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Raleigh Infusion Bike Helmet

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Brand: Raleigh / Type: Road Helmet

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2013 23:47
      Very helpful



      A decent helmet for the amateur cyclist that doesn't want to spend too much.

      I needed a bicycle helmet for my rides to work but didn't want to spend a fortune. I first came across the Raleigh Infusion cycle helmet visiting a Go Outdoors shop in Warrington.

      I chose the helmet firstly because of the price. The retail price is £19.99 but I used my discount card and got it for £9.99. For the price it looked a good helmet. Not the quality of the more expensive helmets but ideal for what I would need it for.

      I would be using it for cycling to work by road on my mountain bike and wouldn't be doing any great speed so didn't really need the extra protection that a more expensive helmet would provide.

      It is important to get the right size when choosing a helmet. You don't want it too small as it will not fit entirely around your head so it offers less protection. If you buy a helmet that is too big you run the risk of it slipping in front of your eyes whilst riding and it's obviously a good idea to be able to see where you are going.

      The helmets come in two sizes. Medium and large. A medium helmet fits a head that is 54-58cm in diameter and the large fits from 58-62cm. The size is clearly marked on the box so if you have a fair idea of what size you want it's easy to find.

      There are a few different colour schemes you can buy that is also marked on the box but you can see the helmet without opening the box anyway because of a cut out section. There were blue and silver, black and silver, purple and silver and carbon and silver. I chose the black and silver because the only other option in the size I wanted was blue and silver and the black didn't look as flash.

      Upon inspection you can see why the helmet is quite cheap, weighing around 300g it is basically hard polystyrene with a plastic coating on top and a plastic peak around the front with a Raleigh emblem on it. It is made to the EN 1078 safety standard which does comply with European personal protective equipment standards for cyclists and users of skateboards and roller skates.


      EN 1078, entitled Helmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates, is a European standard published in 1997. It is the basis of the identical British Standard BS EN 1078:1997.[1] Compliance with this standard is one way of complying with the requirements of the European Personal Protective Equipment Directive (PPE; 89/686/EEC).[1]

      EN 1078 specifies requirements and test methods for bicycle helmets, skateboard and roller skate helmets. It covers helmet construction including field of vision, shock absorbing properties, retention system properties including chin strap and fastening devices, as well as marking and information.[2]

      The standard's key features are:[1]
      Test anvils: Flat and kerbstone
      Drop apparatus: Guided free fall
      Impact velocity, energy or drop height flat anvil: 5.42-5.52 m/s
      Impact energy criteria: < 250g
      Roll-off test: Yes
      Retention system strength: Force applied dynamically. Helmet supported on headform.

      As cheap as the helmet is at least you have the piece of mind that is has been through rigorous testing procedures.

      The helmet looks good enough but in my opinion it looks cheaper that others made by companies like specialized, cannondale and Giro but it's the first bike helmet I've ever had and I don't feel to embarrassed to wear it. The black plastic coating on top has silver stripes running from back to front. The helmet also incorporates air vent all along the top and mainly at the back of the head. They are designed to let air circulate around your head.

      I'm not sure if the air vents work particularly well. My head does seem to get very sweaty and hot but I obviously cannot comment on just how hot my head would get if they were not there.

      Another feature of the top of the helmet is a black plastic peak at the front. I really don't see any need for it other than aero-dynamics which in my opinion renders it useless. Any serious road cyclist doing fast speeds probably wouldn't buy a helmet this cheap and more expensive helmets don't seem to have a peak on the front anyway. I don't think it makes the helmet look any better and I have found it to be quite a hindrance to my vision. Sometimes if I am coming to a road crossing and I have to look behind me, over my shoulder, it can obscure your line of sight, stopping you from seeing further up the road.

      The fitting of the helmet is very simple. A plastic ring fitted inside the helmet fits around the top of your head and is slackened and tightened by a disc on the back that can be turned either way. As you tighten the helmet the disc makes a ratchet clicking noise.

      Around the fitting ring there are five pieces of padding. Three around the forehead area, one in the top of the helmet and one at the back of the head attached to the disc ratchet. These can be removed if you want to as they are fastened by Velcro. Up to now I have left them in but as it gets a bit warmer in Summer I may have to remove them as they tend to get a little sweaty.

      The helmet has a chin strap that is simple and easy to adjust. Once you have tightened the ring around your head you can click the strap shut with the plastic clip. The straps fit around your ears in a V-shape. There is a plastic slider on each strap. They both have a dial on the side for open and closed. They are easy to slide up and down until the V feels comfortable around your ears, once you have done that you can pull the plastic clip under your chin tighter so it fastens snugly under your chin to keep the helmet on your head.


      Up to now this helmet has been exactly what I expected for the price but I have now bought myself a road bike so may look a little more into buying a more expensive helmet.

      I'm not convinced that it is designed for road cycling but more for the casual cyclist that is only covering a small distance.

      In terms of safety, if I fell of my bike and banged my head I would fully expect it to take the impact and keep my head safe so I would recommend it to anybody that just wants to get out for a pleasure ride over the summer. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody doing serious road biking, downhill mountain biking or anything on a track.


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