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Simplehuman Slim Pedal Bin 30L

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Brand: Simplehuman / Product TypeKitchen bin

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2014 21:27
      Very helpful



      a good long lasting bin

      I must admit that I hate kitchen bins. For starters, it's a bin in your kitchen; where you prepare your food and where little wondering hands explore nooks and crannies. I had a swing pedal bin for a while and every week I would find myself taking the lid off, bleaching it and hosing it off on the patio. I was always careful with the bin but my hubby spills sauces, soup and even meat juices from empty cartons. I hate touching the lid and the swinging motion just is not practical. I went shopping to Heal's which is a nice department store in Leeds and I was on the hunt for a Brabantia as my daughter has one and it's lovely. I found the Brabantia but next to it was this one and it ticked much more boxes for me so I bought this one instead.

      The tops reasons for choosing the bin are:
      1, It is slim and it fits in the small space next to the kitchen units.
      2, It has a foot pedal so no more touching the lid.
      3, It does not make a loud clattering sound when the lid closes.
      The choice was made and the only other factor that played a part was price and I will discuss this in more detail next.


      The bin is expensive but then I was prepared to pay a little more for it this time round. The last bin was plastic and from Asda for £20. I had a budget of £80 for this as I wanted a big stainless steel one with a fancy way of popping the lid. This one cost £69 but there was 10%, so it ended up costing me just over £60 so I was pleased with that. The design and the materials used justify the price and I feel that my home is much cleaner/safer because of it.


      The bin is made from stainless steel and finished with a matt shine. It is not reflective but it has a brushed finish to it. The stainless steel does not attract finger prints so there is not a lot of cleaning involved if you hate to see prints on things. The bin has the following dimensions, 26.4cm wide x 44.8cm deep x 46.8cm high. The bin is slightly rectangle so it fits in small spaces as it is slim but quite deep and wide. The bin holds 20L and although it is an angled shape, you can fit any large bin bags in it. You can buy special bin bags designed to fit this shape but these are a waste of money and any good quality 20L bin bags will accommodate the shape.

      The bin has a foot pedal which is easy to operate. As you stand on the pedal, the bin lid, splits open. This means you do not have to touch the lid as both sides open up to reveal the middle of the bin. The lids are half the height of a standard lid; this means that they are perfect for small spaces and ensure easy clearance under low worktops. The lid has shox, which vcontrol the motion of the lid for a slow, quiet close. It does not slam shut. The bin pedal is small but even when my husband has his outdoor shoes on he can easily hit the pedal and operate the bin. The bin opens quickly and the size of the hole left for you to scrape your plate or put things in is big enough for most day to day activities. The bin lid then closes slowly which is really good as I do not like hearing a bin shatter the peace by banging loudly.

      ==My experiences==

      The bin looks very stylish and the stainless steel fits in well in the kitchen. It is also very easy to clean as a squirt of disinfectant and a damp cloth gets off any spilled sauces or drips from the sides of the machine. The pedal is also stainless steel so you can make sure that this is clean easily too. The dirt slides right off the stainless steel and I know the pedal is clean now by how shiny it is. The stainless steel of the bin is complimented by a lovely black plastic trim and plastic interior. The interior bin pulls out which is like a bucket. This means you can take it outside and give it a really good bleaching to ensure it stays smelling fresh.

      The bin lid comes on and off easily, I do this regularly to clean it as I find the underside of the bin lids to be the most dirty. These places are where all the bacteria hide so I spend a lot of time cleaning these. The bin lid also needs to come out when you change the bin liner. I can get a week out of the bin before I have to change it. The 20L size is big enough for my household as we do a lot of recycling too. The bin is easy to empty and as long as you have good strong refuse sacks you can not go wrong. The bin is light so you can push and pull the bin in and out of the space you store it in which is good. I tuck mine right in the corner. If you do not like the shape of this one, Simple human do similar bins but in a different shape, for example some are half moon shaped and some are squarer. The bin is reliable and it makes life easy. When you are dealing with meat or cleaning, it is good that you can tap the pedal to operate the bin and you do not have to touch the lid at all. I find that the bin has revolutionised my kitchen and I feel like it has made it a much cleaner place to be.


      When you have something new and shiny you tend to want to keep it that way so I do clean this quite a lot. I like the size and shape as it fits in my kitchen so well and the size means I have more floor space, yet the 20L capacity is not compromised. The shape and design are the highlights for me and although it is expensive, cheaper brands just do not make them quite like this. The silent design is a nice touch and it shows that Simple human are really thinking about the practicality of their items. I fully recommend this bin; it might be expensive but it makes cooking and cleaning much simpler. No longer do I have to wash my hands after using the bin as I can open it with my foot. If I have a handful of rubbish, I do not have to try and juggle the load and open the flap at the same time, I can take my time with the foot pedal and then the bin closes itself without making a loud crash. Everyone is a winner!


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        25.02.2013 00:00
        Very helpful



        Certainly not a piece of rubbish!

        At first I was a bit reluctant to spend £80 on a bin but I'd been looking everywhere for a good quality, durable, smart-looking, good sized and functional bin for a while.
        The problem I had with my existing bin was that the pedal function didn't operate properly because the lid was too heavy and the pedal mechanism wasn't strong enough (it was like this from the beginning and not from wear and tear!) and I was getting frustrated having to lift the lid up with my hand every time... which kind of defeated the purpose of having the pedal there!
        Also the problem with most pedal bins is that the lid opens up from front to back and we have a brand new tiled wall behind where the bin is so we didn't want the bin lid to bash against it... as over time the tiles might develop a scratch or crack.

        When I came across this SimpleHuman butterfly one, it seemed perfect because of the way the lid opens - sideways so it won't bang against the wall.
        The lid is also a good quality plastic and lightweight so it doesn't put pressure on the pedal mechanism. Saying that the pedal mechanism is STRONG. You can even hear the difference because when you put your put on the pedal, it sounds like some kind of hydraulics mechanism! It also has a 'soft close' function so when you lift your foot off the pedal the lid doesn't just fall back down suddenly.
        I love how everything seems well designed from top to bottom. When you want to change the bin and don't want to keep your foot on the pedal, there are some 'knobs' that you push and the lid will stay up.

        Also the bin itself is lifted out by a recess instead of handle - maintaining clean lines and also has a hole where you can tuck excess bag plastic out of sight.

        The bin comes with 3 SimpleHuman branded liners which are strong and fit perfectly (of course) in the rectangular shape of the bin, although these bin bags are more expensive than your regular supermarket ones.

        Overall I'm really impressed and happy with my purchase and its the best £80 I've spent on something that takes rubbish!


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    • Product Details

      "The slim design of this simplehuman pedal bin makes it ideal for tight spaces. It's got a dent-proof plastic lid while bag tuck® allows excess bag liner to be tucked away neatly. The strong all-steel pedal is good for more than 150000 uses and an internal hinge means you can place the bin close to the wall. Non-slip feet means the bin stays where it's placed. Comes with a five-year manufacturer's guarantee."

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