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Northern Nights Stratus Down on Top Featherbed

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Brand: Northern Nights / Product Type: Featherbed

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2011 10:39
      Very helpful



      Like sleeping on a cloud

      Why this Mattress Topper

      An American brand who sells exclusively on the TV shopping channel QVC, Northern Nights specialise in high quality and relatively expensive bed linen and accessories. I don't watch QVC but my mother in law does and to say she is a fan of Northern Nights would be somewhat of an understatement. All of her bedding and duvets are from the company and when she announced at the beginning of the year that she was buying a new mattress for her and my father in law's bed she wanted to know if I wanted to take her 'feather bed' mattress topper off her hands. Jumping at the chance of a freebie and knowing that she had spent the equivalent of a new mattress when she originally bought this last year I happily agreed knowing exactly where it would come in handy - the bed at my caravan.

      When I bought my caravan all of its fixtures and fittings came in with the deal, it has two bedrooms and in the master room is a double bed which has the thinnest, cheapest mattress imaginable so I had wanted to buy a replacement for the past couple of years but finances and a lousy memory kept getting in my way. This feather bed is essentially a mattress topper and the idea of these is that they are designed to sit on top of an existing mattress and provide comfort to anyone who sleeps on top of them. Northern Nights liken the experience of sleeping on one of these to that of sinking into a cloud and now that I have had the benefit of using this for the past 4 months I have to say that I pretty much agree with that assesment of them even though there are some downsides to owing one.

      The Featherbed Topper from Northern Nights

      My bed is a standard sized double and the dimensions of the topper are almost the same measuring in at 142cm x 190cm x 5cm, the topper has a baffle-box design which essentially means that there is stitching running the length and width which divides the surface into boxes each of which contains a generous amount of down and duck feathers. To prevent the sharp quills of the feathers from poking through the top of the fabric these are mainly located on the bottom layer of the boxes chambers and on top sits the fluffier and softer down. Its heavy at 15lbs in weight and sits firmly on top of a mattress and whilst it is prone to movement I do find that it pretty much sits where it is placed. The cover is made from 100% cotton and Northern Nights claim that it is "Virtually allergen free", it can't be washed for obvious reasons (too big and heavy to fit into a washing machine and would cause damage to it anyway) so the recommendations state that it is best 'spot cleaned' as and when needed. All of the stitching is well done, the hems are firmly held together and I've never had any problems with it splitting or the quality of the materials used.

      The featherbed topper doesn't add much in terms of height to what's already there but once a sheet is in place over it you can see that it looks a lot softer than a traditional mattress as it isn't uniformally flat. So, topper in place and sheet on top of it it's just a case of sinking into it on a night time when you want to go to sleep and for me it was like I'd bought a new mattress the first night I tried it out.

      Because my mattress is still there this acts as base for the topper to sit on therefore I still have the support it offers but I no longer lay directly on top of it any more, instead the down and duck feathers act as a cushion and instead of feeling any lumps or springs that may have blighted a good nights sleep before I simply don't notice them anymore. They're still there of course but because the thickness of the feather and down composite acts a barrier between me and my old uncomfortable mattress it gave me the chance to get an undisturbed nights sleep, something that was impossible when I was sleeping on just my old mattress.

      Comfort comes at a price

      There are a few downsides to owning one of these though I have to admit, the main one being that it does take a fair bit of maintenance. Because the topper is essentially flattened every night it's laid on I find that the feathers and down become squashed, this obviously lessens the sinking experience that you get from laying on it and its cushioning effect is lost. Because the topper is quite heavy it does take plenty of effort to shake it back into shape and to get the feathers and down back to maximum fluffiness and many would be put off with the hassle of it all. It is worth the effort though I think as the topper is undeniably comfortable and so I put up with the minor inconvenience this brings as I do enjoy many good nights sleep because of it.

      Do be aware as well that whilst the duck feathers are primarily located on the lower half of the topper they do in time work their way up to the top and there are times when the sharp quills of the feathers work their way through the fabric and these can be scratchy if caught on your skin. It's inevitable really that they do move and given you are recommended to shake the topper every day it's only a matter of time before the down and feathers mix together. They are easily removed though and pretty much the same hazard as owning a feather pillow but it's worth mentioning here that they don't remain separate.

      The only other point to raise concerns the fact that it does move, so depending on how, erm, 'active' you are on a night time when in bed you might find that that the topper may slip off the mattress. For general movement of turning over whilst asleep it doesn't tend to move that much however should you use your bed for anything other than sleeping then it might be wise to firmly tuck your sheets under it to lessen any slipping that may occur.

      Other than those few niggles the comfort you can expect to get from sleeping on top of this feather bed far exceeds the negative aspects, you can really snuggle into the topper and I find it not only comfortable but cosy as well. It's a lot warmer than sleeping on just a mattress and it has transformed my old uncomfortable bed into something that feels like it should be in an expensive hotel.

      Unsurprisingly they're not cheap these feather bed toppers and at the moment the double bed sized one retails for around £140.00, however when you compare this to how much a good mattress would set you back it is a cheaper alternative and you don't have to have the added complication of trying to dispose of your old mattress. It is available in all sizes from single to Super King and can only be found on the QVC UK website where you will need to factor in the P&P charges to the price. It cost me nothing as explained earlier in this review and I wouldn't be without mine now, it can be a bit of a pain having to maintain it and it does slip at times but the comfort it provides allows me to sleep well and you can't put a price on a good nights sleep.

      I'm awarding 4 stars as a rating basing this on everything mentioned in this review, overall though I would recommend this Featherbed Topper from Northern Nights, thanks for reading my review.

      Please note that this also appear on ciao under my username.


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