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Zap WWE Raw vs Smackdown Duvet Set

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Brand: Zap / Product Type: Duvet Cover

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2009 14:04
      Very helpful



      Great fun cosy item that will get the boys sleeping all night :)

      Ok, an odd review from myself but this is such a popular product so it is definately worth reviewing! If you have boys then you will almost definately have heard of WWE. This review was also co-written by my brothers who have been very honest about this product. At only 8 and 11 they could become future dooyooers! Enjoy...

      Bit About WWE

      WWE has been around for a good couple of years. If you have boys, teenagers or even big kids (AKA the men that never grow up!), then you will probibly have come across this brand. WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, a brand that has made itself so famous by exciting story lines, talented wrestling and good looking men! This will appeal much more to boys than girls however not to say the girls are missing out. I have been a fan since I was little and so have all my siblings. So what a better thing to get one of my brothers for Christmas is a duvet cover with their favourite WWE super stars on it.

      Where To Get It

      We got our duvet cover from Argos. We just reserved it and picked it up, and it was really easy to do it. It is in the catalogue and is not in as an 'Extra' item so should be avaliable in all stores. You can get it from various places including directly from:
      You can also get it from Amazon and many other shops which sell bedding, especially if there is a childrens section. Ebay also does them for a knock down price, however make sure you try and avoid the fakes as they tend to be bad quality. This is only avaliable in single size, and cannot be bought in double or kingsize. We bought ours for £13.99 which we felt was a fair price to pay. I've seen some go up to around £25 which is way to much. You will get a good deal if you pay no more than £20 for this product. You have to remember it is branded which puts the price up, it is the same with others such as Disney and Warner Bros.

      Getting It On

      It is really packed tight but was easy to unpack. It has a big picture of some of the superstars with WWE hologram (which they ended up keeping and pinning up!) to make it that extra bit special. You have to iron it first as it has some quite deep imprinted creases from the folding. This is a little annoying but is bareable.
      It is buttoned at the ends and after ironing was fairly pain free to put on. Unlike the last duvet he had, which started to thread and fall apart, this one looked very good quality with neat stitching. After a pretty painless pulling over duvet we were able to sit back and marvell at it.

      'Cool Factor'

      Well I have some direct quotes from a 8 and 11 year old here, so this could be one of the most reliable reviews you may ever read!
      It has Rey Mysterio, a mexican wrestler, on the pillow part which is good as he is 'cool' and a good wrestler. All I know that he is a really muscley guy with a cool mask. You have all the most famous wrestler from the "Raw" brand range. The WWE is split into 'Smackdown' 'Raw' and 'WCW' which different superstars compete in. The Raw superstars on this is John Cena (One of my favourites), Kane, Shawn Micheals and Batista. These names might not mean anything to you, but to a WWE fan, this is the elite. According to these two, this is a really cool thing to have and all their friends have one as well. I have also been informed that it can be flipped over and it will have a red backround, instead of a blue one on the other side. This is pretty cool I think, and allows a bit more fun with this.

      Cosy Factor (The Decider...)

      Apart from being cool, cosiness also matters. I can safely say this has passed with flying colors! It is really soft and you cannot even feel where the fabric has been printed on, it is just super smooth. It is a real 'snuggily' duvet and is so soft and warm. I love it!
      It would defiantely be suitable for those who just like to be warm and snug at night (mind you who doesn't) and is not rough or uncomfortable to sleep under. Full marks for the cosy factor and is excellent quality.

      It is made up of 50% cotton 50% polyester and is prefectly machine washable. It stays in really good condition, even after washing. We've had this for around 3 months now, and is has not yet lost its brightness or softness. It has not got any rougher and is baring up nicely to getting used every day. It has had a break for a week or two sue to changing interests "I want the Power Rangers one this week" which happens to all kids! It washes really well and easily, and have had no problems with it at all.


      One of my shorter reviews, however I wanted the world to know how cosy this is and how much I love it. It isn't even mine, but I occasionally nick it and snuggle up. I have to admit my duvet is boring and blue but this one is all colorful and has some very nice pictures of fit men! I've even considered asking for one for my birthday. This is great to have and would be a perfect gift for a WWE fan. There is a lot of other items in the range if interested, including curtains, baskets and so much more.
      A great quality WWE item to own!

      Copyright - Scotlandizdabest 2009


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    • Product Details

      Single duvet cover with pillow slip.

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