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Brand: TU / Product Type: Bedding Set

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    2 Reviews
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      24.03.2013 03:59
      Very helpful



      I would highly recommend the bed in a bag sets from sainsburys - really good quality, beautiful

      =TU Bed in a Bag =

      = TU Bed in a Bag =
      I certainly did not go into Sainsbury's expecting to come out with a new Duvet set, but it is that magic word that drew me Sale - on the shelf was this TU bed in a bag set with £5 price tag, I grabbed it, I must have looked like a woman possessed, as I was looking at every inch of it, thinking this must be wrong, expecting that I had misread the label and it was £50.
      So holding onto this set for grim death, went to the desk to ask if they could just double check the price for me, as I thought there might be a pricing error, to which the lovely assistant, said, no it is £5, it was king-size you wanted. I could have done a jig or hugged her at that point. She smiled and said I think you have a bargain there, we've been clearing out the warehouse.

      =The Product=
      Wow, this is posh is the first words that came to mind, - as not only consisting of the duvet cover and 2 pillow cases (king-size set) it had a bed runner and a cushion cover.

      =Upon Looking Around=
      I noticed they do these sets, in single, double, king-size, as well as a wide range of colours and designs, with pricing between £15 to £45.

      =The Packet=
      The packet is a see through clear packet, and it has a white corded handle. All the items are folded neatly, and you see the items in particular the colours, as I had a white set with a teal contrast.

      =Duvet Cover=
      As mine was King-size the measurements 230cm x 220cm, the seams are all very well sewn and at the bottom the fastening is that of buttons, which are quite a nice size so there is no fiddling with small buttons. My cover was mainly white, a teal panel of patterning near the top of the quit.

      There were 2 pillowcases in the pack, and measure 75cm x 50cm, they contrast well with the quilt, as they have a panel at the one side of the pillowcase of the pattern from the duvet. There is a flap over of about 20cm so that once you have the pillow in you can tuck the excess in with no problem at all.

      =Cushion Cover=
      I have to confess that this is the first time I have brought a set with a cushion cover in it, actually mine had 2 cushion covers in, the cover measures 30cm x 45cm and this matches the teal pattern that is the contrast on the quilt and the pillows. These are easy to use as they do not have zip or popper fastening, they follow the style of the pillowcase in terms of the flap over, there is adequate material for the flap. The cushion cover is shiny and brings an element do not just contrast but a smart and real expensive feeling to the bedding.

      =The Runner=
      Again the first time I have had a runner, but hey, I am not complaining, although Mr Thrifty, has started to get selective deafness, as I keep suggesting some redecorating is well over due.

      Back to the runner, this measures 52cm x 220cm, and lies nicely across the bottom of the bed. The runner is really smooth and is in the contrast teal colour, it is of excellent quality, and is stitched very well, no rough edges, or gaps in the stitching.

      I do say that the dog has taken a fancy to it, and when he sneaks upstairs the first place to find him is sat on the bed, with the runner under his head and paws, as if to say I am comfy.

      -Duvet Cover, Pillow cases - Face 100% Polyester, Reverse 50% cotton, 50% polyester
      -Cushion and Runner - 100% Polyester

      This can be machine washed at 40C. No tumble drying.

      =My Verdict=
      This is an amazing set, I must have been in the right place at the right time to get my set for £5. For myself I keep this as a summer set, as that way I can put it on the line to air dry, whereas the Winter, all the bedding gets chucked into the tumble drier. It got used quite a lot from March through to October last year and I certainly can't wait to use it again this year.

      I am really impressed with the quality of this set, and I would defiantly recommend the set, the quality is second to none, and the added extras of the cushion covers and the runner are a really nice additional and I know it sounds daft, but this set, actually makes making a bed a pleasure not a chore.



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        18.09.2011 03:01
        Very helpful



        A fantastic bed in a bag set making life and colour coordinating just a little bit easier.

        === The product ===

        This 'bed in a bag' consists of a duvet cover, 2 pillowcases (housewife size), a bed runner & a cushion cover. These can be purchased in numerous styles, designs and colours in single, double or king size bed sizes.

        === The packaging ===

        The packaging is fairly simple. All the items are folded flat, pressed down and put together, almost tetris like. The packaging is a see through plastic style and it has a white corded handle. The packaging is quite simple but it's designed in a way where the items within are set out nicely and it allows you to see the colour and any prints or designs on the bedding before you purchase so you should know exactly what you are getting. This is obviously quite useful, particularly because you will never again fit the items back in the packet the same way that you found them, no matter what!

