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Apollo CX 10 Mens Town & Trail Bike

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2 Reviews

Sports Equipment / Available in 21" or 18" Frame

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    2 Reviews
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      26.07.2010 00:23
      Very helpful



      You get what you pay for and this bike was cheap

      I have had my Apollo town and trail for just over a year now and I have to say that it was a complete and utter waste of money!

      I bought the bike for £118 when it was reduced from £180 so I thought that I would have a half decent bike for my money. All I wanted from my bike was a few gears to get me up and down hills and the ability to chose between cycling on the road or the bridal ways.

      Here is what I found...

      Appearance: A good maroon colour and sturdy looking frame is ruined by cheap looking stickers which plaster the bike with the word Apollo, just in case you forgot what you had bought!

      Weight: Unsure exactly but its heavy. Too heavy. What seemed of little significance in the store becomes a lot more important when your trying to haul it onto your roof rack or, indeed up a hill!
      I would not be able to place this bike on my car without the help of a strong friend!

      Gears: Left is one to three and right is one to six. There is some difference and they are of use but in comparisons to other bikes which I have borrowed from friends or hired they do seem to be lacking.

      Breaks: My breaks have the infuriating habbit of hugging my wheel at all times, even when not being applied making getting the bike up hills even more dificult. (N.B. I have had this adjusted quite a few times but they still revert to their favourite place on the wheel).

      Performance: The bike does get you from A to B but I would not advise it for prolonged journeys or regular use. The saddle would need replacing with something much more comfortable for example and for regular use a lighter bike would be on my wish list.
      The bike has recently started to creak. I weight 10st. It creaks with every spiral of the pedal. It is embarrassing. I am no longer riding my bike.
      In fairness it has done ok on the off road tracks, it seems to get a good grip of muddy tracks and holds firm in gravel.

      Overall: I would not buy this bike again, even if just for occaional use. I would definately reccomend spending that extra £50 - £100 and go to a dedicated bike shop and tell them what you are after in a bike.


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      06.06.2008 13:42
      Very helpful



      Cheap bike from Halfords.

      I bought the Apollo CX.10 men's town and trail bike at Halford's, nearly three weeks ago for £104.99, reduced from £200, though apparently it is now only £89.99 (6th June 2008).

      The model I have is the 18" frame, though it is also available in a 21" frame.

      It is a nice dark blue (also comes in red or grey) with all the usual stuff like front and rear reflectors. It is an aluminium frame (though Halford's website state it is 'high tensile steel') and does not have any 'active' suspension or, in fact, any suspension at all. In retrospect this may have been a mistake, suspension might be nice! I do not know the exact weight as it is not stated anywhere, but it seems quite light to me, compared to my sons Raleigh Yukon for instance.

      Town and trail?
      This means not a lot except that the tyres are not big chunky ones as one would find on a 'mountain' bike, or trail bike, nor are they 'skinny' tyres that one finds on a purely road bike, they are sort of in between. Apart from that I do not know if anything else is different, maybe lack of mud flaps.

      Again, unlike the Halford's website states, they are not Shimano gears, nor are there 18. The gears are Tourney gears and there are 21, using a simple gear shift function: On the left handle bar are three settings; cogs, 1, 2, and 3, on the right handle bar gears 1 - 7, could not really be simpler, and they change up and down very easily. This suits me as I do not like the complexity of gears that most modern bikes have; for instance my son's bike has two gear levers on the left handlebar, and two on the right, it confuses me.

      I digress, the gears work fine, the lowest gear is low enough to get me up 90% of the hills I have tried, but I aint tried nothing spectacular I can assure you. The highest gear was still peddling at 30mph plus, so this should do well until, and if, I am ready for something more.

      Very important feature. Again, not as flash as the new disc brakes that are often seen, but they are slightly longer than normal 'block brakes, and are shaped to the wheel, instead of being rectangular. They work very well. I have to say that my son and I were trying very hard to see if a speed camera would flash us at over 30mph (very irresponsible) going downhill on our bikes and I had difficulty slowing at that speed, but it is not that often I travel at that speed.

      One of the most vital parts of a bike for me, nothing worse than a bruised perineum. So, this saddle is wider than some I have seen and has quite a full spongy seat. It still aches after a long bike ride, I managed over 10 miles on Friday and it hurt still on Sunday morning when I did a 5 miler, but it is miles better than some saddles I have used.

      Overall thoughts:
      The bike is definitely at the cheap end of the market and not for a serious biker, but then, I am only just starting, so even if it lasts a year (and it has a 12 month warranty) it is only costing £2 per week, I save that in petrol alone.

      It does what it is supposed to. Halford's 'built' it for me, though you can take it home in a box, subsequently I did not get an instruction booklet, so I will need to pop in to Halford's to pick one up.

      Apart from one day, I have ridden it every day for the last two weeks, the minimum being 4 miles, and twice over 10 miles, no niggles or complaints yet.


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