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Asda Swing Bin Liners

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3 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Product Type: Bin Liner

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    3 Reviews
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      19.02.2014 19:38
      Very helpful



      Value product that is cheap, not bad just Tesco do it better IMHO!

      ASDA Value Swing Bin Liners

      Since ASDA came to the town where I work, I have found that although it has not proven ideal for my main shop, I do pop in there most weeks and I have found some favourite products that I now only buy in ASDA. One of the products I have tried is the humble bin liner:

      At £1.28 for an 80 bag roll the liners are indeed cheaper than the Tesco version and much cheaper than the Morrison's own version per bag. For these bags ASDA use minimal packaging with the pack of 80 liners being supplied rolled around each other with a simple partial covering of a thin paper label being of the basic "value" design.

      Measuring in at around 76cm long x 117cm around the top these are quite large bags. Supplied on a roll, I found the perforations were not that easy to pull apart and required so much effort that I ended up catapulting the bags across the room on not one but several occasions. (OK, yes it was funny - but I was not laughing at the time) this means that these bags would be especially problematic for those with poor arm strength for any reason or severe arthritis in their hands as it is also necessary to grip quite hard as you pull.

      I suspect these bags are great for those with bigger bins, but the larger size made them bulky for my 30 Litre bin and meant that I had to either fold a little over at the bottom or have too much left at the top, so that I could not tuck it in or shut the lid properly. I did find folding the bottom over worked, as long as I could get the bag into the bin before it flopped down again.

      The problem with the bag being so difficult to remove from the roll is that it is almost impossible not to put a finger hole or several into the side of the bag, or as once happened into the bottom, which was not noticed until we removed the bag from the bin.

      Another problem we experienced is that if something heavier has been put into the bin the bag rips as you try and lift the bag out of the bin.

      ASDA Value liners are not bad, they are reasonably strong for the price but obviously not as good as my favourite Tesco version. I returned to buying liners from Tesco and would go without rather than buy these again.

      Price And Availability:

      As mentioned I paid £1.28 each for 2 rolls of 80 bags and being an ASDA product these are only available from ASDA Stores.


      I cannot recommend these bags, they are not suitable for us. They may well suit another type of bin, we tried them in the Brabantia Peddle and Touch bin and although they were slightly better in the slightly larger Touch version, we still had problems with the strength of the bags as well as the problem of pulling them off the roll.

      Therefore, I feel I can only offer 2 out of 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading and it is nice to get that of off my chest!


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      17.11.2013 22:11
      Very helpful



      A good size bin liner at a bargain price

      I do the majority of my shopping at Tesco but have recently started to shop at Asda as I find that I pass a small store having changed the way I go home from work due to traffic. I find that quite a few items are cheaper than Tesco and I have found Asda own brands to be good quality. I bought these bin liners a few weeks ago as I had completely ran out and the only think I had was black dustbin liners which are far too big. I paid £1.30 for 80 bags so they cost a very tiny 1.6p each liner.

      The bags measure 76cm long and are 1.17m around the top when they are opened out. The only packaging is a paper which is wrapped around the bags and which is easy to tear off before use. As with all liners on a roll they are separated by tearing the row of perforated dots and you do have to give it a reasonable tug to separate them. When I have separated a liner which I find easiest to do by rubbing the top I will give it a shake using both hands and then place it into the bin. I have a 25 litre bin and find that these liners are plenty big enough with a good fold over which keep the liner secure. I like to buy the bigger size as this leaves me enough bag to tie the bag securely before putting it into the dustbin. I find that this helps to prevent the dustbin smelling and also keeps it cleaner.

