the culprit. We left it that I'd first try changing my duvet rather than go through all the rigmarole of referral to an allergy clinic and so I began my search for a new one.

      I've never been too impressed by the Hollowfibre filled duvets which I've always found to be far too heavy and they don't settle around you very well so that they leave gaps which allow cold draughts into the bed. I rather fancied a silk filled duvet but the cost of those is astronomical so after further research I decided to try one with a microfibre filling. Thanks to Dooyoo, I seem to always have a healthy gift card balance at Amazon and after much deliberation, I ordered this Kensingtons duvet. These are available as a single, double or king size and come in a variety of togs from 4.5 up to 15.0, including one suitable for all four seasons. I chose a double in 13.5 tog which I find is plenty warm enough for me even in the harshest winter.

      The main reason for choosing Kensingtons was that their microfibre duvets are not only marketed as 'feeling like down' but also have consistently received 5 star ratings. I duly paid my £26.99 and as delivery was pretty quick, I had my new duvet within a few days.

      At first glance, this quilt looked exactly like my feather and down one, with the filling secured in large squares rather than channels which run the entire length of the duvet. The microfibre outer casing is very smooth and has a 230 thread count and it's inpenetrable to dust mites so this duvet would be ideal for asthmatics, and both the outer casing and the ultralite microfibre filling are non-allergenic.

      Although this looks very similar to my feather and down duvet, when it comes to the feel there are definitely some differences. This duvet may be lighter than its hollowfibre equivalent but it does weigh slightly more than a feather and down one. I won't disagree with Kensingtons that the filling feels a little like down but there's an underlying springiness which definitely feels synthetic rather than natural.

      Of course, the acid test came when I slept under the duvet for the first time. I don't know whether it's because my Mother used to tuck me in so tightly that I could barely move when I was a child but I can't bear the feeling of being restricted by bedclothes. The weight of this microfibre duvet is only slightly heavier than one filled with feather and down and it's certainly light enough to allow free movement of arms of legs. It's also every bit as cosy as my former duvet and it settles around the body in a very natural way. For those who've never used a feather and down duvet, that filling makes you instantly warm and cosy unlike hollowfibre which seems to take a little while to equalise temperatures. With the microfibre ultralite filling there's no time delay whilst the bedding warms up and I was immediately as snug as a bug in a rug, which is probably an inappropriate phrase to use to describe a duvet which assures that it won't even let the bugs in!

      I've been absolutely delighted with my new duvet which kept me warm and cosy all through those long, wet and dreary spring nights. When the heatwave struck, things changed and whereas in previous summers I've found that I could still sleep under my goose feather duvet and not get too hot, that doesn't seem to be the case with anything synthetic and I had to consign my microfibre duvet to the spare room until the temperature fell.

      All in all, this is a pretty good replacement for my feather and down duvet, and the very slight differences are more than compensated for by the fact that my cough and sniffles have disappeared.


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