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Morphy Richards 75165 Eco Washable Underblanket

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Brand: Morphy Richards / Product Type: Blanket

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2010 13:38
      Very helpful



      Only buy if you are desperate!

      After the cold nights started kicking in last year, me and my boyfriend decided to purchase an electric blanket. We were absolutely desperate so went to our nearest Tesco's and found this one for a bargain price of £9.99.
      With it being so cheap I didn't expect it to be top of the range, but as Morphy Richards is a well known brand I thought it would be ok.

      Well, when I got this home I was quite exciting and looking forward to wrapping up warm in bed watching QVC! I eagerly took the blanket out of the plastic cover and was shocked by the size.... I thought silly me had picked up a single, instead of a double.
      I checked the packaging but no, this was a double size. It is not wide enough at all for my standard double sized bed and is way way WAY too short! If it wasn't for the fact that I was so cold and had paid so little for it, I would have taken it straight back to the shop. (Plus, the shop had shut by the time we got home....despite Tesco saying it is open 24 hours - but that is a separate subject!)

      The second thing I found was that it is incredibly difficult to actually put on the bed. You have to use these old fashioned tie things, that criss cross underneath your matress. Well, I gave up in the end. My boyfriend persevered and finally got it in place.

      There is a control on one side of the blanket with 3 heat settings. It is very easy to use and lights up a nice orange colour so you can clearly see if it is on or off.
      The plastic part of this is quite big and hard and unfortunately as the blanket is so small, this means that if you are on the side of the bed with the controls - you end up sleeping on top of this plastic thing which is very annoying. (Lucky for me its not on my side of the bed!)

      The blanket heats up very slowly, and did do the job (but it didn't reach the corners or the end of the bed as it was so small!) Me and my boyfriend ended up squashed in the middle of the bed trying to find the warm bits!

      On top of the blanket being far too small, it also moves around the bed too easily. Even though my boyfriend tied it really tightly in place. This means that my side of the bed ended up with practically no heated blanket! And me being the cold one, I find this very frustrating!

      We have put up with this as we couldn't really afford a more expensive one, but I am hoping to get a new one from my parents for Christmas this year (having dropped many 'subtle' hints!)

      If you were sleeping in a double bed on your own then I suppose this would be ok. Its cheap and cheerful - but you get what you pay for!

      On the whole, I would not recommend this product unless, like us, you are very desperate!


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      31.07.2010 15:05
      Very helpful



      Eco Friendly Yes, Toasty and Warm, No.

      A couple of weeks ago I was sniffing and sneezing realising that I was perhaps beginning to suffer the extremities of the cold weather. Now, as far as I'm concerned Scotland has had some changing weather this summer, but at night and early mornings the temperature really drops in several different parts of the Scottish isles. This is when I turned to my "trusty" Morphy Richards Anti-Allergy single fitted electric mattress cover, and went about the usual bed time armed with tissues, bed socks and the mattress cover set to warm up my bed before I jumped in. Only, I wasn't warm and toasty like I've been in the past whenever the cover has been programmed to heat up my bed. Something was desperately wrong when I jumped into a freezing bed and my bed room lit up with flashing red and green LED's jumping out of the digital single hand set; a fault had occurred and the lights would not stop flashing until I switched the blanket off at the wall.

      Now, you may well think Morphy Richards were kind enough to offer me something on the basis that the review on Dooyoo has received quite a lot of non-member reads. Alas an email to their customer services reveals that whilst they admit their handsets can run into problems they could sell me a new blanket or send out a replacement product if I had my receipt to hand. Well folks, in the case of a similar Morphy Richards electric blanket that I've had for many years that didn't break down but went away with a family member, I didn't retain the receipt for my faulty one and now I know the next one will be kept! Morphy Richards then offered me a reduced blanket price of £49-99. On the basis I bought mine from our local Scottish Hydro shop at a cost of near £30, Morphy Richards in the end were unable to sell me the said blanket at the price I paid. Clearly in this case, Morphy Richards don't really care about their customers when they don't take into account prices set by their registered sellers.

      Despite the faulty hand set, I've come to respect and trust in Morphy Richards heated blankets because they are simple to operate, usually very comfortable to lie on and for the most part able to toast me up within seconds as well as having a "stay warm" 24 hour function that allows said blanket to stay on whilst I sleep. Back to the local and trusty Scottish Hydro shop then and no surprise to find that my previous blanket is sold out. Instead I'm left with the sole decision of buying the newer "Eco" friendly version of Morphy Richards most basic single heated blanket they currently sell; their "Eco Washable Heated Underblanket, 75165," and at £19-99 the price isn't as expensive as the first one was. The blanket comes in a plastic zipped clear plastic carry case that serves as a secondary bag to store the blanket when not in use and a single hand set unit mains power cord with about a metre of length to it.

