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Brand: Lloytron / Product Type: Electric Blanket

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2013 17:13
      Very helpful



      A reasonably priced electric blanket to keep on ewarm on those cold wintry nights :~)

      ~*~The Product ~ 'Security Blanket'!~*~

      This electrical blanket is manufactured by a company that has been established over four decades. Lloytron PLC has been supplying household electrical products to wholesalers as well as singular customers. The company is based 'in the northwest of England, London and Hong Kong, with associates in the United States of America, Eire and Europe'. The company supplies thousands of various electrical products 'throughout these regions'. I have to admit that before purchasing this blanket, I really didn't recognize the company name, the products they manufacture and their ethical back-ground. I was pleased to find out that Lloytron PLC have an Ethical Trading Policy 'that vets all suppliers to ensure that they comply to' their 'standard which covers working conditions, minimum wage, living standards and health & safety'.

      I was very reassured to find out that the company also 'complies with the 2002/96/EC Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations and as a producer into the UK' and that they 'have a nominated recycling company as part of the take back scheme in operation. This applies to all electrical products and batteries sold in the UK market. All Lloytron products comply with the 2002/95/EC Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and you will see the crossed out wheelbin logo on all applicable products'. http://www.lloytron.com/

      The electric blanket is BEAB Approved which I have made supplementary notes about within the review for those unsure of what this means. The double deluxe fleece under Blanket is milky white and has a fast pre-heat function with three heat settings. The blanket has an automatic overheat protection, twin detachable controllers and can be secured with the bed ties attached to the blanket's edging. The blanket can be safely used throughout the night. The product is also machine washable on a 30 degree cycle. The dimensions of the blanket are 150x140cm. The power consumption of the blanket is 2x60w.

      ~*~My Usage Experience~ "Love is an electric blanket with somebody else in control of the switch."~*~

      We all suffered a rather prolonged particularly cold winter here in Britain! I felt that a hot water bottle wouldn't suffice and my Son bought me an electric blanket. When it was delivered, the blanket came in a zipped up sturdy polyurethane transparent bag. I love to recycle certain packaging for other uses and this bag is now used to store knitting yarn, keeping it clean and dust free!

      ~Colour and Odour~

      When I unwrapped the folded blanket it gave off a lovely fresh new fabric smell. The blanket is a lovely understated milky white shade that furnishes me with a discreet colour under sheets. avoiding a clash in co-ordinates.

      ~Heat Timing~

      I really appreciate that this electric blanket is so quick to heat up. I have found that no sooner had I click on the 'on' switch, I can feel the warmth on the blanket. To heat the blanket throughout only takes approximately fifteen minutes. I generally pop the blanket on ten minutes before retiring to bed. Because this blanket is safe to leave on throughout the night, I often leave it on until the next morning if we are having a particularly cold night.


      This blanket is superb at affording me real warmth on very cold nights as it goes up to 55°C on its highest setting. But, I will say here that when the evenings are chilly but do not warrant such a high heat, the lowest setting only goes down to 29°C. I have ended up kicking off the covers in my sleep as I have felt this lowest setting a little too high during milder winter nights!

      ~Evenness of Heat~

      Unfortunately, I have noticed that my feet feel warmer to around 6-10C than my body as the distribution of heat within the blanket isn't especially even! I will mention more on this when writing about the size of the blanket!

      ~Using/fitting the Blanket~

      I love that this blanket is so light, weighing in at just 1.16kg. This means that when I am removing the blanket to occasionally hoover and turn the mattress, the blanket isn't heavy to maneuver and re-place back on the bed. I found fitting the blanket to the mattress very awkward. The white lengthy cords need to be drawn around the mattress. It really is a two person task. I found it very frustrating trying to hold part of the mattress up, throw the cord underneath, whip round the bed, lifting the mattress up, reach for the cord to tie it securely to the opposite side. After four of the cords were attached I felt pretty exhausted. Even after following the directions on the pamphlet to the letter, the blanket didn't stay in place after a couple nights of use! I have to re-place the blanket when I make the bed each morning!

