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Sheridan Columbus Bedding

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Brand: Sheridan / Type: Bedding Set

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2012 19:54
      Very helpful



      5 star hotel quality bedding

      I love shopping and bed linen is high on my list when it comes to browsing, especially as I think new bed linen can change and lift a room, sometimes for minimal cost.

      The Brand
      Sheridan bed linen is definitely at the luxury end of the market so it is very expensive if you pay full price or go for the 1000 thread count range. Sheridan is an Australian Company that make high quality bed linen and I first came across this range in House of Fraser.

      The main reason it costs so much is they produce bed linen at very high thread counts, up to 1000. Thread count is the measure of the unbroken yarn they use in the manufacture process. The longer the yarn and threads per inch the better the quality. So finer threads are used and more of them which are what make Sheridan the luxury end of the market.

      The Product
      The Columbus range comes in at 400 threads per inch and is made of supima cotton with a sateen finish. Normal bed linen from the high street is around 180 thread count. When you think about luxury cotton, most people will know that Egyptian cotton is one of the finest. However Supima cotton is a trademark for American cotton which is finer and longer than ordinary cotton and is used to produce luxury yarn. This cotton is stronger, lasts longer but is softer and drapes better than normal cotton and is more costly.

      I had looked at the columbus range, but decided that it was simply too much to pay , but succumbed when I spotted a sheet set on sale at less than half price and was really pleased when I managed to get another 20% off.

      The Columbus range comes in snow and vanilla and I have both colours. I prefer the white as the vanilla is a bit of a murky cream colour.

      My first purchase was a snow bed sheet set, which included a fitted and flat sheet plus 2 pillowcases. Snow is of course white, but for some reason they call all their white bed linen snow!

      The sheets are white with a self-stripe and the flat sheet has a plain white top border. What I love about these sheets is the simple classic pattern and the fact that they are so soft. They are made from beautiful fine soft cotton that even un -ironed feels smooth and silky. The self-stripe makes the bed look really smart and is a nice change from plain bed linen.

      They are gorgeous to the touch and I just love the feel of them against my skin. They are well made, wash like a dream and do not crease as much as other cotton sheets, so you can get away without ironing them. Unlike other sheets I find they do not shrink when you first wash them.

      The fitted sheet is elasticated all the way around and is really deep. I have a feather mattress topper and a cover on top of that and these sheets fit comfortably over that. Sheridan add some nice touches , like putting a label in to let you know where the top of the sheet is, so it makes bed making easier , plus they put the size in each sheet. Another bonus if like me you have the same sheets in different sizes.

      As they are fully elasticated and deep, the fitted sheet stays in place and does not ping off in the middle of the night as the sheet is not stretched to the limit and fits securely around the whole of the mattress. So no more fighting with the final corner of the fitted sheet when you make the bed, or waking up without any bottom sheet as it has dislodged.
      The flat sheet or top sheet is generously sized and there is plenty to tuck in at the sides and bottom of the bed.

      They wash beautifully and retain their whiteness and there is no bobbling. I have had one set for at least 3 years and it still looks good and there is no obvious sign of wear anywhere. They recommend washing before first use, which I always do with new bedding. I line dry or use the tumble dryer and even if line dried on a hot sunny day, they still retain their softness.

      I love these so much; I don't use any of the other sheets I have, as they are not as soft and comfortable. I prefer cotton sheets as I find that poly/cotton irritates me, but some cotton sheets like percale don't feel that nice and are too slippery, so I am really pleased to have found these as despite being 100% cotton they feel cosy.
      The pillowcases are a good size and they fit all the different pillows we have, without them being at full stretch so your pillow is pushed into an odd shape. . They also have a generous flap so your pillow stays in place. They feel wonderfully soft smooth and luxurious against your face.

      If like me you like to co-ordinate your quilt and sheets, these are ideal as they go with anything and won't jar against your quilt, whatever the colour.

      I also like that they make flat sheets as not all ranges do that now. I personally prefer to have a top sheet as well as a quilt on the bed.

      White is probably not the most practical colour for bedding especially with my husband (see below), but I love white bedding and this washes well and looks good even without ironing. It does crease after washing but not in the same way as normal cotton.

      Price and Availability
      House of Fraser has this range in sometimes, but I buy mine online from Dawson's Linens who sell discounted branded bed linen. You can also buy on line from Sheridan.
      My first set cost about £40 for a fitted, flat and 2 pillowcases ( Kingsize). To buy these at full price would probably cost around £110.
      They don't seem to have the sets at the moment, but as an example you can buy a fitted single for £22 or fitted double sheet for £27.50 and 2 pillowcases for £13 from Dawson's (also known as Just Linen), they also have a further 20% of some brands at the moment.

      As you would expect they come in sizes from single to super king, fitted and flat sheets. Plus you can buy housewife (normal shape) and oxford pillowcases and quilt covers.

      Would I Recommend
      Absolutely this range deserves 10 stars. It is divine and I was not even tempted by the 1000 thread count bargain I spotted in the Sheridan range (ex-display heavily discounted) as I am so satisfied with the sheets and pillowcases I have. I have just ordered a quilt cover as I haven't seen these on sale before.

      They are very pricy at full price, but discounted at 50%, I think these are tremendous value for money for a luxury range, especially as they wear so well.

      They are generously sized, feel soft and luxurious and make bed time special. I love getting into bed when I have changed the bed, the sheets smell gorgeous, fresh and clean, pillows plumped, the bed looks lovely, not a crease in sight.

      Obviously that changes once hubby gets in or if he gets there first armed with food and drink that will inevitably end up in and on the fresh bedding!
      He can't understand all the fuss about bedding, thread counts and the like, or why it is not wise to eat chocolate, crisps, sweets and drink blackcurrant in bed, especially after I have just changed it! He does appreciate this range as when we go on holiday he is always the first to moan about the bedding (sheets pinging off), although I doubt he knows what thread count means.

      I admit I am very fussy about my bed linen, although I am not exactly at the Princess and the Pea level. I blame my mother, who like many others in the 1970's decided that brushed nylon sheets were the things to have. I don't think I have properly recovered from that experience; imagine the feeling of brushed nylon against your skin and how that felt on a hot balmy night! Leaving aside the comfort factor and that they came in lurid colours like bright orange, there was also the issue of static. This was very alarming as sparks would literally fly getting in and out of bed and If I was given a chicken every time that happened, I would be supplying Asda!

      Luckily this is not an issue with Sheridan bed linen and I have forgiven my mother for her momentary lapse in good taste!

      If you are not fussy about your bed linen and it makes no difference what material your bedding is made of and could not give a monkeys about thread count, then this range probably isn't for you.

      I used to be like that and could get a good night's sleep whatever I slept on. In fact I once shared a caravan with a monkey for several weeks and surprisingly slept like a log.

      No I was not in a travelling circus, nor have I been on the wacky baccy!

      The monkey in question named Coco belonged to a French family I stayed with on an exchange visit. We went on holiday and Coco came along and stayed in one of the many caravans they needed to house their very large family. Coco was kept mainly in a cage and if I had a monkey I would not do that, nor would I house Coco in a very small caravan with 4 children! A very surreal but hugely enjoyable Gallic experience!


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