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Wilko Fitted Bedsheet

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2 Reviews

Brand: Wilkinsons / Type: Bedding - Fitted Bed Sheet

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    2 Reviews
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      21.03.2013 22:38
      Very helpful



      For me this was not a good nights sleep

      Wilko Fitted Bedsheet
      Although Wilkinson has been a permanent fixture on the high street for many years, it has only been the last few years that I tend to make an effort to go to Wilkinson, as it can give many a retailer a run for their money.

      =Fitted Bed Sheet=
      I had just brought a new teal and white patterned quilt and curtains for my bedroom and I was looking for a sheet to match, I did not really want to get a white one, I fancied a teal.
      A friend recommended Wilko's so I thought I would go and have a look, they had a wide range of sheets in both flat and fitted, single, double, king size and a selection of colours.

      I wanted a fitted double, and these were priced at around £7.00, I was able to find a teal one, and it was that brilliant of a match that anyone would have thought that i brought the set together.

      =The Fabric Content=
      The content was 52% polyester and 48% cotton.

      =The Sheet=
      The sheet was simply packet in cellophane, with a cardboard insert, explaining about the sheet that it could be washed at 40C and also could be tumble dried.

      I washed this sheet before I put it on the bed, more luck than judgement I had put it in the machine by itself as I noticed that some of the colour came out in the water, not noticeable on the sheet, but noticeble at the washing machine door.

      At first it was easy to get onto the bed, fitted tight, the elastic at the corners were a good fit.

      The sheet felt quite soft, and felt like it was more expensive than I had paid with it, it was quite thick and warm feeling.

      My bedding gets changed weekly, so on average the set of bedding gets washed once every 3 weeks, after about 3 months, I noticed that the sheet had started to bubble, 2 of the corners of the elastic had wore away, that it was like sheer elastic that you find in a pair of knickers, and once fitted onto the corner, when you went to put another corner on to the bed, the already tucked on corners came apart.

      =My Verdict=
      whether I was just unlucky I don't know, but after about four uses, I ended up chucking the sheet away, it was not worth the money that I had paid for it. I did notice that every wash the colour run, so I couldn't wash the sheet with any other washing, it was just not cost effective.

      =Would I recommend=
      Sorry but for me this is a no-no.

      These can be purchased in store or online from the Wilkinsons website.


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      23.02.2012 21:50
      Very helpful



      A good bedroom buy with plenty of colour options to choose from!

      With recently buying myself some new duvet sets I decided to treat myself to some new fitted sheets as well. I hate flat sheets and find them to be a right royal pain so I was pleased when I spotted a range of really nice coloured fitted ones in single, double (mine) and Kingsize options.

      The prices (no matter the colour) are £5.96 for the single, the double is £6.97 and the kingsize is £7.98. The colours I spotted were navy, lilac, red, aubergine, teal, slate grey, white and black and the navy one in the double size was on offer for a mere £2.50 so I got one of those as well and I got the teal option too as that was the colour I wanted before going into the store and course that one was full price!

      The Sheets:

      Made from a mix of 52% polyester and 48% cotton this actually when first put on my bed rather stiff feeling even though I had washed it prior to popping it on my bed. However through washing it regulary it has gone nice and soft.

      So the sheets, yes are fitted with elasticated edges to them and it fits on to my bed perfectly. It is rather a thick sheet too so I cant see my matress pattern through them.

      These should be washed on 40c or below and are suitable for tumble drying. My navy one leaked a lot of colour when first washed so I always put that in a very dark wash though to be fair to it, it really doesn't look faded or anything, my teal one goes in a light wash and like I say both have gone softer and more malable over time. They are also suitable for tumble drying and ironing though mine fit so snuggly on my bed I don't feel like I need to iron them at all as the creases fall out beautifully anyway so they look really smart without me doing much to them at all!

      All in all these are a great buy. Plain and nice colours, soft enough and they stay in place I rate them highly! I think the price is right for these (even at full price) and am pleased with the quality of them!

      Only available in Wilkinson stores or from Wilkinsonsplus.com


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