      I have not noticed any rips or tears in these bags but what I have found a couple of times is that there is sometimes a bit of liquid in the bottom of the bin when I remove the liner. I have had a good look at the liner and can't see any holes and they are just one piece of plastic with no joins, so the only thing I can think of is that they are maybe a bit porous allowing liquid to seep through or I suppose if you are not very careful and the liner isn't folded over the top securely, liquid could escape down the side of the liner, so I haven't knocked off a star my rating as I suspect it could be the latter (especially when my husband is clearing up!). Obviously we never tip liquid directly into the bin but there is liquid from things like scraping gravy off plates and moisture from tea bags.

      As the liners are only really half full when I change the liner they are not really very heavy when I remove them. I think these liners are reasonably strong but obviously wouldn't withstand any sharp or pointed objects without them going through the liner. I probably change this liner every other day as I don't like my bin to smell but at 1.6p a liner this really doesn't add up to much. I will probably go back to buying my liners from Tesco the next time I am shopping there but I would buy these again if I was passing Asda and needed some liners as they are a good size and are strong enough to hold my rubbish.


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      09.03.2011 16:44
      Very helpful
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      Save your money

      I'm on a mission to save money at the moment (kind of contradictory considering the bath products I buy!) but anyway, I'm trying out a few of the supermarkets value products in all areas as I've found that in some cases not only are they half price but also just as good. On my last shop I bought these ASDA smart price bin liners. After all, all they need to do is line my bin so what could go wrong?


      Like most bin liners these come with no packaging, just a roll of paper around the bags holding them together. The bags themselves are a white plastic rolled into a fairly thick roll. The paper is also white with a green stripe across the middle; it tells me that it's ASDA smart price and that the roll contains 80 swing bin liners.

      The Use

      The liners themselves are a lot longer then you would expect. When I first tried to extract one from the roll I kept pulling and pulling, eventually ended up re-rolling it thinking I'd missed the perforated line only to realize I hadn't. The perforated area (when I found it!) is really obvious so you won't miss it.

      Pulling the bags apart is quite tricky though, they don't separate very easily and so need quite a bit of force to pull them apart so maybe something to bear in mind if you, or whoever you are buying them for, has mobility problems in their hands/arms. Opening the bags is easy, on one side there is a darker area with a lighter area around the outside. The darker area is where the plastic is doubled over and this pattern is only on one side indicating the side that you should open them. Quickly rubbing this between two of your fingers will separate the plastic enabling you to easily open the bag in order to place it in your bin.

      The liners are very large; our kitchen bin (the reason we bought these) is a standard pedal bin and the liners easily fill this and I would say that they would comfortably fill a bin twice this size. The liners easily expanded to fill the bin as things were put into it, as it was so large the edges of the liner stayed outside the bin itself so there was no faffing around with a liner that had fallen in.

      So far so good I thought! That was, of course, before I tried to remove the liner. On removing even though there was a lot of plastic for me to grab and therefore reinforce the strength of the liner it still came apart in my hands. Also there was some liquid on the bottom of the bin itself and so I don't think it's completely waterproof when stretched. This meant that I needed to disinfect the bin every time it was emptied due to the lack of protection provided by the liner.

      Doubling up the liners does combat both these problems - nothing leaked through when they were doubled up and it didn't split when pulling the bag out. However this does lead to a lot of wastage as I was using twice as many bags!

      So (as you've probably already guessed!) I'm not recommending these bags. They offer little to no protection for your bin unless doubled up which means a lot of wastage. You're better off spending that little bit more on the next range up.

      Price And Availability

      Being an ASDA product these are only available from ASDA. There are 80 bags in the roll and they cost 90p making it 1.1p per liner (2.2p if you double them).

      Other Information

      Being an ASDA product this is covered by the ASDA guarantee which states that if you are not completely happy with it they will refund and replace the purchase. (Maybe I should take them up on that!)

      Contact Information


      Asda Stores Limited,
      Asda House,
      Great Wilson Street,
      LS11 5AD

      Telephone: 0800 952 6060
      Fax: 0113 241 7732


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      Matte Finish Eco Green Recycled Plastic / Made from recycled plastic.

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