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Mr Perretts Traditional Stot & Porter

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Brand: Wickwar Brewing Company / Type: Stot & Porter

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2004 20:22
      Very helpful



      On Saturday 31st January this year we went to the CAMRA Winter Beers Festival. It was held in the Town Hall in Burton on Trent and showcased a large number of the best winter beers the country has to offer (there were other beers too, but the majority were Stouts, Porters, Milds and Old Ales.). We tried a good few during the afternoon and enjoyed them all. My only trouble was deciding which one to review. I finally chose the third beer we had sampled. This one is a dark beer, a stout to be precise and it goes by the wonderful name of Mr Perrett?s Traditional Stout! ~~~THE BREWERY. Mr Perretts is brewed by the Wickwar Brewing Company; a brewery based in Wickwar (you don't say?) in Gloucestershire. Brian Rides and Ray Penny started the business with a view to selling their own beers in the pubs they ran for Courage Ltd. They got so successful they gave up the pubs, Rides retired now Penny runs the company with the help of Head Brewer Steve McDonald (no...NOT the one off of Coronation Street!). Wickwar supply beer to around 150 outlets and also sell bottled beers via their on-line shop. Some of the Wickwar beers you may encounter include Cooper WPA (a Pale Ale at 3.5% ABV), Bob (a classic bitter at 4% ABV) and Old Arnold (a stronger beer at 4.6% ABV). All their beers (at least the ones I've tried) are interesting and well worth seeking out. ~~~THE BEER. ***A Bit of History*** The brewery was built in a old cooper's shop (barrel makers) that was previously used for brewing by Arnold Perrett & Company ~ this was from the 1860s to the 1950s. This stout and also Old Arnold are brewed in the original owner's honour. Mr Perretts Traditional Stout was produced originally for the Tesco Bottled Beer Challenge ~ an annual competition that has produced some great beers over the years. Mr Perretts has also been a former Gloucestershire Beer of the Year in 2001 ~ the year it was first brew
      ed! ***Vital Stats*** Mr Perretts weighs in at 5.9% ABV ~ a nice strong stout brewed using Fuggles and Challenger hops. ***Appearance, Texture and Aroma*** Mr Perretts is a very dark brown colour with a thin bubbly head. The head is pale and although thin it lasts well and clings lacily to the side of the glass. The texture is quite thin for a stout and feels quite dry on the palate, with a hint of carbonization that is unusual in a stout. The aroma is predominantly malty and a little smoky. There are also hints of chocolate and a roasted earthy scent that makes it a very robust smelling stout. ***Taste*** There's a lot going on in this stout! Predominant flavours are of chocolate. Licorice and malt, but there's far more in there than that. As you sip you will find a rich fruitiness ~ blackcurrants, cherries and plums give a pleasant sweet taste that lingers in the mouth. This sweetness is balanced well by the bitter dark chocolate flavour, coffee, vanilla and a slight spiciness that comes through in the finish. The after taste is also of coffee and is pretty long lasting. ***My thoughts*** Although Mr Perretts is less heavy and rich than some stouts (in fact it is more in the realms of a porter or old ale) it still has enough going on to make it a well balanced and interesting beer. I really like the combination of flavours and the way that the sweetness and dry bitterness are balanced together. It is a complex beer that offers a good variety of tastes, aromas and a lovely lingering after taste. If you think of Guinness when you think of stout then you will be wide of the mark with this one. It doesn't have that harsh burnt taste that you get with Guinness ~ it is far softer and a lot easier to drink. Guinness is a bit of an acquired taste, that sometimes it is impossible to acquire! Mr Perretts is much "easier" to get used to...in fa
      ct a friend of ours who generally only likes lighter coloured beers had a half of this and really enjoyed it. She said that if stout was all like this, then she would drink more of it! That is the best recommendation I can give you! If you see Mr Perretts Traditional Stout, either down the pub or in the supermarket, then I really think you should give it a go. We paid £1.10 for a half at Burton on Trent Beer Festival ~ a decent price for a good, strong stout. I would recommend that you taste it and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it! ~~~Brewery Details. Wickwar Brewing Co. Arnolds Cooperage The Old Cider Mill Station Road Wickwar Gloucestershire GL12 8NB Telephone/Fax: (01454) 294168 http://www.wickwarbrewing.co.uk/


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    • Product Details

      A powerful Stot & Porter with licorice & chocolate bursting throughout, and a very long finish. Dedicated to Arnold Perrett & Co. who brewed on the same site Circa. 1860/1954

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