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Morphy Richards 75211 Single Anti-Allergy Heated Underblanket

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Brand: Morphy Richards / Product Type: Blanket

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2010 01:10
      Very helpful



      Comfortable yes, padded yes, but still not toasty enough for a heated mattress cover.

      At my local "rural town," hardware franchise store, "Home Hardware," recently I happened to come across a whole batch of wonderful household & garden bargains including quite a few electric mattress covers/heated blankets; but to my dismay they all had low wattages similar to the recently purchased and disappointing Morphy Richards "Eco," single heated mattress cover I had recently been ripped off by. Right at the back of the shelf however sat one clear plastic carry bagged Morphy Richards single heated blanket for sale at a cost of £59-99 and it is known as the "Warm Therapy Anti-Allergy Single blanket, 75211."

      Onto the third (and hopefully last) Morphy Richards branded electric heated mattress cover for this year but this one has already yielded a few surprises! For a start it seems that this blanket is a much older product and at a time of its release onto the market Morphy Richards have really gone to town with the marketing and hype, this heated mattress cover in particular being coated in Amicor bacterial lining and being overly hypo allergenic complete with British Allergy Foundation ribbons hanging off it from every corner! If that wasn't bad enough there's an actual Amicor info-booklet that tells the buyer the lining is bacteria killing to dust mites and allergens, that the cloth needn't need washed as much and that this kind of cloth is a new technology and then another flyer courtesy of BAF. Oh whatever! The mattress cover is at best machine washable and can be dried in a likewise low temperature tumble dryer setting once the removable hand set has been taken out. The handset has 4 settings on a slider including the same info in Braille on the underside and whilst it can be left on all night with the first two settings, the more powerful settings, 3 and 4 can be left on for approximately an hour to heat up the bed fully. As with most MR hand sets this one also lights up in orange LED's but the round hand set is rather cheap feeling and the LED's can be seen shinning right through the plastic and its associated seams. The hand set has quite a long cord however which is welcomed and of course its own zipped storage bag Unlike Dreamland however it takes about 20 minutes for the bed to heat up and that's with a 15.5 winter duvet thrown on top!

      Another initial issue I had with this product was fitting it. It took quite a struggle to stretch out the mattress cover even though it has four elasticated sides and the reason to this is that the quilted section is quite thick but very comfortable to lie on. There is also no need (unless you have the desire to) to put an additional mattress cover on top once this heated mattress cover is laid on the bed. It covers and stretches over single mattresses of most sizes and when it is not switched on, it is fairly obvious that it is thickly padded as it gives a lovely feeling of being cosseted thanks to its quilted stitching as well as retaining good heat if it isn't used; this may be down to the extra Amicor lining built in.

      So in use, the Morphy Richards blanket is fairly easy to set a program before getting in bed. Due to the age of the blanket however it isn't reversible so it means I have to set the bed controls on the right hand side of the mattress rather than the left, which is what I prefer. However once the control is set the mattress does start to warm up in an instant and in this respect it is quite fast at warming up - however it is slow to gain all of that uniform heat to become reliable - until 15 to 20 minutes have passed before the bed is roasting and toasty!

      However there are downsides to this mattress cover. Despite it being elasticated fitted, Morphy Richards typically claim that this cover has an extra foot warmth part of the cloth built in, and whilst it is abundantly evident that my toes and ankles are being cosseted in deep, rich warmth, the top of the mattress cover has thicker wires leading from the hand set which can become annoying depending on how you sleep and from the space from the bed post to the bottom of your pillow! This has occurred on many an occasion when the top of my back has been resting on the cloud like feeling this mattress cover gives off, but if I move my pillow half way through the night I have woken up to feel thicker cabling digging into my shoulders! I guess this is one reason or of many to why this blanket product may well have been replaced by MR's later heated mattress cover.

      The perimeter of the quilted cloth however covers the entire middle of my single bed. However, the bed is freezing cold at the sides which is nothing but distracting and wakes me up in an instant if I've moved a limb expecting the same kind of heat I get in the middle of the bed.

      Another issue is the claimed 24 hours of warmth that this mattress cover can also provide. If you set the bed at the first or second setting, it will stay warm throughout the night and during the morning, but it isn't particularly hot and I'm often pushed to turn the heat up a bit more. Heat and power comes courtesy of a 70 watt element which is far more powerful than the last blanket I had, but I've been disappointed by the heat levels on the handset - after all, if you follow the instructions you're not supposed to have the mattress cover on for more than an hour or two when the top two power levels have been selected. This means that for me especially when I need all the heat I can get during Scotland's cold windy nights, that whilst the blanket has to be turned down lower, the top levels of heat can't be left on all night. For the purposes of testing I have left the blanket on in its highest heat already and I woke up feeling as if I was about to be fried! Thankfully this heated mattress cover is BEAB approved and has a thermal cut out incase the blanket does have a problem!

      The problem with this heated mattress cover is its design and age. Although it is well marked out in terms of instructions and fittings, the four heat levels aren't enough, particularly when MR's later blanket has 7 heat settings and a similar wattage on board. Call me spoilt if you like, but I don't particularly approve of constantly changing the power up or down once I get cold and as such it didn't surprise me in the first couple of days of use, my body clock was seriously out of joint for its normal uninterrupted 7 hours of complete sleep. This meant constantly becoming awake when the bed was too cold, or when it needs to be turned down.

      However the difference between this product and Morphy Richards later product (model 75237) is that the quilts are delightfully thick and most of the time the padded material gives a wonderful feeling of being heavenly cosseted in good warmth. Is it like lying on a heated cloud? Perhaps but it could have done with extra heat settings and thinner cords at the top. However this product is still worth looking out for, despite the flaws and unlike last time I'm keeping my receipt incase anything goes wrong with this blanket! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010

      My Scoring:

      LOOKS: 6/10
      BUILD QUALITY: 5/10
      EASE OF USE: 5/10
      VERSATILITY: 4/10
      WEIGHT: 5/10
      VALUE FOR MONEY: 4/10
      OVERALL: 5/10



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    • Product Details

      Monogram SMOS Single Heated Overblanket Sized to fit inside a duvet cover 6 Heat settings Wash & tumble dry safe Suitable for all night use

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