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Bell Jumpstart Blue Cars Bike Helmet

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Brand: Bell / Type. Kid's Helmet

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2012 18:36
      Very helpful



      A nice helmet to keep little ones safe

      I recently decided to look into buying a bike seat for Jayden so that we could go out for bike rides, also my parents live in a village just a mile or so outside of the town we live in so I thought it would be nicer if we biked over to see them rather than getting in the car and driving all of the time, Jayden would get a bit of fresh air and I would get a bit extra exercise and there's plenty of cycle paths where we live. I was a little concerned that I would not be able to get a bike seat and helmet suitable for Jayden with him being so young, however after a trip to my local Halfords I was pleased to discover that they did bike seats and helmets designed for young babies providing they were able to hold their own heads up unaided. Obviously with the bike seat a helmet was a must have so we decided on the Bell Jumpstart Blue Cars Bike Helmet, it was perfect for Jayden and just what we needed to keep him safe when out on my bike.

      The Bell Jumpstart Blue Cars Bike Helmet comes in a bright red cardboard box, it has the Bell logo down each side of it and on the top of it, the front of the box is open so that you can see the helmet and also remove it from the box to feel the weight of it. One end of the box and the base of the box contains various bits of information about the helmet as well as warnings and safety advise, this is clearly set out and also repeated in different languages. The helmet does not come wrapped up in anything other than the outer box, the packaging really is quite simple and basic however it does tell you what you need to know.

      The Helmet
      The Bell Jumpstart Blue Cars Bike Helmet is aimed at young children, however it looks just like a regular bike helmet. The main background of the helmet is a dark blue colour and going around the edge are racing cars of different colours including blue, green, yellow, red and white, each car has a racing driver in it, there is also a crowd in the background to give the impression of a race being watched, the car design is cute and would definitely appeal to young children.

      One the front of the helmet is a small white oval with the name Bell written inside in red writing. The helmet is made from a solid material which looks almost like polystyrene, it is covered with a plastic covering which is what the cars design is printed on, on the top of the helmet are various holes allowing the air to get through to your babies head, the two holes at the front are covered with a black mesh material, the others are just left open.

      The inside of the helmet is made from the plain black polystyrene type material and it has a foam pad on top of the helmet, going around the rim of the helmet on the inside is a black plastic mechanism, this allows you to alter the size of the helmet so that it fits your baby's head snugly, this consist of a plastic ring going around the outside of the helmet with a wider plastic bar and a dial on the back of the helmet, as you turn the dial it makes the ring around the outside of the helmet get either bigger or smaller adjusting the helmet size as it goes, all of the plastic which makes up the mechanism to adjust the helmet size is covered with a soft black material so that your baby's skin is protected and not made sore by the plastic as it moves about. The mechanism is actually held in place with velcro so you can remove it as your baby grows and the helmet can be worn without it.

      The Bell Jumpstart Blue Cars Bike Helmet fasted with two straps which come from inside the helmet, they go around either side of your baby's face and fasten up with a clip just under their chin, they can also be altered to make them longer or shorter depending on your baby's age and size.

      The Bell Jumpstart Blue Cars Helmet is designed for baby's and small children, it measures 48 - 53cm and is described as being extra small/ small.
      Safety Advise
      There is a small section of safety advise about the Bell Jumpstart Blue Cars Bike Helmet on the back of the box this stated that
      * For the best protection the helmet must be fitted and attached properly to the wearers head
      * The helmet will give considerable protection however it cannot provide total protection from all foreseeable impacts
      * Exercise care and good judgement when you ride and comply with all traffic regulations to avoid accidents of any kind
      * The helmet should not be used when playing off of the bike
      * There is a hazard of strangulation when using the helmet on playgrounds or climbing trees
      * The helmet is designed to absorb the energy of one significant impact, if this happened then the helmet should be replaced or sent to the manufacturers for inspection
      * The helmet should be replaced every three years
      It is important to follow these instructions at all times when using the bike helmet in order to keep your baby safe.

      These appear on the bottom of the box and are very similar to the safety advise, they include
      * The helmet should not be used by children while climbing or other activities due to the risk of strangulation or hanging as the child can get trapped in the helmet
      * The helmet is intended for pedal cycles. skateboarders or roller skaters

      Price and Availability
      I purchased my Bell Jumpstart Blue Cars Helmet from my local Halford's and it cost me £24.99. Personally I think that this is quite reasonable for this type of product and it is within keeping with other similar products. I do feel that this is well worth the money especially as it will keep Jayden safe when out on the bike, the product is of a high quality and finished to a high standard making me feel confident that it will do what it is supposed to do.

      My Opinion
      When it came to purchasing a bike helmet for Jayden I was a bit worried that it would be a bit too heavy for him, whilst he can hold his head up on his own and has been able to for a while now I thought the added weight of the bike helmet may be a bit too much for him for long periods of time, however when the sales assistant gave me the helmet to pick up I was very surprised at how light it was, there was no weight to it at all so it certainly wasn't going to effect Jayden's balance, we were informed that they are now made especially light weight for children and this helmet definitely was lightweight, however this did not compromise the safety of the helmet at all.

      Adjusting the helmet to the correct size for Jayden is very easy, all I had to do was twist the dial inside the helmet and it was instantly made smaller so it fitted him, I find that Jayden needs the helmet made to almost the smallest size so there is plenty of room for him to grow. I find it easy to put the helmet on Jayden and secure the straps without too much messing around.

      The design of the helmet is very cute as well as bright and colourful meaning it will appeal to children, this was very reasonably priced, although I didn't really mind what I paid as long as it keeps Jayden safe, however it was certainly worth the money. I can confidently take Jayden out on my bike now and know that he is well protected, the helmet does not affect his balance on the bike at all and he also looks extremely cute in his bike helmet, so far it has been a success and he seems to enjoy going out on the bike, although he seems more fascinated with watching the ground go by rather than looking around him.

      I would certainly recommend the Bell Jumpstart Blue Cars Bike Helmet to anyone thinking of taking their baby or child out on a bike, it is of a high quality and will certainly protect your little one while out and about.


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