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Northern Nights Superloft Down on Top Featherbed

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Northern Nights / Type: Duvet

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2012 21:20
      Very helpful



      Soft luxurious and comfortable mattress topper

      Northern Nights is QVC's own bedding brand and to be honest it wasn't initially of interest to me as I mainly shop for beauty products on QVC as they sell quite a few I like.
      However they have something called Todays Special Value which is a product they choose to discount each day and promote throughout the day.
      I have to say that Suzie who demonstrates quite a lot of Northern Nights did a particularly good sell on a feather bed so much so that I bought one and since then I have purchased a few.

      The Product
      This particular feather bed is a Super loft down on top which features a patented design with pleating in the corners of each of the top boxes, so you get more air flow, greater loft, and a fluffier featherbed.

      If you haven't come across feather beds before, basically they are feather filled mattress toppers which you place on top of the mattress and place your sheet on top.

      This particular one has a 3" or 8cm gusset and is filled with feathers but the top is down filled.

      It is encased in a 100% cotton cover and looks like a quilt. I buy the down on top featherbeds as I was concerned that the feathers would poke through and feel sharp against my skin. However with a down topping this is not an issue as the down is so soft.

      They are quite heavy and come boxed in a plastic cover and when you first remove they warn that there may be an odour because this is a natural product, but to be honest I haven't noticed that.

      What you do need is a deep pocketed fitted or flat sheet as I have found that some sheets will not fit once you place the featherbed on top, or just fit and then ping off in the night. I buy Sheridan bedding as their sheets are deep enough and are elasticated all way around as well as being a great quality.

      What Do I Think?
      I would not be without a featherbed now as they are so comfortable and you do feel like you are sinking into a marshmallow. Our bed is quite old and this was the reason I bought one in the first place and it certainly does the trick as it has given the mattress a new lease of life.

      I was concerned about the feathers and whether they would poke through and cause allergy issues; however had that been the case I could have returned the product to QVC as they do a 30 day money back guarantee even if you have slept on the bed.

      I have experienced no allergy or issues with the feathers and QVC claim that even people who have previously had problems with feathers, won't with their brand as they wash the feathers so many times all the dust and dander that causes allergies is removed.

      You do need to shake the feather bed frequently, just like plumping up pillows to get the air flow so that it retains its plumpness. To be honest I don't do that but I always notice the difference when I change the bed as it is so much more comfortable, so if you can be bothered it is advisable to shake the feather bed every day.
      They are quite heavy so you get a good workout when you shake .

      You can buy covers for the feather bed if you wish which you can remove and wash. I usually replace every few years as I do my pillows, so this is the third one I have had. To be honest this is not as good as the one it replaced, but it is still a very comfortable product.

      They do all sorts of different ones with different gusset size, stitching etc. and I don't profess to understand all the differences, so usually buy a down on top, the deepest gusset and the one with the best star rating in the reviews.

      One issue I have is that there is no way to secure this to the bed and so it can move to one side or start to slide off the end of the bed, but I blame my hubby for that as it always moves towards him.
      Also after a while some of the feathers start to escape.

      This particular one cost £129 and the postage was free at the time I bought this, it was also on offer. They do single, double, king and super king sizes. I paid £129 for the king size.

      Would I Recommend?
      Yes , I could not be without one now and I think it is money well spent, as a good nights sleep is priceless.
      This has given a new lease of life to an old mattress , but even when we replace the mattress, I will still add a feather bed as they are so comfortable.
      A 5 star product.


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