      Now the blanket that you get here isn't obviously the same as the more expensive Anti-Allergy mattress cover, because Morphy Richards have really gone back to basics here with their "Eco" approach. Instead it's a thick white felt Polyester sheet with tiebacks that have to be tied at each angle of a single bed mattress before additional mattress covers can be laid on top. The sheet is reversible though so it means you can have the hand set unit on either left or right hand side of the bed as desired. Oh the nonsense I had fitting this sheet though and the time wasted having to re-do knots and lift up the mattress to tie the sheet firmly on in the middle and then check to see all four sides of the sheet were firmly locked on from an angle! How spoilt I've been with the latter mattress cover and its elasticated sides. That's the vital difference of the two where fitting is concerned. Here there are no metal eyelets, which would have been handier to add to the design when it comes to tying the sheet to the bed. A series of nylon ribbon loops have been added to the sheet instead, which I suppose allows for some movement once the blanket has been laid out and flattened. A single handset comes with this electric blanket and there are four heat settings via a simple rubberised unit that has an old fashioned set of numbers and a slider control. A red LED light comes on just above the company name to show when the blanket has been activated but the whole unit reeks of cheapness, as does the cover itself. The handset however can be detached from this blanket once the single rubber pip lock that retains it, is loosened thus making the blanket machine washable at a 40° wash program and it can also be dried in a tumble dryer.

      Measuring approximately 149cm by 70cm reveals the worst aspect of this blanket's size. Optimistically for example, Morphy Richards state that this blanket has been given an extra foot of cloth for warming the feet but my feet go over the added amount of cloth, resulting in frozen toes and ankles. Let it be said that this sheet however tied to the bed when it is supposed to be put into the middle of the bed is absolutely useless if you are 5ft 11" to 6ft tall! Shortly afterwards, I whipped the covers off to pull more of the blanket nearer to the bottom ridge of the mattress. This has sadly made little difference and my feet still get cold regardless of the extra bit of felt at the bottom even if my ankles are now warmed up in use.

      A good aspect of the "quality" that Morphy Richards have retained is the stitching of the sheet itself. It feels hard wearing for all that it is basic felt but the wires are thin inside which at best feels comfortable and doesn't jut into my back or body as I sleep. This is a trademark that I've noticed with most of their electric blankets over the years and is steadily improving with each product they produce. Official trademarks such as BEAB approved gives good peace of mind too. The Eco blanket also has thermal protection/ "Safeguard," built in which will switch off if the blanket gets too hot over time or if it "senses," a problem. Oh I know that sixth sense already - it means if the hand set fails the blanket will not function just like the last one I had! However, the quality of the thin wires stops the good aspects of thinking, as more disappointment was about to follow.

      Usually half an hour before I get into bed I used to programme my Anti Allergy mattress cover to heat up the bed before I jumped in. I also did this with the Eco washable heated Underblanket, using the suggestion from the black/white thin paper manual amping the blanket up to its highest heat setting. So you can imagine my dismay to find after half an hour my bed was lukewarm at best whilst the sides of the bed where the sheet misses were frozen cold. All through the night once the preheat/high setting had been turned down to the suggested "1," or "2" setting, the blanket kept the middle of my bed lukewarm and after the first couple of nights I had to get up to put an extra blanket on top of the duvet cover. The reason for this lack of toasty warmth is simple! Whereas the previous product had a rating of 66watts to 73watts, Morphy Richards have only given this blanket a measly rating of 43watts making it a lukewarm proposition than toasty and hot. Eco friendly it may well be on power but when it comes to feeling hot and toasty - forget it - well unless you put yourself in the foetal position all night long and then wake up with stiff muscles!

      So where is this blanket going now? Well I'm not putting up with it any longer. Instead it will serve as a suitable candidate for the fleece covered mattress bed in my spare room where my guests could probably use it if they stay over in the winter time. At the least it is good to have as an emergency back up but for all round the year reliance this isn't a product I would strongly recommend. I've already purchased a new single blanket, yet again made by Morphy Richards. I sincerely hope that by its more expensive price it will be a far better product. Fingers and toes crossed! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010

      My Scoring:

      LOOKS: 4/10
      BUILD QUALITY: 4/10
      EASE OF USE: 3/10
      VERSATILITY: 5/10
      WEIGHT: 6/10
      VALUE FOR MONEY: 4/10
      OVERALL: 4/10


      PS: Larger photo of this product can be found at


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    • Product Details

      Monogram SMOS Single Heated Overblanket Sized to fit inside a duvet cover 6 Heat settings Dimensions : 195 x 135cm Wash & tumble dry safe Suitable for all night use

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