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Snug Ultrabounce Duvet

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Brand: Snug / Type: Duvet / Tog: 10.5

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2012 15:27
      Very helpful



      A great and economical buy I have had no issues with at all!

      Every year I seem to buy myself a new duvet. I like to freshen up so I get shopping for what is deemed to be a bargain afterall I don't want to be spending extortionate amounts on something I don't ever keep for that long however I still of course want quality and warmth from a duvet.

      I never go below a 13.5 tog, even in the summer. I seem to always be cold suffering from a thyroid condition and M.E and realistically looking back on this duvet I should have bought myself a 15 tog as I could be warmer however from this brand their togs don't go any higher than the 13.5g.

      I have owned this one a few months now however I am only using this for a couple more weeks due to the fact it is going as I am getting a new Kingsize divan bed and therefore need all new bedding again however I have to admit I wouldn't be getting rid of this one at the moment as I really like it and it certainly has a lot of life in it still!

      I bought this from Kays (www.kays.com) and it comes in sizes single, double and kingsize and in 4.5 tog, 10.5 tog and 13.5 and they go from prices £8.00 for a single 4.5g tog up to £23.00 for a kingsize with a 13.5g tog so you can see that these are a rather cheap option for duvets and I paid just £20.00 for my double 13.5 tog!

      The Packaging:

      It comes rolled up within a white and lilac, easy to tear off plastic wrapper and on it we are simply told what it is and who it is by and that it is non- allergenic and machine washable and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Its simple packaging this and easy to dispose of as there isn't too much of it.

      The Duvet:

      When I got this out the wrapping I was surprised as it seemed rather flat however you need to give it room to 'breathe' and being called 'Ultra Bounce' it does thicken back out. The cover is white and made of polyproylene and like a paper but its soft enough, strong and within it it is filled with a white spiral blended fibre and like I have already mentioned this is machine washable and I have washed and dried this once since owning it at the launderette as it would never fit in my washing machine or tumble drier and this gave me no issues at all or impaired its quality.

      My double size is a true double size, it isn't as bouncy as I expected to be but it does keep me warm. It is an economy buy this one and I can't describe it as luxurious as such but its suited me well and I would buy another one in the future!

      Google if interested and it is of course available from Kays.


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