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Apollo Urchin Boys Bike

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Brand: Apollo / Type: Junior Bicycle / Size: 16 inches

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2012 11:10
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      A really fab, realiable and cool boys bike

      Lsst year for his birthday, we decided that Harry needed a bigger bike as he was outgrowing the small one that my parents had purchased second hand for him. I wanted to get him a brand new one, something all of his own, and so his dad and I headed down to Halfords to have a look. My brother is a bike fitter in that company, and told me I was looking for a bike with 16" wheels, which would suit the then 5 year old Harry. We settled on this black and red one, because it looked pretty cool, and was the only design with that wheel size that we liked. We paid for it, and picked it up ready assembled the night before his birthday, and got it all ready in the living room for him to see when he woke up on his birthday. Well, he was shocked, and even now, 18 months on, he still adores his Urchin bike even though he's ready for a bigger one, he doesn't want to let this one go just yet, and here's why!

      The bike, from what I have seen, is exclusive to Halfords, and should be available within any Halfords store, or by ordering it online from their website to pick up in your local branch or to have delivered to your home address. The bike itself is quite striking looking, with a black metal frame with the 'Urchin' patterning all over it, some pretty snazzy stickers there I have to add. It's got a black padded seat, red plastic handbars, a red 'Urchin face' chain guard, 'Urchin' front plate and black tyres with red on the outside to give it that edgy look. Rear and front reflectors are attached, and although Harry is still convinced that they are lights, they aren't but are very good at reflecting bright light and ensuring your child is visible on the bike. Overall, it's a funky looking bike for a young boy, and one I am sure they would proud to ride on. The seat and handlebars are of course fully adjustable with the use of a trusty spanner (I always leave this to my brother but have seen him do it countless times, and it is super easy!), and is perfectly suited to children aged 4-6 years old. The Halfords website states it is suitable for up to 7 year olds, although the 7 year old boys I know would be far too big for this bike!

      The bike itself is fairly heavy when it's made up, and I had to enlist the assistant of one of the staff to lift into the boot of my car. I only have a small Nissan Micra so I was pleased to see that it did fit in there okay when I lowered the back seat, and it wasn't an awkward fit at all. When Harry first saw the bike, he loved it, and was eager to start riding straight away. At that point, he wasn't able to ride without stabilisers, so I had purchased those separately and the store fitted them onto the bike for me. However, they are easy to fit on your own, and also to remove when you no longer need them, as Harry no longer does. We had the seat at quite a low position at first, although it's gradually worked its way up, and now Harry could probably do with a bigger bike, but we're sticking with this for now, as it is the perfect height for him to be able to stop with his feet quickly and safely, without struggling to reach the floor.

      The bike seems really sturdy, and even though Harry uses it regularly, it's stayed in really good condition and I have never had any problems with it. Harry chose to remove the 'Urchin' plate from the front of it after a while as he simply didn't like it anymore, and it quickly pops off, so no bother there. The brakes are situated in front of each handlebar, and are used with a pulling action by the child. They are well positioned for little hands to reach them, and Harry doesn't struggle to use them at all. You can move them slightly to an angle which is more comfortable for your child, as I had to for Harry as he prefers them slightly lower to their original position. The handlebars are covered with red plastic handlebars, and these are nice and comfortable for young hands, with grooves in them allowing for a bit of extra grip when they're riding which is always useful. I have found the brakes work very well, and Harry is able to use them in a hurry to stop, and they have great reaction on the tyres.

      I have been extremely pleased with this bike. It turns easily with a smooth handlebar axle, and the brakes are sensitive enough that they work promptly when used by a child. The paint on it hasn't chipped at all, nor have the stickers started to come off so in that respect, it is a quality bike, and has certainly lasted well against both the weather elements and a fairly destruction 6 year old boy! Harry rides for miles on this bike with my dad and brother, 4 or 5 miles at a time and is always comfortable, never moaning about the seat or anything, so for the price we paid, which was £74.99, I think this bike is excellent value for money and I would recommend it to anyone with an active little boy who is looking to learn to ride on 2 wheels! Harry's been watching the Olympic cycling events with interest, telling me he could go faster than Bradley Wiggins on it, so for making a young boy feel like he can conquer the world on it, this bike deserves 5 stars for that alone! As a parent, I'm happy this is a safe and funky bike for my son to ride about on, and allows hours of entertainment and outdoor fun. Highly recommended, and I shall be sad to see it go when we upgrade to a bigger bike! Bradley Wiggins watch out... Harry's on your tail!

      RRP: £79.99

      Useful information:
      Cat code: 560359-0
      Weight approximately 9.5kg
      16" Wheels
      7.5" frame

      Note: Bikes purchased online are sold boxed and need home assembly. If you are at all unsure about assembling it yourself, please please take it to a Halfords store for them to do properly, safety first! And as always, please ensure your child always wears a helmet when using their bike!

      Other matching Urchin accessories also available: Helmet, Bell, Water Bottle, Torch, and Cycling Gloves (various prices, all available at www.halfords.com and in-store)

      Thank you for reading.


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