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Silentnight Memory Foam Impress Contour Pillow

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Brand: Silentnight / Product Type: Pillow

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    2 Reviews
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      30.03.2011 16:45
      Very helpful



      see review x

      The pillow

      This is the type of pillow to be honest that I would not go out and buy myself, but I got this free with a mattress I bought, so obviously I thought I would see what all the fuss was with these pillows.
      The pillow I have is yellow and the feel of it is no ordinary pillow. Normally pillows feel really soft and fluffy but this one to feel is a sort of squidgy feel. Its not fluffy or soft but its not hard either. The pillow is well sewn up so you can't actually see what they have inside the pillow. You can use this with or without a pillow case I don't think it would make that much of a difference.

      Sleeping on the pillow

      Now if I am honest I did not expect this to be any different from any other pillow, but I do admit I was wrong. The pillow is so soft and your head and neck just sink into it, but in a comfortable way. The pillow forms into shape by the shape of your head and your neck and makes for a comfortable nights sleep.

      Normally I would use around two normal pillows, as I do like my head to have plenty of comfort. But with this pillow I have all the comfort I need, so my other pillows have gone onto the other side of the bed and I just use this.

      A bit about the creation of memory foam

      Memory foam was first brought out by NASA in 1966 to increase the safety of aircraft cushions, but was not released worldwide by NASA till the 1980's. It was first used for medical reasons, for bed bound and wheelchair bound people. Memory foam was too expensive at one point to be more widespread, but now the materials are now cheaper for them to be made, hence they are a lot more common now.

      As to why they are called memory foam is beyond me, as they are more for comfort than anything else, no where does it state that they are made to improve your memory, like the title of the product would suggest. Although I think you would have to be silly to think that a pillow could actually improve anyone's memory.

      So why chose a memory foam pillow

      They do say that a memory foam pillow reduces stress and pressure on the neck by supporting the neck and foaming into the correct shape to support it. They o say that pressure points are reduced for a good nights sleep. Now I can't say that it works like this, as I usually sleep pretty well anyway.

      My overall opinion

      Well I can't say that the pillow does do what it states to do, but I can say they are very comfortable to use, and yes I do have a good nights sleep using it. When I first held the pillow it feels really heavy, a lot more than a normal pillow, so I did not think it would be much good. But then when you squeeze the pillow you can feel it sink in, and it feels pretty much soft.

      On using the pillow for the first time, I was shocked at how comfortable they were, my head just seemed to sink, but it felt nice and relaxed. It;s the only pillow I do use now, and I have to fight with my kids to keep my pillow as they always want to use it too loll.

      It is built for comfort it's just the name that maybe misleading for some people, they may think it could make them into Einstein by using it loll. I think this would be a great thing to buy my mam for her wheelchair, although obviously a wheelchair made pillow, but they are comfortable, and I would love too sit on one of these if I had to stay sat down all day.

      I would recommend getting these, I know they are more expensive than your normal pillows, but they are a lot more comfortable to sleep on, so that extra few quid spent I feel would be worth it.


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        30.03.2011 16:29
        Very helpful



        Very disappointing

        We don't use ours anymore and to be honest, once we had bought these, I didn't understand why folk were raving about them. To me they are expensive and provide little or no benefit to our ordinary pillows which have once again been brought back into service.

        I think people fall in love with the idea of a memory foam pillow and the marketing is pretty clever; but when you think about it, pillows of all descriptions do tend to mould themselves around your head and they are a lot more comfortable.

        I found these to be too hard and too small. We have a sleigh bed with quite a big gap between the bottom of the headboard and the top of the mattress. I like one pillow; my wife likes two - but if you like two pillows then this one smaller Memory Foam pillow just doesn't feel right and if you use this on its own it seems to find its way down the gap and you wake up pillow less, thinking you must have eaten it.

        Yes, it gives some support to your neck and it may well help some people, but when I go to bed, it takes me very little time to drift off into Lala land. In fact, I spend some waking hours there as well, so I don't feel as if I need any help in the comfort or support stakes.

        In fact, I like to beat up on my pillow and with this one you can't do that - it always goes back to the same damned shape. Pillows are for plumping - what are we going to plump if the whole world changes to these?

        On the positive side, you can wash it in the machine (at 40 degrees) and it can go in the tumble dryer as well.

        Although these were nearly £50 for the pair when we bought them (conceivably the worst buy of the decade) you see equivalent memory foam pillows discounted heavily on a frequent basis - a strong indication that the bubble is close to bursting.

        It is worth spending a bit more on lovely comfy pillows, but these don't fit that description so I can't recommend them.

        Forgive the indulgence with the first part of the title - Trains, Planes and Automobiles is the reference - a very funny scene!


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