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Playboy Bunny Head Cushion

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2 Reviews

Brand: Playboy / Type: Head Cushion

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    2 Reviews
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      21.03.2013 22:46
      Very helpful



      A great cushion, whether you relate to it being playboy may be a minus point, - personal taste

      =Playboy Bunny Head Cushion=

      When I was younger, the word Playboy was only really relevant to the "adult" market, where as now Playboy is no longer a "male orientated" market, but it has been marketed for one and all, and the Playboy bunny logo appears on many items, including this cushion.

      =My Purchase=
      My daughter has grown out of her Disney Princess phase, and as such it was bye-bye to the cushions, but as her bed by the radiator, I wanted her to have a cushion so it gave some peace of mind for me that she couldn't knock her head.

      I am sure at times I feel I live there, but I gave my daughter the catalogue to look through and she saw this bunny head shaped cushion, hot pink in colour with a black trim, it was about £10.

      =Here we go!=
      I got the cushion for her, I was pleasantly suprised as it was bigger than what i thought it would be, it is about 50cm in length, width - widest part 30cm and depth about 5cm.

      =The cushion=
      The cushion is of that of a firm feel, it has been well finished off in terms of the quality, I checked it all over, the stitching was really secure, the material felt thick but warm to the touch and this was a quality item.

      =Good Back Rest=
      I have to confess that I do borrow the cushion as a back rest when I'm upstairs watching TV, as it just seems to give some firmness against the pillows without sinking in.

      =Playboy look=
      I have to say that this matches perfectly with the playboy logo right down to the bow tie,

      The cushion is sponge wash only, which is not the best idea, but this may be due to the filling that has been used. We (sorry rephase to daughter spilt something on it, mum has to give it a clean), some juice got spilt on it, it was easy to sponge the spot, it dried well, and there was no fading of the colour.

      =Would I recommend=
      Whilst I can see there may be a contrversial factor due to it being a Playboy item, but if you look it as the other side of a coin, your buying a big cushion that is shaped as a rabbits head, that is really comfortable, a bright fetching shade of pink that looks good in any teenagers or even an adults room.
      We've had ours about 15 months and it still holds its shape, has kept its colour, and therefore I would highly recommend.


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        11.02.2012 23:11
        Very helpful



        A great quality cushion

        A couple of years ago when we moved house I decided that I wanted hot pink bedding and hot pink curtains, typical girl. Shortly after moving it was my birthday and one of the presents I received was this playboy rabbit head cushion. Being bright hot pink it was perfect for my new room. I have had several cushions and pillows on my bed over the years and after a while they seem to go soft or misshapen but surprisingly this hasn't happened to my playboy cushion and it still sits nicely on my bed.

        As shown in the picture this cushion is in the shape of a playboy bunny head. I had seen this cushion in the Argos catalogue but was quite surprised at how big it is in real life. Having measured the cushion I can tell you it is approximately 50cm in length. Due to it being quite long I tend to put it against the wall at the top of the bed.
        I love the design of this cushion. It is proportioned perfectly and looks great. It looks exactly like the playboy bunny, even down to the bow tie.

        The cushion itself is very firm, I suppose this is so that it can hold its shape and prevent the ears from flopping. Because of its firmness I do not really use the cushion to rest my head on; it is more of a decorative piece. However it does make a good back rest when you are sitting up in bed and is useful to put your book on when you are reading.

        Despite being quite firm and holding its shape well I wouldn't describe this cushion as being hard. When you are resting on the cushion it moulds to your shape and allows you to rest in comfort.

        To clean the cushion you are instructed to sponge wash only. I have done this on several occasions using a damp sponge and soap and it seems to do the trick very easily. The colour is not affected and it still looks bright and brand new.
        When this was bought for me it cost around £13 so it is middle of the range in terms of price but in terms of quality I think it is top of the range.

        I really like this cushion, I think it is a great quirky design and I adore the colour. Some people may disagree due to it being sold by the playboy franchise but at the end of the day it's just a rabbit head shaped cushion and it looks good. Highly recommended.

        --also on ciao--


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