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Batemans Salem Porter

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Brand: Batemans / Type: Ale

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    1 Review
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      02.04.2002 17:05
      Very helpful



      We recently went to a Beer Festival in Chesterfield and I thought it would be nice to tell you about one of the beers we sampled. I have decided to write about a very different brew... It is also the first drink that we tried; the first drink is very important at a Beer Festival, so we put quite a bit of thought into what we picked! Salem Porter is produced by George Bateman & Sons Limited; a brewery based in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire. Bateman?s Brewery is very much a family concern, originally founded in 1874, to produce beer for local farmers. Over one hundred years, and much brewing later, they are a well established business, providing beer to pubs and shops nationwide. They even own around 68 pubs themselves! They brew a large number of Seasonal and Speciality Ales that are well received and well liked by the beer drinking public. These beers come in three groups; Jollies Follies ? e.g., Kiss Me Quick (4.2% ABV), Italian Job (4.3% ABV). Seasonal Selection ? e.g., Summer Swallow (3.9% ABV), Winter Wellie (4.7% ABV). Special Selection ? e.g., Miss Whiplash (4.2% ABV), Rosey Nosey (4.9% ABV). As well as these, they still produce their usual ?all year round?, permanent beers and a smaller, but very interesting selection of bottled ales. These include Dark Mild, XXXB and XB (cask beers), and Victory Ale, Combine Harvest Multigrain and Organic Yella Belly (bottled beers). Salem Porter, as the name suggests, is a beer brewed in the Porter style. Porters and stouts are quite similar; both are rich and malty, and have a reasonably high alcohol content. Porter began life as a London brew, and got its name because it was very popular with Porters at London Street Markets. Until quite recently the style almost died out, but they are springing up again and are beginning to compete once more with their more modern counterpart (stout). Their recent regained popularity is illustrated by the fact tha
      t Salem Porter was been voted Winter Beer of the Year in 1997 by CAMRA. Traditionally Porters are almost black in colour, are made from deep roasted malt and have an almost burnt bitter taste. Salem Porter is made from Challenger, Goldings and Liberty hops and displays many of these traditional qualities. It is, therefore, an excellent example of a Porter! It weighs in at 4.7% ABV, not making it the strongest pump behind the bar, but it certainly still has a bit of clout! Looks wise, it is a rather attractive ruby black, with a nice head that almost resembles milky coffee. The head contrasts beautifully with the silky black body, making it very pleasing on the eye! Taste wise, it has rather a lot to offer too. To start with I could taste the hops quite strongly and thought I was going to find it rather too bitter for me. A few mouthfuls later and I was forced to revise my first impressions. I was enjoying a mellow, fruity flavour, the taste of roast nuts, and a lingering aftertaste of malt and liquorice. The liquorice flavour also comes through in the aroma, as does that pleasant nuttiness. The texture was rather nice too; it wasn?t overly thick or too powerful. It was surprisingly easy to drink and I would have had no problems having an evening drinking it: A very good session ale! In fact, it was a shame that we only had the one half pint! I will definitely be looking out for this beer when I am out and about. I have tried a number of Bateman?s other beers and have very rarely been disappointed by their quality and taste. I am sure that I will find this to be the case with Salem Porter because Bateman?s seem to be able to provide consistency, good service and excellent beers. So, another beer, and another brewery, to add to my recommended list! Price wise, Salem Porter cost us 85p for a half pint (the only way it was served at the Beer Festival), making it around £1.70 per pint. This varies, so expect to pay anythi
      ng up to £2.00 a pint (possibly more in cities such as London). It may even cost you less if you are fortunate enough to find a Bateman?s owned Pub! Look out for it in a pub near you?you may even be able to find a nice Porter to carry it for you! Brewery information: http://www.bateman.co.uk/HomeF.htm (a really interesting web-site, with on-line store, history. Etc.) George Bateman & Son Ltd Salem Bridge Brewery Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, PE24 4JE +44 (0)1754 880317


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    • Product Details

      A dry roast, nutty palate, with rich malt finish and a splendid hop flavor. Brewer: George Bateman & Son, Ltd. Style: Porter Alcohol Content: 4.7%

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