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Linens Spiderman Web Slinger Fleece Blanket

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Brand: Linens / Product Type: Blanket

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2014 15:52
      Very helpful



      Nice blanket for any mini Spidermen's!

      2013 was when my son discovered Spiderman. This was the year I began to realise I couldn't fob him off with the usual Cbeebies or Nick Jr toys, DVDs or books. On the lookout for something with a Superhero feel to it, I bought this from Amazon for just under £9.00

      Why did I buy this?

      I bought this because my son had just started to get into the whole Spiderman, action hero thing. I had bought him a Spiderman duvet set for his birthday, and thought this would compliment it very well. I bought his sister an In The Night Garden fleece blanket, and felt it was only fair he had one that reflected his particular tastes.

      What does it look like?

      This blanket has all the typical Spiderman colourings to it-red, blue with a hint of black. The background is blue in colour, with what appears to be red random shaped lines close to the edges which I think represents webbing. A grey and white circle which has almost a barbed wire effect to it, as it has thin, strands/lines, wrapped around it. In the middle, the character Spiderman, pokes his head and upper torso through it. His face staring directly forward and is mainly in the top left hand corner of the blanket. But the most noticeable part of his body is his hands and fingers, as this takes up nearly half of the blanket. His fist appears to be clinched, but with two fingers stuck out and his thumb tucked under. Almost as if he's shooting webs, but I always thought the character shot webs with his wrist turned up, not down. Spiderman is mainly red, with black lines all over the face and body mimicking a web pattern, large cat like eyes, black around the edges and a grey/white middle.

      The same image is shown on the opposite side of the blanket, but in reverse.

      Texture and look of blanket is very much fleece like, quite soft and smooth, with a touch of texture to it.

      Width is 47 inches and length is 60 inches.

      What does my son think?

      My son loved this when he first got it. It meant that we all had our own blankets to snuggle up to while watching tv, general laying around on the sofas ( I have a Kelly Hoppen one, other vistiors make do with a Primark one! ). The fact that this was a character that he loved made him want to use this all the time. What we didn't anticipate was his little sister taking a fondness to it, and this has led to many an argument between them.

      Despite the size of this, my son can easily carry this from room to room if and when he wishes. It keeps him quite warm when its on the chilly side, but doesn't bake him during summer as its quite light weight.
      He still uses this today, so not only a practical item but a fun item as well.

      What do I think?

      I felt this blanket was reasonably priced and not expensive. You actually get a lot of blanket as the size of this is huge, and is bigger than the rug in my living room! If a blanket is too small there's only so much you can do with it, but with this being the size it is, if it's required to be smaller it can be folded, if used in its entirety it easily covers both of the kids if they're in a sharing mood. It also means this can be thrown over a bed as a light bedspread, or even a chair.

      The look of this blanket is a decent representation of the character Spiderman. My only complaint in regards to it's appearance is I would've liked the image and the colours to have been more striking, stronger and bolder. The colouring is fine, and because of how big the image is anyway, it's not exactly a subtle piece, but felt it could have had more attention to detail.

      It's thickness was perfect as this was bought and originally used during the summer months. Now its colder, it still works but we do have the heating on most of the time. I did think it should have been alittle thicker, or at least be more fluffy and be more softer in feel to compensate.

      This has been washed and dried a zillion times. The colour hasn't faded nor has the shape, size or look of the blanket changed at all. There aren't any washing instructions on this blanket ( there may have been and maybe fell off, but I don't recall ), but I just wash it with other dark clothing at a 40 degree wash as this isn't the type of item that will get soiled or dirty easily because of how it's used. I also find this dries very fast, due to the material, so can always be in use.

      Overall, I felt this was a nice addition to my son's Superhero collection.

      Would I buy this again? Yes I would. It looks the part and is practical. The quality is fair and the price was affordable. Afew tweaks could have made this an outstanding blanket but still left alittle boy very happy.


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