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Matalan Butterfly Print Duvet Set

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Brand: Matalan / Product Type: Duvet Set

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2013 23:18
      Very helpful



      Will not buy again

      I hate ironing duvet covers and for that reason, I end up buying new ones a lot of the time when I see ones that look good value. One I came across a couple of months ago was this Matalan butterfly duvet set, available in the three sizes of single, double and king size. I bought the king size one for £18 (the other two options being slightly cheaper). The king size one measures 230cm x 220cm.

      The duvet set comes with two pillowcases in the double and king size options and as you'd expect, one pillowcase is provided in the single set. I never tend to look at the material making up the duvet covers I buy - this one is made of 52% polyester and 48% cotton which at the time wouldn't have meant much to me, but now after using this set I will know to avoid. I assume it is the polyester that has caused the problems we've experienced as looking through our collection it seems that a lot of others we have are mainly cotton ones.

      The set looks beautiful when first placed onto the bed - it is a very light grey colour with an array of different coloured butterflies printed onto it. As expected for the price, nothing is sewn onto it - everything is printed on but the pattern is very pretty and I would think due to the vast and varying colours, it would match a number of different shades. Our room is plum in colour and it goes well in there but it would go just as well in teal and red rooms too when on the printed butterfly side. The duvet cover is reversible and is a deep pink on the other side, but we have never used it that way because of the colour doesn't match the rest of the room. The colours in our duvet set are not as bright as the picture shown here and Matalan's website advises that the set may not look exactly as that shown. The general pattern however is the same.

      The duvet has popper buttons at the bottom which I prefer as they take less time for me to fasten and unfasten than proper buttons do. These have stayed well in place and none have come off. Changing the duvet is one of those 'have to do' jobs but I find this is quite easy to place this on due to the pattern mainly being positioned at the bottom (there are more butterflies populated at the bottom and the numbers gradually fall as the pattern moves to the top). The pattern makes it easy to know which corners to place the top and bottom parts of the duvet into. The overall fitting (at least when it's first placed on) is perfect too - the pillowcases seem perfect size too for the standard pillows we have. As with most other sets, there is a lip inside each pillowcase to tuck around the pillow to keep them in place.

      Now the issues. This is where I think the polyester has caused us a problem. The duvet cover is very flimsy and tends to move out of position - this started as soon as we started using it. The duvet inside fitted perfectly when first placed on the bed, but as soon as we used it (even within the first night) the duvet inside struggled to stay in place and as a result kept waking me up as I fought to straighten it out again. That continued over the course of a week. The corners of the duvet inside move around and out of the corners of the cover. It also causes the duvet to ruche up in the middle. The material of the cover is very thin really and doesn't help. I have since gone back to using one of the 100% cotton covers we have which is much thicker and stays perfectly in place all of the time.

      The duvet cover also attracts a lot of static too - there have been several times I've placed clothing items onto the bed only for static to occur. The cover has been washed and it did wash well within the machine and didn't come out all that creased, although the static was again a problem during the ironing process.

      I can't really recommend this duvet set. It looks lovely in the packaging but I'm afraid it's caused us a few issues. I've rated it two stars as I feel that's fair. I think it's very pretty and lovely looking, the poppers are a good design but for £18 I would have expected a little more. I at least expected to achieve a good night's sleep - there's no point to a duvet cover if it's going to disrupt my sleep!

      Thanks for reading :o)


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