      When my grand-tots sleep over, they tend to jump in the bed during the night which means I end up sleeping on the edge! The bed is against the wall, and for safety reasons, I prefer the grand-tots to be on the inner side to avoid falling out during the night. The blanket does not fit the mattress to the edges so I do not benefit from the heat on these occasions. That is one flaw of the blanket that I do feel quite frustrated about, the size is a good few inches short all the way around the bed.


      The connecting control that is attached to the underside of the blanket tends to aggravate as it protrudes and nudges into my back. I find myself being woken up with the uncomfortable control connection and having to adjust my sleeping position. The controls are very easy and simple to use. The click sliding position of the controls moves easily, though a little stiff initially. But, during the night, when I want to adjust the setting to lower or higher, because there is a '0' position on both ends of the control, I find this confusing in the dark! I end up having to open my mobile phone light to see the control pad to ensure I have adjusted the setting to my choice.


      The blanket is small enough to fit into my machine, but although I gave this a go so I can mention this in the review, I have as yet not needed to actually wash it! It feels easy to place in my average sized washing machine but it looks to me that removing the control pads would cause difficulty; the connections are very stiff to adjust! Unfortunately, the blanket cannot be tumble dried.


      Quick heat up time/Three settings/ Washable/BEAB approved/Simple controls/Reasonably priced/Over heat protection/ Twin controllers/Good energy consumption


      Cannot set on a particularly low heat/ Heat distribution uneven/ Difficult to fit/Uncomfortable control attachment!

      ~Supplementary Information~

      BEAB Approved Mark ~ "The BEAB Approved Mark from Intertek is a European Safety Mark used by leading electrical manufacturers to support CE Marking and to demonstrate conformity with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). The BEAB Approved Mark can be accessed via Intertek and through the CB Scheme. A BEAB Approved Mark on your product demonstrates than Intertek (an independent third-party) has verified its safety. Recognized across the UK and Europe, the BEAB Approved Mark demonstrates the safety pedigree of your products. It shows your commitment to best practice, your commitment to producing quality goods and most importantly your commitment to the safety to your customers.

      BEAB Approved Mark provides reassurance to consumers, retailers, distributors and port authorities that a product has achieved the highest levels of safety. The Mark indicates that the product has been manufactured in an inspected factory, using accepted methods and that the product has been tested and assessed by Intertek. Products bearing the BEAB Approved Mark are also randomly checked by Intertek on an annual basis. BEAB Approval can be used as a basis for obtaining other national and international certification marks under the CB and ENEC schemes. It is also widely used to support declaration of conformity and technical file activity required when CE Marking for the EU." http://www.intertek.com/marks/beab/

      ~*~Would I Recommend? ~ "One good turn gets most of the blanket"~*~

      Although I have some niggles with a few flaws in the blanket's design features, I would still recommend the product. There is an up-dated version now available but this is still a worthwhile product to invest in. The blanket has been consistently reliable throughout this recent particularly cold winter. Apart from the control attachment situated underneath the top corner of the blanket, it is very comfortable to sleep on.

      The fleece is so warm that even on evenings when it hasn't warranted me popping on the heat settings; it has still provided me with a warm cosy underlay to rest on. The electric blanket comes with a good two year warranty. The blanket is currently on a 30 percent saving, from £59.00 to £41.73, saving the customer £18.26. The blanket is sold by MightyHousewares and can be purchased through Amazon, which is where my son bought it from on my behalf. Amazon has free delivery on this product which makes it an even more reasonable purchase!


      Thank you for taking the time to read my review on this practical product for our wintery weather! :~)


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    • Product Details

      This Lloytron Double Electric Blanket will keep you warm and snug during the cold winter nights. This high quality electric blanket is BEAB Approved and is made from a non-woven polyester cloth. It has 3 heat settings as well as a handy fast pre heat function meaning it doesn't need to be on for very long before you're ready for bed. It has automatic overheat protection and twin detachable controllers for easy and convenient use. The blanket comes with bed ties ensuring that it stays firmly in place all night and is safe to be used as an all night use giving you the opiton to select a lower heat setting and remain cosy all night long. This blanket is also machine washable at 30 degrees. Maximum 60 Watts power and BEAB Approved. BEAB Approved Double Electric Blanket 3 Heat Settings and Auto Overheat Protection Handy Bed Ties and can be used all night Twin Detachable Controller for ease and convenience

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