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Zandra Rhodes Daisy Paisley Quilt Cover Set

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Brand: Zandra / Product Type: Duvet Set

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    2 Reviews
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      19.01.2012 14:51



      This is a great quilt set, from an efficient company. Impressed, but in the end I sent it back because of sizing issues. Please make sure your choosing the correct sizing for purchase. I finally found the size of my bed set from this site (<a href="http://www.urbanara.co.uk/bedroom/bedspreads-and-quilts" title="Bedspreads from URBANARA">beadspreads</a>) which fit my european size. Anyway, nice product.


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      14.02.2011 12:12
      Very helpful




      It was time for a new duvet set - it needed to be as the last one that I purchased was a 'cheap but cheerful' set; as that was my budget at that time. That 'cheap but cheerful' duvet set was lovely to look at but the problem was the weight and quality of fabric - it was so thin and soon became discoloured and therefore did not do much to add to the aesthetics of the bedroom. So what I wanted was a really good quality set that didn't cost the earth! Research both online and instores was not throwing up any promising results due to good quality fabric costing more, not to mention designs that appealed to me being in the more expensive category! How does that happen? Every time sales are on you can guarantee that I am drawn to items excluded from the sale!

      Finally something caught my eye whilst online. The pattern is what did it - I had been looking out for a design that was different from what was in all the stores and that had a kind of 'hippy' type 'flower power' feel to it but within a sophistacated creation. I then noted that the set was designed by Zandra Rhodes and my heart sank as I thought for sure that it would be out of my price range. What a shame as the fabric and design were definitely what I had in mind - it fitted perfectly to my requirements. But when I looked at the price actually it was pretty reasonable for the King size set and I would have been very tempted to buy from the site that I was on; until I did a quick search on eBay for the set and was elated! It was for sale at just over half of the price! Bargain! and great quality! and a design that was a perfect fit! Bought!

      I must confess that I was a little anxious to open the package that arrived. I didn't want to find out that the set was of poor quality and that just because a top designer had produced it didn't mean it was going to be high end stuff. So I cautiously broke the seal on a well packed and attractive looking product. My hopes were raised after realising how good the packaging was - in my experience that is a good sign.

      Out came the set and the first thing to note was the weight - a good heavy feel to it which was a relief. I took a part of the duvet cover and ran my fingers over and around the fabric and it was very good quality indeed - it is a mixture of 52% polyester and 48% cotton. This was a good start, I now felt at ease and more than happy to continue to open out the product and see what the quality of a Zandra Rhodes design was like. What did I want? Well, an aesthetically pleasing design that would add a peaceful and tranquil feel to the room; and the detail of the pattern to be clear and interesting to look at. Something that would catch the eye whilst being easy on the eye and calming. So not much to ask for then Zandra - lets see what you are capable of.

      When opening out this duvet set the first thing to notice is the beautifully relaxing shade of turquoise - a kind of neither green nor blue but a bit of both and as green is so calming (one of my favourite colours as it induces calmness and ease - note when out walking in the country fields how relaxed it can make you feel). The turquoise is matched with a lovely cream shade that it is mostly at the top part and bottom area of the duvet cover and on the sides of the pillow covers. The shades blend very well and in my opinion are a gorgeous match of colours. The design which incorporates gently swirling paisley with occasional stylised daisies is just hypnotizing if you allow yourself the time to simply look into the pattern. Zandra's creative artwork is just magical and the detail around these Paisley's and Daisies is so intricate - I was highly impressed. Lots and lots of tiny, delicate swirling and curving detail interweave around the feature pattern and provide a glorious background that could stand alone as a duvet design in my opinion. Indeed on the reverese of the duvet cover and pillow covers that is just what you get and it looks very good.

      Well this was a keeper for sure, this was going to take pride of place in my bedroom and it was going to make me smile everytime I entered - yes this is the case, it is so calming and lovely to look at! I could not wait to wash the set and prepare it to be installed on the bed and bring new life to the room.

      I knew all would be well in the washing process as this was a very well made item and also quality fabric - thick and heavy enough so that you know you have something over you in bed. I like some weight on me whilst sleeping - it must reassure me or something?

      This item washed superbly! Now lovely and soft but retaining the quality of fabric. No colour running or shape shifting! A great result. Now dry and ironed and ready to install. It was very easy to insert the duvet as the gap is almost as wide as the duvet cover. Once the duvet was in place the cover was fastening with speed due to good quality press stud fastening - these are white. Pillow covers were just as easy to fit - even my wonderfully plush Oriental Pillow fits in these nice and snug but not constricted. So after a little bit of a titivate around I step back and take in the new addition. What did I think? Superb. Just what I wanted. Quality in every way - well done Zandra!

      To look at - this set is stunning, the intricacy of the design and work that has gone into producing the art is amazing and very pleasing to the eye. The colour scheme and design bring great calmness and peace - lovely in that room and I visit as often as I can for a look! I just love to look at it! The quality of fabric made sleep time even more blissful with my pillow (Oriental Pillow that has made such a difference to my quality of sleep). The feel against my skin is really nice, the weight is just right - enough so that you know you are covered up snuggly. The duvet set washes well and dosn't retain much creasing unlike my last cheap but cheerful one. This is a joy in every way and a purchase worth waiting for.

      I shall go off the prices for a King Size set.

      Ranging from approximately £22.49 - £45.00 online

      I purchased mine from eBay but since then have noticed other websites stocking it which inlcude:

      House of Fraser
      Kellys Soft Furnishings
      Angelinas Curtains
      And more - Google it and go to 'shopping'

      A fabulous set by a top Designer for a really good price! You can get for less if you search online via Google and then it is a bargain too! In all honesty I would have no problem paying £40 for this as it is going to last and last - great quality from the aesthically pleasing and calming design which has fiddly diddly intricacies to amaze you - to the gorgeous quality fabric and on to the impressive wash results and importantly the pleasing sleep experience. A really good product at a competitive price - offering high end style and quality for a lot less money.

      May I take this opportunity to thank you for reading my review - hope you enjoyed it.

      This review may also appear on CIAO under my username Dawnymarie


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