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Refresh Breathable Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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Brand: Other Brands / Product Type: Pillow

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2010 16:34
      Very helpful



      Great if you want a hard as nails pillow

      Anyone who regulary reads my reivews will be all to aware by now that I suffer with back problems, summat up with my achilles heel, discs in spine which are being investigated and I already have a diagnosed condition in my spine and sciatica. Comfort for me is incredibly hard to achieve.

      I spend a lot of money on trying to make myself as comfortable as I possibly can. I have allsorts of what I think of as equipment to get me through the days...and nights and one thing I think it terribly important is the right lumbar support in bed.

      For years I used ordinary but decent quality pillows. Until one day I couldn't move my neck much. This carried on for a while and when I spoke to my dr cos I was so worried about the pain and mobility issues I was having and he asked me about my pillow situation. I always used two fluffy pillows with me head sank in them. He suggested I tried out memory foam and ortha pillows and I have done so alot since.

      I own alot of memory foam pillows nowadays. It's taken time and a considerable amount of money to find one suitable for me and I currently have rather a stack in my laundry cupboard. No longer do I buy ordinary pillows since I had issues with them and if I can find the right memory foam pillow I love them!

      This one I bought from Kays (www.kays.com) and it cost me £24.00. This price may sound a bit steep but I can assure you it isn't and I own ones that are double this price, so to me with my issues it felt like I had got a bit of a bargain!

      The size of the pillow is 50x32x11/8cm and it is made from Cover: 75% cotton, 25% polyester. Bottom: Cotton. The cover fits well is white and soft made of a cotton material of course and zips off with ease from the back. It's a snug fit and very cosy and is hand wash only and washes up really nicely.

      The pillow is cream foam with lots of little hole throughout it. Now I think of this pillow as a ledge or as a step. The bit closest to you is thinner than the top part which is thick so its a kind of triangle shape from the side but if you look at it straight on its an oblong shape. This has two lines to the top part of the pillow which are depicted on the case and in the foam which to me just shows the correct way to use the pillow than give any particular function.

      This is meant to be a firm support pillow however to me its hard, really hard. My head sits on the top of the pillow, doesn't feel cradled or supported and the other issue I have is that it is quite large and I find that if I'm not careful my shoulders end up on it and I can't get comfortable and my head feels really high too.

      For me I don't like this pillow at all. Its only good if you like hard pillows and being raised and I don't. I don't find it offers me any sort of support I need either and the only thing I can say I appreciate is that I can wash and dry the cover with ease and having holes in the memory foam at least allows it to breath so I don't burn up throughout the night and sweat like a piglet.

      Not my type of pillow this one and try as I do I just can't get on with it sadly!

      Available from a wide variety of catalogues or google it if your interested!


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