        === Pillow Cases ===

        These are housewife style and measure 75x50cm which seems to be the standard size and fits my standard pillows with no problems at all. My particular ones, in the style I refer to in my review (Starburst) are white with black sections on both ends which have a pretty pattern on them. This is a sun style pattern with a circular shape with lots of lines coming off and there are embroidered circles on some of the lines. The pattern is very pretty and this carries through on the cushion cover, runner and duvet cover also to make a complete matching set. There is ample amount of fabric within the pillow case so that I can tuck the edge under and there is no pillow showing even after several days of using these pillow cases. This always sticks out in my mind because I have one satin set that is terrible and the pillows are often hanging out the end when I wake up in the morning because of lack of material.

        === Cushion Cover ===

        This cushion cover is 45 x 45cm and is the ideal size for a cushion (well, two actually) that I already own and purchased from Sainsburys in a sale. There is a flap at the back which runs the width of the cover meaning it's very quick and simple to change the covers on my cushion and not worry about concealing a zip or faffing around for more than a few seconds. The cover is black and has the 'starburst' pattern on the front meaning it ties in well with the rest of the set. It has a nice shiny texture and is wonderfully comfortable. There is nothing I dislike about this cushion cover really, it ties in wonderfully and looks great sitting on the bed.

        === Duvet Cover ===

        Mine is a double duvet cover and is 200 x 200cm. This is a perfect fit for my duvet and it is so simple to fit this on. The duvet cover is white with a black panel with black lines above and below the panel. The panel has 8 'starburst' patterns on it which look very fetching and tie in well with the rest of the set. I love the fact that the majority of this is white as it just looks crisp and clean and feels fresh before I have even got in to the bed. The cover fits simple and I usually just turn mine inside out, grab two corners of the duvet and fling it over, a quick shake will put the duvet correctly in place and then I just button it up. The buttons are a reasonable size to ensure that they are not too fiddly and it doesn't take more than a few seconds to do them up. When this cover is on for a week or so the buttons never come undone as the holes are well spaced. The cover is a thick one and feels like it is high quality, even after several days of sleeping under this it is still wonderfully relaxing. When we have very warm weather our flat is like a sauna so we tend to sleep on top of this with just a sheet covering us and it still feels soft and lovely on the top as well as underneath it. This is a 50% polyester and 50% cotton mix meaning I don't usually bother to iron mine and just fling it on. My cat sleeps on my bed and because she is well behaved it has not taken any scratch marks or any problems at all.

        === The Runner ===

        This runner measures 52 x 220cm meaning that it lies across the end of the bed wonderfully. It is ample width to sit across the bed and drape down either side and there are two 'starburst' patterns on the runner, one sitting on the left and one on the right hand side of the bed. This feels and looks absolutely wonderfully. The runner is silky smooth and wonderfully shiny, it really just finishes off the bed wonderfully and gives it a fantastic posh look and feel. This is the real winner for me in the whole set and is the one item that I do not mind readjusting time after time as it's affect is just amazing. There is a lovely padded edge and it just looks so much more expensive than it really was. This runner is usually left on our bed when we sleep and frequently drops on to the floor, our cat, 1 years old, frequently plays with this and it shows no signs of wear and tear at all, even after repeatedly being dragged around the bedroom floor in the middle of the night.

        === Where can I buy this & for how much? ===

        These can be purchased in store and online with the usual prices being as follows:

        Single set - £20.00
        Double set - £30.00
        King size set - £40.00

        As I said before these are frequently on special offer, as they currently are (September 2011) with most, if not all sets, currently being sold for just half price. The only difference between the sets is that the size will obviously vary depending on the mattress size required for and the single set will only come with one housewife pillowcase as opposed to two in the other sets.

        === My overall opinion ===

        This bedding is absolutely wonderful. The concept of this is brilliant but the only downside for me is that there is not a sheet included. Obviously the vast majority of people will be using a sheet before they get in to bed at night and therefore a 'bed in a bag' really should have a sheet provided with it. However, I still love the concept of this and I have since purchased 2 or 3 other designs, one of which is now discontinued and went for just £7.50 in January this year, a true bargain!

        There is nothing that I could fault about this, I have been using my 'Starburst' set since the end of 2010 and it has been used on a bi-weekly basis for most of this time. I wash mine at 40 degrees and I usually wash this bedding with the black sheets I love to use and all of the components get washed together, pillow cases, duvet cover, runner, the works, and there has been no discolouration or colouring running issues at all. The bedding has held up very well to repeated washing and I feel that it still looks as good today as it did all those months ago when I first picked mine up in a Sainsburys sale.

        I would say always to wait until these come on sale, which is frequently, I tend to notice that the price of the double may go from £30.00 up to £40.00 for a few weeks before being half price at £20.00, however, I did pick this set up for just £15.00 when half price so it probably depends on the type of promotion that they have going at the time. I frequently see this type of bedding in there on special offer but as my main colour theme in my bedroom is black and white my choices are a little limited. I believe that there are currently around 25 different styles and colours so there should be something in the range for almost everyone and I would firmly recommend them.


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