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Giro Advantage Time Trial

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Brand: Giro / Type: Road Helmet

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2011 18:33
      Very helpful



      Overall a really good helmet for competitive cyclists.

      I have had this helmet for quite a few years now as I bought it not long after I bought my current racing bike. Normally this helmet is sold for about £100 in the shops, but I managed to get it for £30 as a friend was selling it off as it didn't fit him.

      You may of seen this helmet before when watching track cycling on the TV and in Olympic/Tour de France time trials as it is only used in certain races. These types of helmets are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible to make sure the rider goes as fast as possible. This is because they are mainly used in time trial races where the rider cannot gain any help/advantage from drafting other riders. They are therefore very sleek and long to help it pass through the air smoothly. The disadvantage to this though is that they aren't the most comfortable.

      The helmet that I own is the first version of the Giro Advantage helmet that was released a few years ago. Mine is blue in colour all over and then has some white lightening shaped decals stuck onto the surface. On both ear flaps there is a "Giro" sticker and on the very end there is an "advantage" sticker. Front to back, the helmet is 38cm long and it is 19cm wide at the widest point (between ears). I have the medium sized helmet and it weights 390g and is designed for heads with a circumference of 55-59cm. The main body of the helmet is made from a very dense polystyrene material which then has a solid plastic outer layer on the outside. On the inside there is some padding and an adjustable strap at the rear. It has a standard clasp that goes round your ears and under your chin that secures the helmet in place on your head.

      On the front of the helmet there are 5 air vents that are 5cm x 1cm roughly. These are the only ones on the entire helmet that help to cool your head. I find that this is enough for me as it seems to provide a steady airflow and my head does not get too hot or sweaty, even in warmer weather. As these helmets are designed to be a tight fit and be as aero as possible, they aren't the easiest to put on at all. To get it over my ears, the ear flaps have to be bent out a little bit so that it doesn't hurt me too much. I have snapped the hard plastic on the ear flaps a little bit which gives it a bit more flexibility when putting it on.

      When it is on, I find that it can be a little tight round my ears sometimes and it is also very difficult to hear other people when riding with it on. Due to the aero shape, you have to keep your head quite still and keep looking forwards so that you get the best aero effect. I find that apart from the ears, the helmet is actually quite comfortable with the padding inside it keeping my head comfortable. When racing with it, I have used it in some 50-60 mile rides in triathlons and for a couple of 10 mile time trials. I have found it to help me go a lot quicker as I have done personal bests over most distances .

      If your just a recreational cyclist then buying a helmet like this would be of no real benefit for you as they have very specific uses and could potentially be dangerous if used on busy roads. If you are a time trial/track cyclist, then this helmet may be a good purchase for you as it provides a good aero advantage as it is a reasonable price. I have dropped mine many times and it is still in brilliant condition, apart from a few scratches on the outer shell. When I finally have to replace this one, I will definitely look at the newer model of this as I have really liked this helmet a lot.

      Overall, I shall give this 5/5 as it is an excellent helmet and provides excellent functionality for its intended use. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking at buying an aero helmet.

      Thanks for reading.

      This review may also appear on my Blog and on Ciao under the same username.


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    • Product Details

      Giro Advantage Time Trial Helmet / Shaped with input from the worlds fastest riders over 24 years.

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