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Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillow

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Brand: Silentnight / Product Type: Pillow

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    1 Review
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      16.12.2013 19:30
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      A good medium soft pillow for the price

      After organising a guest bedroom both at home and at our family holiday caravan, I realised I was a bit short of pillows. I have only used feather pillows at home before but I decided to invest in something cheaper this time around because they wouldn't be used everyday. I actually intended to give the feather pillows to my guests with fresh slips and protectors on so it would be me using the new pillows just as long as we had visitors. I found a very reasonably priced hollow fibre pillow in Argos for £4.99, called the Silentnight Deep Sleep, measuring 46 by 69cm. It did surprise me by living up to the name, so I went back and bought more.


      The pillow is filled with 100% polyester hollow fibre with a polyester and cotton mix cover. It is described as having "spring like" fibres and extra stuffing so it should feel extra soft and comfortable, according to Silent night. Lastly it is described as hypo allergenic. You may need to know that the pillow comes in a big unwieldy plastic bag with no carrying handles which does not make it the easier thing to transport on foot with other shopping- trust me! The last other pillow I bought came with a bag that could be re-sealed with poppers so it doubled up for storage but no such luck here.


      It was the hollow fibre stuffing that initially put me off as I associate this with an uncomfortable nights sleep in hotel rooms - they seem to make my head incredibly hot. I noticed that it is possible to buy pillows are specifically intended to keep your head cooler than other non down pillows, but they received very mixed reviews as well as being more expensive so I decided to try the basic pillow first. Despite my fears, I found the Silentnight pillow surprisingly cool. The first time I used it, it did make my head feel warmer, but I got used to the feeling and it has never been strong enough to contribute to an uncomfortable nights sleep. I have used it on a couple of very warm nights and I didn't feel like I wanted to throw it on the floor as has been the case with others!


      I would not say the fibres in the filling do seem "spring like" but the pillow has a fair bit of bounce to it. My head sinks pleasantly down into it but not too much. I don't like a pillow that's too soft but being fussy I also don't like a firm one. This is somewhere in between but leans more to the soft side, which suits picky me. I want my head to feel lightly supported, and this pillow is fine for that. It needs plumping daily to keep it's best shape really - certainly while it is being used anyway. The ones at our holiday van have to do without such daily attention. The pillow looks well enough filled but it does not strike me as looking as though it has much extra stuffing. Perhaps this is because I am used to down pillows which are bulkier and heavier. I definitely would not want one that is much flatter. I can sleep on low pillows or high ones but I hate ones that are in between so I definitely need to use two of these at once. If you like a low pillow then you may be able to do with one without it feeling too flat. It definitely feels extremely soft and absolutely lump free so I have no complaints there.


      The plain white poly cotton cover is not removable but the whole pillow can be washed at 40 degrees cycle in the washing machine. You can also follow that with a cool tumble dry, which I would have thought would be essential if you didn't want to wait a long time for them to dry. I have washed the ones from the caravan once or rather they were washed for me at laundry as we lack the proper facilities there. They came back absolutely as good as new and they didn't even need much extra plumping to get back into a presentable shape.


      I didn't have high hopes of these pillows because they were so cheap. They have proven to be much more soft and bouncy than I expected, and I am truly grateful for the fact that they don't leave my head feeling horribly hot and sweaty. I also expected that they would lose their shape quickly but I was wrong. I do not think they are quite as luxurious as to give the promised deeper sleep but they are more than good enough. I would be happy to use these pillows everyday and should I need any more I will look for the Silent night Deep Sleep as a priority. I would recommend to those looking for a cheap but comfortable pillow, unless you want a firm one. They are of course from a well known brand and the number of stockists is huge. I bought mine from Argos where they are still available. I purchased them individually, but I can see that many online stockists offer them in twin or quadruple packs which work out at better value should you need that many.


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