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St Peter's Best Bitter

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Brand: St Peter's / Type: Bitter

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2001 23:41
      Very helpful



      I don't suppose it would have come as much of a surprise to anyone to see that I've written another opinion on beer. Most forms of research are a little tedious so I've been indulging a little on your behalf in order that you can forego the hardships involved. It may be a long road but I believe it is one that I can safely endure. I know this will please Sue Magee as she can indulge in some more vicarious boozing. I don't actually drink that much, oddly enough. I certainly don't drink to get to drunk. Maybe it's better that way - I'll probably appreciate it more. Here goes: It's been a trifle stifling of late down here in the deep south-east; up to something like 92º recently. I find it difficult to have anything other than tea or soft drinks during a heatwave. A few years ago in Denmark I went fishing on a real scorcher and I made the mistake of drinking the couple of beers I'd taken with me. I must have dehydrayted quite badly as I felt really ill the next day and I took a couple of days to recover. Alcohol makes you cool down through evaporation and when you're sweating heavily, the effect is exacerbated somewhat. Never again, Mummy! Evenings are a different thing altogether and I have been seeking relief from the hot stuff in a couple of bottles of St Peter's Best Bitter. I've already written an opinion on their Golden Ale which is very impressive. The beer that is, not the opinion. This is equally as good but a totally different drink. It comes in the same distinctively oval green bottle but it is an altogether different beer. It's a nice amber colour for a start. It is pleasantly bitter but not too much and the bitterness is not too long lasting. Good, as I sometimes think that it can overwhelm the other flavours in the beer; the main one in in this one being a hint of toffee or caramel. It's only 3.7% abv which won't make you fall over after only one bott
      le although it's very full bodied for a light beer - it lets you know you've drunk it if you follow my drift. What may topple you though is the fact that this is one of the most refreshing beers I've ever drunk. I had to force myself not to drink the second bottle that I'd bought, promising myself that it would be a reward tomorrow for completing another day at work or something equally spurious. Technical stuff - Pale and crystal malts and goldings aroma hops plus water from their own well. Brewers like to call their water "liquor" apparently. Round here liquor is that vile green stuff you find poured over the mash in pie and mash shops. I rather think there's no connection. Do your best to seek this and other St Peter's products out. They have a wide range of bottled beers among other products and are starting to get a good name. I hope I'm helping! Was that alright for you, Sue?


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    • Product Details

      A traditional Best Bitter brewed with Pale and Crystal malts and goldings aroma hops. The result is a full-bodied ale with distinctive fruity caramel notes.

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