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Brand: Brewdog / / Type: Ale

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2011 13:04
      Very helpful



      If you are a beer and whisky fan - you'll enjoy this

      Brewdog sometimes get in trouble for the advertising that goes along with their beer..and this collaborative brew between themselves and Three Floyds is no different. On their website the beer is described as "I am a collaborative brew. I am a messed up, idiosyncratic, schizophrenic son of a b*tch. I would blame my parents." - summing up the hardcore nature of this one pretty much perfectly.

      So I was one of the very lucky people that got to taste this one before it had even been released, at a beer tasting where the bottles didn't even have labels on them yet (this cunningly hid the 11.5% ABV...) and it is one of the most amazing beers that I have ever tasted! It is filled with 7 different malts including some peated malts, giving it an amazing smoky flavour similar to that of whiskys from Islay (Laphroaig, Talisker etc.). Also added is shortbread and toffee to give it a nice sweet 'scottish' flavour. Apparently, some of it is just dry hopped and some is aged in whisky casks to give it an even stronger flavour.

      --Tasting Notes--
      Like most brewdog beers, b*tch please is on the strong side, but again - you wouldn't be able to tell this. It is a very rich flavoured beer, and the use of peated malts really shines through. You would probably want to share a single bottle between two people, it isn't the type of thing that you can drink a bottle to yourself, plus firing this into a stemmed glass will just add to the smoky aroma that you will get from it.

      This is actually one of the first beers that I have tasted that really changes when your drinking it - when you first take a sip you can really taste all of the toffee that has been added and its a very nice sweet finish, this is quickly followed by all of the peaty smoky action created by the malts and the whisky casks giving it a really nice and interesting taste.

      The one bad thing about this beer is that chances are it will never be made again, it's still on sale just now - but because it was a collaboration between two different breweries, once its gone...its gone. Defiantly worth a taste though - the £3.99 price tag might put some people off, but remember that it is meant for two, so you can probably justify this.


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