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Next Emily Ruffles Duvet Cover Set

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Brand: Next / Product Type: Duvet Cover

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2011 14:32
      Very helpful



      You don't have to be called Emily to enjoy Emily ruffles!

      With buying my daughter a brand new big girl bed after moving from her cot bed I had to buy a new duvet cover to go with it. Being her first proper sized duvet cover I wanted to buy a nice one and I also wanted one that would go with her new bedroom. Not being a fan of buying everything matching I looked around at a few different bedroom sets to find bed covers, curtains rugs etc that would all look nice together and complement each other. I have always liked next bedding as I bought her nursery bedding set from there and the quality of that was outstanding so I felt I could trust the brand. Upon looking I found there was a huge selection of gorgeous children's bedding and they were all lovely, but in the end I settled for the Emily ruffles duvet cover simply for the fact that it looked so lovely.

      The duvet cover is designed to fit any standard single duvet and any single bed. It is decorated beautifully in a range of different colours from pinks and reds to greens and purples. It is decorated with simple but effective ruffles and ribbons. Near the top of the duvet cover there is an embellished flower which is decorated beautifully and has a little button as the flowers centre. This flower design is also on the pillow, but in a smaller design. The entire cover is decorated in small white polka dots and the underside is also. It is a very simple design with a strange mix of colours but when brought together the duvet cover looks cute and girly with a touch of elegance about it.

      The quality of the cover is outstanding from the way it's designed down the sowing of each of the buttons. Everything is done to precision and none of the stitches are out of place, it just looks immaculate. My daughter received a peppa pig duvet cover for Christmas this year and I couldn't help but make comparisons about the quality as they both look and feel completely different. Where the peppa pig duvet cover feels thin and roomy allowing the duvet to move into awkward places inside it, the Emily ruffles cover is thick, more bulky and heavier allowing it to get a better grip to the duvet and feeling a lot more comfortable to sleep within. The duvet cover has buttons at the bottom that are buttoned inwards, first of all this stops the buttons from opening themselves and it also stops exploring hands from opening them. With a cover with poppers, my daughter can open them and I know there is a total minimal risk of this ever happening but there is a small chance that during the night she may fancy exploring through the end of her duvet cover. I know that's unlikely to ever happen, but you can never be too careful with little ones safety or underestimate what they are capable of doing.

      As for first off quality I cannot fault it, just as I can't for long term quality. We have had this cover for only 5 months, but in those 5 months it has been washed countless times and always comes out looking the same. It is washing machine compatible making it more convenient, it is also iron able, but I have found only on a few occasions that I have had to iron it as it reshapes its self when its back on the bed. The buttons are still securely fitted which I check on a regular basis as I don't want loose buttons being on her bed.

      The cover is designed for children aged 3 years + due to the small buttons on the cover and pillow but I bought it when my daughter was 2 ½ . I would advise however to stick to the guidelines unless you think your child is passed the -putting things into the mouth stage- before the age of three, or even if you think by the age of three they would still try to feast on the buttons as you can never be too careful especially as one of the buttons is situated on the pillow.

      My daughter does really like this duvet cover (despite her liking the peppa pig one more) I don't think she is highly interested in the design, but I don't think any child at that age is truly engaged by a combinative range of colours! She finds it comfortable, she likes to get snuggled up underneath it, and this bed cover does keep her warmer than the other ones. When I lie in bed with her, I can defiantly tell the difference between this cover and the cheaper ones. I got warmer quicker, I felt more comfortable and once or twice I have fallen asleep!

      The cover is available to buy in sizes, junior, single and double. We bought the single which costs £35.00. There is also a range of other bedroom items that match the duvet cover such as curtains, lamp shades, rugs, storage boxes and cushions. We bought the lamp shade to go with the duvet cover and it does look lovely, but I can't comment on the rest of the items. All in all I would highly recommend this duvet cover, I can't find any faults with it, it's just utterly beautiful.


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