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Melvilles Strawberry Fruit Beer

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Brand: Melvilles / Type: Strawberry Fruit Beer / Type: Ale

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2011 19:55
      Very helpful



      a fruity take on beer

      I was walking down the drinks aisle looking for a nice bottle of wine to have a nice chilled drink over the weekend but when in the supermarket, the labels displaying offers always grab my attention. I saw a man bending down at the beer aisle picking up a bottle that I was not familiar with so I had to see what it is as lately I have been drinking a lot more beer than usual. This is when I came across Melvilles Strawberry Beer, a product I had never heard of but one that caught my fancy.


      The packaging is very classic of a beer bottle it is a tall glass bottle, narrowing at the top with a strawberry coloured circular label with the Melville's logo. It looks quite vintage like and traditional and states that it is made from cold pressed Scottish fruit, so we know it is made in Scotland. It is natural fruit and recommends serving it over ice. It is pure brewed and comes in a 275ml bottle which is probably just enough if you want to try it for the first time.


      Now, with me still getting into beer the idea of this being strawberry flavoured and sweet seemed very unusual but quite interesting at the same time. The juice is extracted from the strawberries and it preserves the sweet flavours. This is then blended in with a beer brewed with British malt, hops, yeast and water. One single bottle contains 1.1 units of alcohol and it has a 4.1% alcohol volume which isn't too high unless you are drinking a lot.

      Now, to open the bottle just grab a bottle opener and when the lid pops off, you will be instantly greeted with that beer smell which is quite strong and not the most appealing scent but then you get this faint hint of sweetness from the strawberry notes as well. I was unsure when I went to take my first swig but instantly I was not sure how I felt about it. However, after a few swigs I soon began to really like the taste of this as it just takes some adjusting.

      The taste is an obvious beer taste but a lot fainter as this strawberry flavour just gives a sweet aftertaste and it has a really smooth taste to it and I found it went down easy. It numbs that strong yeast like taste that you get from beer and makes it so much more appealing to drink and it is definitely one that will appeal to women and make drinking beer a bit more womanly. I gave this to my boyfriend though and he also really liked it as it is nice to have a play on normal beer.

      I do recommend this drink highly for those, like myself who love to try new alcoholic drinks and really want to broaden their tastes. It is not horrible at all and if you like Kopparberg then this will appeal to you as it is the same idea of adding a sweetness to a normal drink. Those who don't like beer should give it a try though as the strawberry might just fool you into thinking you are not drinking beer. I like this and will definitely try this again.


      You can get this beer at Tesco which is where I picked up my bottle on offer. It is on a multibuy offer of 3 for £4 but if you want one bottle then it will cost you £1.59 which isn't the cheapest but it is a one off treat to try.

      The official Melville's website is http://www.melvillesfruitbeer.com/


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