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Snuggledown of Norway Oriental Ball Fibre Box Pillow

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Brand: Other Brands / Product Type: Pillow

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2011 12:03
      Very helpful



      Sleeping Beauty!


      I have trialled many pillows of differing variety. From promised long lasting plumpness to memory foam comfort and even though some have started off well and provided some comfortable nights it never lasted. My relationships with pillows have been unsuccessful to date. How I longed to find a pillow that would support my 'heavy head' (it must be heavy because I seem to squash pillows quickly!) and aid me in my journey to the land of delightfully deep slumber.

      It was my husband who suggested that we make a purchase of an Oriental Pillow. 'Well what is one of those' I thought and imagined all manner of things oriental. It sounded different and because of this I had 'hope' and thought that maybe this could be 'the one'.

      I researched and found out that the oriental pillow looks similar to a standard pillow but has hidden mysteries within. Not only are technologies within but this pillow is a 'box' design and instead of having one seam around the edges it has two - like a box. I was not too sure about this idea initially as I wondered how that would fit ergonomically with my anatomy when I was lying into it. Inside the pillow is a side wall which is supported by ball fibre (100%) which is lightweight - this interested me as I certainly have not tried this before and it may be that it could be suitable for me; as I like some height to a pillow but also some squishyness too (not a big ask then). The pillow structure is encased in 100% cotton too so this was sounding like a great high end product - but was it affordable? Well as it happened House of Frasier had them on sale at Half Price when I was searching so yes the price was right. I bought two - one for me and one for my husband.


      Pillows where delivered very efficiently and the buying experience from House of Frasier was top class so I can recommend them for online purchases.

      The packaging around the pillow was as you would find on most pillows. Very well wrapped in protective clear plastic and a lable that displayed the logo and all information about the gorgeous looking, bouncy, pillow inside. I could not wait to get this pillow out, from first impressions I was very happy. It was very well made, high quality and came with a 2 year guarantee. I think it speaks volumes when you get a guarantee with a pillow! It suggests to me that the company have great trust in the quality of their product.

      The pillow certainly is a good size and measures H 78cm and W 48cm. At first I wondered about it being a little too high? But I was open to giving this pillow a good trial. I had read a few reviews, all of them being 5 stars, about this pillow and the general view was that after a few nights of the body adjusting to the dynamics of this pillow you will get the best sleep that you have ever had! That is very exciting to hear isn't it - I hoped it would be true for me too.

      The pillow wasn't too heavy and the cotton casing was thick and very well stitched, these are made in Norway for your interest. When I squeezed the pillow it felt really luxuriously soft and as if it would be capable of support too. Putting the pillow into the pillow case was a task as these pillows are very thick but I got there and once on the bed they looked very inviting.

      I eagerly awaited my nights rest and was ready to adjust over a few nights in order to gain the much sought after 'dream sleep' - deep sleep!


      The first thing I noticed when I lay my head into this pillow was that I said 'woah' loudly! That is because when my head and neck relaxed into the pillow as I lay on my back the feeling was comfort - big time! It was higher than my last pillow but my head sank in gently to the middle of the pillow and my neck, meanwhile, was supported by the pillow wall. This was what I wanted, it feels great not to be sliding down the pillow. When I turned to lie on my side the support and comfort was awesome. I could lie in the centre of the pillow and my nose wasn't blocked by the pillow. Normally I would have to rest my hand under the pillow for extra support to my heavy head but that is not necessary with this pillow!

      So far so good, I had great hope for this pillow. During the night for the first few nights I did have a bit of adjusting to do though I was comfortable and happy with the structure and support - just takes a little while to get used to the different design and fit.

      Now that my anatomy has become used to this oriental pillow I am very happy to report to you that I have had the best nights sleep that I can ever remember having! No longer do I rouse when I discover that I have squashed the pillow and have no support for my neck or head. My hands can now rest easy as they are not employed all night on support duty. My head and neck are blissfully relaxed now and that is because they are supported properly. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have found my ideal sleep inducer. This is now the pillow for me.


      Measuring in at H 48cm W 74cm
      Machine washable at 40
      Synthetic ball fibre filling (magic mystery stuff)
      Added side wall for extra support and comfort
      100% cotton casing (very high quality and well stitched)
      Made in Norwary
      2 year guarantee (impressive)

      HOW MUCH?
      RRP per pillow £24.00
      I would suggest a good search on the internet as I managed to get mine for half price! From House of Fraser.
      I have seen them on eBay for less too.


      This pillow is different in design to a standard pillow, the first thing to notice is the extra seams around the edges that form a box shape. Within the pillow is a supportive wall that provides wonderful support for the neck and this makes a difference as it prevents the neck aching and the head gradually sliding down a sloping pillow. Inside the ball fibre provides a great height whilst at the same time being so soft and providing real comfort. Somehow the design of this pillow allows you to lie on your side in the centre of the pillow and breath through your nose as the pillow dosn't snuggle up around your head. The pillow is high quality and comes with an impressive 2 year guarantee - I say impressive because in my experience pillows have never lasted that long without becoming flat and unsupportive. The price may seem on the higher end at full price and even though I got a bargain at half price I would have no hesitation at paying more as this pillow is worth every penny - how much is a good nights sleep worth? I am extremely happy to award this pillow 5 stars and would give more if it where possible.

      TO END

      May I take this opportunity to say thank you for reading and I hope it was helpful for you.


      This review will appear on CIAO under my username Dawnymarie and a much shorter version appears on House of Fraser website.


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